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Most auto corollas were fitted with the japanese Toyoglide gearbox. Earlier versions were 2 speed, later versions were 3 speed. Autos are wrong, you shouldn't use them.


Some later model Aussie Corollas came fitted with a GMH Trimatic gearbox, almost identical to that which was behind six cylinder Holdens such as the EH.

The boxes on the KE55 models do not have a drain plug in their sump. So to drain the box you must undo 3 bolts in 1 back corner of the pan, slowly loosen the next bolts, 1/4 turn at a time, it will slowly start running out the corner, as the flow slows loosen some more, this is the cleanest way to drain. Once it has drained remove pan and drain last, throw away oil pan and replace with one from a 1970-1979 Holden 6 as they have a drain plug.