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When converting from KE70 single to twin headlights, You need to power up the inner lights on high beam. This can be done by simply tapping a power feed into one side of the inner headlight filament and a high beam frame connection to the other. KE70 headlights are negatively switched via the headlight combo switch. You will need to use the Red/Black and Red/Green wires across either pin on the inner light (They are not polarity conscious). Don't panic about the double up of wires in the connectors, they are common to each other and you can join the new wires to either one. Below I have provided the entire KE70 headlight schematic.

Note: If you have already done this, Feel free to PM me your findings..

KE70 Headlight Connector Wiring Colours.jpg

Red/Black - Common 12v (Switched 12v feed via headlight relay when low beam activated).

Red/Green - Low Beam Frame (Switched to frame via combo switch - Headlight Switch).

Red/Yellow - High Beam Frame (Switched to frame via combo switch - Dip Switch).

KE70 Twin Headlights.jpg

KE70 Wiring Diagram - Lamp Circuit Legend.jpg

KE70 Wiring Diagram - Lamp Circuit Schematic.jpg

This is a diagram of how best I can describe the current flow when they are on low and then high beams, Probably fucked it up because I'm so tired.. Will look back into this when I get back from holidays in a weeks time..

Headlights Schematic Current Flow.JPG

Article by Medicine_Man

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