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Parts required to put a 4age into your ke70.

As this question comes up alot here is a list of hopefully everthing you need to put 4age into a ke70.

note, this list is based on a 4k manual ke70.

there is PLENTY of information on this, so this is not a complete exhaustive list.

parts required:

-4age of your choise (smallport, bigport, 20V)
-wiring and ECU (FWD loom can be usedn for 16V's, but RWD is neater as its longer), if you are going 20V you will need an aftermarket ecu, this is not covered in this article.
-parts to make the 4age work in RWD, namely inlet manifold, extractors, cooling system.
-T50 gearbox
-clutch to suit your engine (they vary with the different types of 4age)
-spiggot bearing to go in crank
-ae71 pedal box (or suitable hydraulic clutch setup)
-clutch master, clutch slave for T50 gearbox, clutch metal soft and hard lines
-ae71 engine cross member (ae86 possible can be used)
-RWD 4age engine metal and rubber engine mounts
-ae71 gearbox cross member
-ae71 tailshaft (allows T50 gearbox to join standard ke70 borg warner diff). if you have T series diff you need a different shaft, namely jap ae86 or T18.
-fuel system to run your new EFI engine, do it properly and either do a surge tank setup, or us a jap ae86 fuel tank, not covered in this article.
-electric fan for your radiator, or track down a RWD water pump to use a clutch fan. clutch fan not recomended for FWD water pump (different bearings or something apparntly)