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Standard brakes:

The standard brakes on the ke70 are as follows:


200mm x 10mm discs, with single piston calipers.


Drum brakes, unconfirmed size.

Brake upgrades:

unfortunately there is no easy bolt on upgrade for the standard brakes on the ke70. The Easiest way to get bigger brakes is to substitute struts from different car. common upgrades include:


234mm x 12mm Solid disc (Australian delivered models) 234mm x 18mm Vented Disc (japanese models, different calipers and discs required, but bolt to standard ADM ae86 struts)

the advantage of ae86 struts is that there is a greater variety of shock absorbers available (koni, bilstein, kyb etc)

Xt130 corona:

  • need more details*
  • Hilux peugeot upgrade on xt130 corona struts*