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My car was constantly coughing while driving, not idling properly, bogging down when taking off and getting poor fuel economy, so I changed the points in the car which fixed the problem.

I will be collecting part numbers as I go along, so here is the first part number, which will be for a set of Bosch Contact Points for the Nippon-Denso Distributor.

If anyone can cross-reference these with different manufacturer's e.g. Champion etc, that would be much appreciated.

Nippon-Denso Points Distributor

Make: Bosch
Part: Contact Points
Part No. GD207

Nippon-Denso Electronic Distributor

Make: Bosch
Part: Distributor Cap
Part No. GD800

Make: Bosch
Part: Rotor Button
Part No. GD527

Article by Raven

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