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K Motor Pushrods

K Motor Pushrods.jpg

1K -

2K(import) -

3K(early) - 172mm

3K - 175/176mm

4K - 186mm

4K(with lugs) - 180mm

5K(solid lifter, D-Dish piston) - 180mm

5k(hydraulic lifter, D-dish piston) - 150mm (Part No. 13781-13100)

5k(hydraulic lifter, shallow dish piston - 156mm (Part No. 13781-13081)

7k -

And for those Datsun push rods

Datsun Push Rods.JPG

From top down

141.5 mm: A10 engine

152 mm: short-deck engines (A12, A12A, and 1980 A13)

~167 mm: tall-deck engines (A14, A15, and 1974 A13)

Custom pushrods can be made to length from VW pushrods and using the A-series cup. They sit the turned down cup shaft on a ledge in the alloy. Custom made to your length and cheap.

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