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Head Gasket Torque Specs

Specs are for an ACL Ezy Fit head gasket PN BD950EZ. Specs were also the same for ACL Mono Torque head gasket PN BD950MT

1st stage 25Nm or 18.5Ft-Lb. 2nd stage 50Nm or 37Ft-Lb. 3rd stage 65Nm or 48 Ft-Lb

Torqueing sequence: <-- Front 8 6 1 3 9

                     10 4 2 5 7

(submitted by SLO-030)

3K Engine Torque Specs

Main bearing bolts: 48 lb/ft

Conrod nuts: 38 lb/ft

Cam sproket bolt: 22 lb/ft

Fly wheel bolts: 48 lb/ft

Clutch bolts: 9 lb/ft

Head bolts: per gasket recommendation.

They're the only ones I'd really worry about. All the rest are just "tight".

(Submitted by Redwarf)

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Article by Redwarf / Grimwolge

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