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The following is some discussion from the forums about places that K series engines are inclined to leak from. There is also discussion for quick-fixes and other types of cure for this annoying issue.

The Discussion in question can be viewed here on the forums

All K series engines leak oil, but with close attention to detail, they can all be eliminated. Luckily they are all on the distributor side of the engine, which is easy to get at.

First rule is to keep engine clean, so oil leaks are obvious as soon as they occur. SuperCheap $ 1.78 degreaser & hose !

The rocker cover is easy to fix. The older, the rocker cover gaskets get, the harder they get; and hard gaskets don't seal well. Get a new gasket. Clean surface of head where gasket contacts head scrupulously. Final wipe with metho & dry. Put a fine bead of silicon gasket sealant right around the gasket in the centre between those two tiny little "flaps" on the gasket. Tighten down rocket cover nuts tightly. Problem solved, guaranteed

Those pesky spark plug aluminum tubes are the greatest culprits. They are horribly expensive. Someone on RollaClub, recently posted they bought a set of four (4) and it cost $ 80.00. I've paid less for whole engines than that ! You can get more life out of them by squaring back up the top flange, and opening up the spark plug hole a little with a tapered reamer (or large file handle end) so that they do not bind, & rotate when tightening up the spark plug. Always fit new rubber "O" rings and put some sealant around "O" ring, as suggested elsewhere in this thread.

The mechanical fuel pump is always an annoying source of oil leaks. The pump has a little well inside at the bottom, and a drain hole in case the diaphragm perforates and leaks petrol. That's so it does not build up, & flow into sump. Trouble is, as I see it, the oil gets splashed / blown onto the lever & runs down into the bottom of the pump and comes out the drain hole designed for fuel. Others might have other ideas as to the reason. If sump becomes pressurised, then any outside opening in the engine to ambient, is going to be an easy path for oil to the outside world.

The other factor in all this, is the keep the pressure in the sump area of the engine down by making sure the breather valves etc. are always clean & working. Remember, both top & bottom of pistons act as pumps, An oil catch can, & breather can help here if necessary. Ever seen how much oil gets pumped out of a race engine into those catch cans. Rob, could probably throw some more light on this. Not sure whether oil catch cans breathing to atmosphere are legal on a street car. Most PCV valves breath back to the inlet manifold.

Anyway, attention to detail in this area, can eliminate oil leaks in K series engines.

Article by Banjo

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