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80Amp Alternator Upgrade

First off you need a vl 80amp alternator which looks like this


Make sure you get the loom connector that plugs into the regulator! Also grab a couple of regulators just in-case the ones in your vl alternator are worn!

Step 1 - Dismantle the 4k alternator and vl alternators.


Step 2 - swap all the internals from the vl alternator to the corolla casing and use the vl fan (more fins = better cooling)

Step 3 - now remember those 4 LONG bolts holding the casing together? you need to find 2 about 2cm longer (i got mine from a 5k starter motor)

Step 4 - install those 2 longer bolts with the rear bracket and bolt it all up

Step 5 - install the regulator.

Step 6 - there's 2 wires coming off the vl reg, a thick white wire and a small brown one. white is constant power and brown is for the battery light

i can't remember where they go into the corolla wiring but there's a small 2 pin plug going to the old alternator, one will have 12v constant and ignition power (use a multimeter)

Step 7 - UPGRADE THE CHARGING WIRE! because that 2mm charging wire isn't gonna last long with 80 amps. now what i did was get a thick battery wire (from Supercheap) and wire it from alternator output post TO starter motor positive post. wires are hidden and looks neat

Step 8 - install alternator and refit fan belt.

Step 9 - start her up and turn all the lights on and check charging voltage

(i got 14.5v under full load with everything electrical cranking! my lights don't dim with my sub anymore :p)

it took me a GOOOD day to do all this. also paint the alternator housing/pulley/fan so they look shmick!

Taken from

Article by Evan G / Towe001

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