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KE70 Cable to Hydraulic Clutch

As the KE70 Corolla came with a cable clutch setup from factory, If you wish to run a gearbox that requires a Hydraulic Clutch you need to convert the clutch setup. (This is usually done for a 4K to 4AGE conversion). The easiest way is by fitting the pedal box and clutch setup from an AE71 corolla as it is a direct swap (Just requires you to drill the hole in the firewall to fit the clutch master cylinder). Don't be fooled that it is a quick swap as you have to pull half the dash apart to swap the pedal box.

Note: An AE86 pedal box can be modified to fit too, But there is more mucking around involved..

Few suggestions from my experience from this swap,

(a) Cut out the holes before you paint the engine bay or you will have to make a plate out of sheetmetal to cover where the paint bubbles from the heat like had to do.

(b) Go out and buy a good metal hole saw the right size to cut out the hole in the firewall for the clutch master cylinder.

(c) It helps if you can get a template of the location of the holes from the AE71 donar car so that when it comes to marking the holes you know their exact position.

(d) You can remove the cable clutch bell all-together or just cut out a piece in the side so the clutch master reservoir clears it.

(e) Don't bother with the metal hydraulic line between the clutch master cylinder and the clutch slave and just get a one piece hydraulic line fabricated to suit.

(f) Have a Die Grinder or Dremel handy in case you need to elongate the holes if your positioning is a tad off.






Article by Medicine_Man

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