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Standard Battery

The standard battery for KE3x/KE5x/KE7x is:

  • Width: 238mm (horizontal)
  • Depth: 138mm (horizontal)
  • Height: 186mm (vertical)
  • Terminal Height: 212mm
  • Wet Weight: 11.25kg
  • Post Type: Dual Fit Parallel
  • Post Orientation: Positive Right
  • Cold Cranking Capacity: 360CCA

The standard battery corresponds to manufacturer part numbers:

  • SuperCharge MF43
  • add other brands here...

Uprated Battery

More expensive batteries are available with larger capacity and cold cranking current. Battery vendors typically brand these as "Gold" or "Plus" batteries.

An uprated battery will have the same dimensions as above, though capacity is upgraded to about 410CCA and weight increases to about 12.8kg.

Larger Battery

A larger battery which fits into KE3x/5x/7x is SuperCharge part number MF52 Gold, with the following specs:

  • Width: 237mm (horizontal)
  • Depth: 171mm (horizontal)
  • Height: 182mm (vertical)
  • Terminal Height: 208mm
  • Wet Weight: 15.7kg
  • Cold Cranking Capacity: 650CCA

You'll need to buy a larger 18cm/7" battery hold down clamp, as the original 14cm/15cm clamp will not fit the larger battery.