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KE Corolla clutches are cable-operated diaphragm-type mechanisms. It doesn't get much more simple than that :) TE Corollas have a hydraulic clutch, and hence a different clutch pedal and fork, as well as a master cylinder.

In my experience, pedal boxes are interchangeable between auto and manual cars of the same series. Auto cars usually also have a hole in the firewall for the clutch cable, but are missing the firewall-mounted locating horn for the cable holder.

Several manufacturers sell heavy duty kits for KE corollas. These usually consist of a heavier pressure plate for increased clamping force onto the flywheel, and a heavier driven plate, sometimes organic material with what looks like string impregnated in it, sometimes a modern metallic compound.

Often when fitting a heavier than stock pressure plate, the cable will stretch in its' sheath, giving poor pedal travel, even with a brand new genuine Toyota cable (trust me!). Rob Dixon has remedied this problem by using another clutch horn rubber, reversed, over the stock circlip adjustment stop. This gives sufficient length to alloy for proper cable adjustment, and doesn't look dodgy either.

It's a good idea to use two or three circlips for adjustment, in case one decides to rattle off while you're driving, never to be found again. I usually pinch a few whenever I go to the wreckers.

During hydro clutch conversions, people usually use TA22 Celica master cylinders, and modify a stock pedal or a Celica pedal.

A spare gearbox input shaft makes a great clutch centering tool.

Service Specs (KE cable)

Adjust the distance from pedal pad top surface to floor panel upper surface by means of the pedal support nut and bolt. RHD pedal height 164mm LHD pedal height 169mm

To correct pedal play, pull the outer cable at the firewall until resistance is felt (until the release bearing has contacted the diaphragm spring). There should be 5 or 6 grooves AND crests (one groove, one crest equals two) between the circlip and the cable holder on the firewall.

You should have 20-35mm of play in the clutch pedal until it starts to disengage.