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Three different types of flywheels can be found in these cars. Early KE1x cars seem to have had a 2 dowel flywheel with a smaller pressure plate. 3K flywheels are 3 dowel, as are 4K, but a different design which results in a lighter weight.

If you're into lightening the drivetrain for faster revs, you can get your factory flywheel lightened (usually for under $100) or custom alloy flywheel centers are usually about $400-$600, and you'll need to supply a factory flywheel for the ring gear to be removed from and pressed onto the new unit.

JUN make alloy flywheels for 4K motors. Speedworks Auto in Perth are a reseller, 3.7kg is AUD$990, 3.4kg is $1110.

Article by Superjamie

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