Removing the Air Bypass Valve on a 4agze

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An Air Bypass Valve (ABV) acts like a blow off valve for supercharged engines (As in the case of a 4agze). The ABV acts like a relief valve to reduce boost when not needed. It does this by bypassing the pressurised air back into the intake manifold to increase engine life and economy. Removing the ABV as I'm about to show you, Is a common modification to increase engine performance that so many crave from the little 1.6L donk. If done right and the conditions are suitable, Then the benefits could be as much as another 1 psi of boost.

There are 2 ways to go about stopping the Air Bypass Valve on a 4agze. Many people do this at the same time as fitting a front mounted intercooler as it saves time refitting it all while the motor is still in the engine bay in rear wheel drive format.

The first and easiest way to stop the ABV is to literally plug it off. This will stop the vacuum reaching it to activate/deactivate when needed.

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