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There has been talk of using Series 1/2 RX7 rear discs on a KE20. Apparently the RX7 disc hat just slips on over the axle flange and is held on by the wheel.

Terry Trewern welded a KE30 caliper backing plate onto the diff housing and used KE30 calipers. I think you could use RX7 calipers and modify the disc mount so it bolts up to the diff (or just make your own caliper mount from steel plate). From what I'm told, these RX7s had cable handbrake as well, so it should be pretty easy to get passed engineering (you will need a mechanical handbrake to get engineered, you can't just have a hydraulic system alone).

Pintara option

Guys on the internet always seem to use Pintara discs and calipers on the back of Datsuns, this might be worth looking into. Alternatively, you can mount Pintara discs and calipers onto an RA28 diff (and possibly other similar). You will need to slot the Pintara backing plates so that it bolts onto the diff flange. You will then need to file the backing plate slightly, and use a spacer to mount the caliper further out in order to clear the disc (I think the RA28 axles make the discs sit out a bit further than stock). Brake pipes are almost the same as stock, just need to bend them to face forward instead of facing out.

In order to get the handbrake (drum system) to work on this set up, you'll need the handbrake set up out of the Pintara, or other live axle Datsun such as the 180B. From here you have 2 options - you can either re-use the Corolla handbrake lever (which entails a bit of stuffing around), or you can use the handbrake lever out of the Datsun as well. Some of the older Datsuns (1200, 180B etc) have a VERY simple handbrake mechanism that has the cable coming out the back of the lever, and from here you can pass it through the floor and onwards to your brakes. This is especially useful if you want to relocate your mechanical handbrake to make space for something else (like a hydraulic handbrake :) )

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