Removing Spigot Bearings

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This is a top tip on how to remove a tough to remove spigot bearing.

1. Pack a bunch of grease through the centre hole of the bearing

2. Get a bolt or piece of rod, or if you have an old input shaft end that you use as a clutch alignment tool and insert it into the centre of the bearing

3. Tap the shaft with a hammer a few times. If it doesnt start to move, pack a more grease in (has to be jammed full)

4. Tap some more until the bearing pops out.

Unlike a gas (air) grease is incompressible, as you put force on it it will try force its way out. If the bearing is the path of least resistance, then she'll just pop out.

From this original discussion thread.

Another method is to use wet paper instead of grease. Repeat the whole above process but just substitute grease with tiny bits of paper that have been soaking in a bowl of water. May take longer, but it is alot less messy! --Philbey 23:15, 21 May 2008 (EST)