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Swapping Corona Avante power mirrors into late KE70 / AE71 mirrors

Thanks to Teddy we have found out that the Corona Avante power mirrors are almost the same as a KE70. They share the same dimension mirror, Though the base is slightly different (Different body lines). In this guide I will explain how we converted the standard KE70 mirrors to house the Corona power mirrors. (Corona Avante mirror base on the left, Late KE70/AE71 mirror base on the right).


With the Corona mirror base, you can see it does not follow the door line at the bottom. I also noticed only one of the screws lines up with the holes on the back.


The AE71/KE70 base actually follows the line of the door, You have to modify it to fit the clip in that the spring connects to.


You will need,

Late KE70 / AE71 mirrors

Corona Avante Mirrors

Corona Avante Mirror switch with wiring plug

Corona Power Mirror Wiring Diagram

Dremel and a Cordless drill

Small pin punch and vice grips

This is the Corona Avante Power Mirror Switch.


This is the Wiring Diagram for the power mirrors.

Corona Power Mirror Wiring Diagram.jpg

Red/Green - 12V Fused Power (Connect to Ignition Switched Power)

White/Black - Earth to Chassi of vehicle

Light Green/Red - Mirror Common Power (Connects to brown on both mirrors)

Brown/Yellow - Left Hand Mirror, Up and Down

Brown/Black - Left Hand Mirror, Left and Right

Light Green/Black - Right Hand Mirror - Up and Down

Light Green - Right Hand Mirror, Left and Right

Firstly you have to disassemble both mirrors...

Start with the KE70/AE71 Mirrors first as you only require the base. Remove the mirror then unscrew the mirror housing from the base. Next with your pin punch remove the mirror arm from the base and push it out of the housing.

Next remove the mirror from the Corona mirror housing and unscrew the electric motor. Remove the plate from under the motor next then you can remove the mirror arm from the base. Then you can use your pin punch to remove the arm from the base of the housing.

Now you have to modify the base so that you can fit the clip in that the spring connects to.

This is the Corona mirror base, You need to remove the clip that the spring connects to (It just pops out the back once you disconnect the spring).


This is the KE70/AE71 mirror base, It uses a different piece to hold the spring in so you need to make way for the clip from the corona base.


Firstly I began by using the dremel to shave the top off the area where the clip from the corona base is going to go.


Next I got a small dremel routing bit and shaved out an area on either side of the hole big enough to accept the clip.


Now you can drill 2 holes in the base to let your wiring through and into the door.


Once this is complete you can start putting it all back together. I found it easiest to connect the spring to the base and use a small set of vice grips to pull the spring back over the mirror arm. Refit the mirror housing and then the base for the electric motor. Then you just have to pop the mirror back on.

Next you have to wire in the switch and wire it to the mirrors. If you follow the wiring diagram you should now have working power mirrors in your KE70/AE71 :)

Article by Medicine_Man

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