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The valve clearances for 3/4k for adjustable lifters can be set either when the engine is cold or hot. Both clearance are below in Thousands of an inch and mm.


Exhaust valve:

0.009in or 0.23mm

Inlet Valve:

0.006in or 0.15mm


Exhaust valve:

0.012 or 0.30mm

Inlet valve:

0.008 or 0.20mm in

These are for motors with STOCK cams. When upgrading to a bigger aftermarket camshaft consult you cam grinder for new valve clearnaces. Some cams shops even list them in their on-line catalogues.

5k's, having hydraulic lifters do not have an adjustable valve clearance. If converting to solids use the above 3/4k specs (stock cams) or consult your cam grinder (for aftermarket).

When setting the valve clearances always make sure the cylinder you are working on is on its compression stroke. This is easy to do: With the tappet cover off turn the motor over (spanner on crank pulley) until you see the appropiate inlet valve open, keep turning till it closes and then give it another 1/4 turn or so. DON'T go so far that you start to open up the exhaust valve, you basically want it half way between the inlet closing, and exhaust opening. At this point both rockers should be "loose". Adjust both tappet and move onto the next cylinder.

After replacing a head gasket, its not a bad idea to check and re-adjust the tappets if required after around 500km.

The only tools required are:

14mm socket or spanner (to remove tappet cover nuts)

Feeler guages

12mm ring spanner

Medium sized flat head screw driver

You can also get proper valve adjustment tools which are basically the ring spanner and screw driver combined in one unit. They are no way manditory, but do make the job a lot easier. Here is one pictured below.


Article by Taz_Rx