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Uses T40 and T50 gearboxes on the 2T. W40 and W50 used on the 3T up until 1983 where both the 2T and 3T changed over to the 22 spline T40/T50 (like found in AE86). Early T box have the shifter positioned at front of tail housing as used in corolla/celica up to late 70's. The shifter position changed to the rear of tail housing but still with 20 spline output shaft introduced in the E7 corolla and A4 celica models. There are some rumors that say the T40 is stronger than the T50 gearbox, I don't know if this is true? 13T in the TX50 cresta, TX60/TX67 mark2 had a W45 alloy 4speed. A W55 (supra) box can be found behind some jdm TA63 efi 3T-EU and all manual 3tgte in TA63 celica/carina and TT142 corona. 13T townace have an L40 steel case box with side selectors (column change).