KE55 Front Strut Upgrades

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This is a quick Guide to What struts fit in the KE3X/ KE5X series corolla's.

XT130 Corona

XT130 Struts will NOT fit in as they are. You will need to cut the lower spring perch off and re welded KE30 or KE55 lower spring perch on. You will need to use the matching Top spring hat and the Top part with the studs. Coilovers would be the way to go though.

Other parts you will need is the XT130 steering arms, and the XT130 brake hoses.

TA22 Celica

TA22 will fit straight in as is with stock springs, and top hats ect. Standard they are a tad higher, and also give a really small amount of + camber. Ive found with 2.5" lowered springs the camber sits basically on 0. so longer LCA's or Camber tops will adjust this.

Other parts you will need is TA22 steering arms, also T18 steering arms fit as that's what im using, and also once again the Brake hose.


T-18 struts need the steering arms and brake hose from strut to caliper from the T-18 and the top hat (or bearing plate) from either the ke3x or '55 needs to be used. On the series 1 T-18 ('79-'80?) the upper spring seat can be replaced with the upper spring seat from the ke3x/55 for an approx 1/4inch drop in height. I'm not sure about the series 2 T-18 springs.

RA40 Celica

Same deal as the XT130, needs spring perch re welded or convert to coil overs. and use the top hats from the KE30 or 55.

Parts needs is RA40 steering arms, and brake hoses.

KE70 Corolla

Close to being a bolt-in swap, only need the top hats (bearing plates) swapped over. One good note for this is that the ke70 uses slimmer springs compared to the ke3x/55 so you'll the ability to camber the struts in more over what the stock '3x/55 struts can do.

Will be updating as i find out more about other struts, RA60 celica ones fit, but heard about + camber problems. but will update later

Falken_KE30 (aka Dan)

(T-18/KE70 info added - towe001)

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