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There are two different sump bolt patterns for these motors. One is on 1K and 3K engines (and some 4K I believe), the other is on most 4K and onwards motors.

There are also different designs, some have ribbing, some don't. Some have 17mm plug bolts, some 19mm, some 21mm. I have seen 3K sumps which curve down about an inch further forward than other 3K sumps, this may have something to do with different oil pickup designs (there are at least two of them), or with engine crossmember position between KE1x/2x and KE3x cars.

If you are getting a 5K or 7K out of a van, you may need a 4K Corolla sump, or you'll have crossmember clearance problems. Some people have reported that stock 5K sumps fit fine into Corollas.

Article by Superjamie

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