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KE1x, KE2x - 4x110mm

The earlier cars have the same stud pattern as early Mazdas, 4x110mm. Wheels in this pattern are pretty hard to find, and the Corolla offset isn't exactly the same as the Mazda one, so you may find your wheels hit the calipers or struts.

Also be aware that the Mazda center spigot is ever-so-slightly smaller than the Corolla spigot, so you'll put your nice new RX2 steelies on the front, and won't be able to get them off again. Always grind the spigots of Mazda wheels out a little (1mm is sufficient) when putting them on early Corollas.

Other cars with this stud pattern include:

Mazda R100, RX2, RX3, RX4, GLC, 626, Utes to 1982 and RX7 to 1985 (Series 1 and 2). Late model Mazda and Ford vans have 4x110 steelies which measure 15x4.5. These may be economical big wheels to weld into 6" bands (get some 15x6 steelies from a large family car).

Honda allegedly have a 110mm pattern, which actually measures closer to 4.724" (119mm) Saab are also said to have 4 bolt 110mm hubs, however it's actually 4.25" (107.95mm). Ford 4 studs are 4x108mm. I have tried a set of Escort mags on my KE25, they don't fit.

Don't use any of these incorrect stud patterns. You need to have ZERO rim movement against the wheel studs, and more importantly, the wheel studs have to go on straight and seat straight. You will just end up shearing your stud threads off the hub and losing your wheels whilst in motion. This is bad.

KE3x, KE5x, KE7x - 4x114.3mm

The later cars have 4x114.3mm (114.3mm = 4.5") the same stud pattern as many other Japanese cars of the era. Much easier to find wheels for, however make sure the offset is right. R31 Skyline 15" rims will hit KE30 struts. I believe 110mm is about the maximum inset you'd want to run for fifteens.

Find this stud pattern on:

Toyotas Celicas, Coronas, Toragos and Cressidas (MX73 Cressidas have 15" rims which fit and look great!) Any Datsun/Nissan up to 1989. Mazda RX7s between 1983 and 1987. After that, they went 5 stud. This is basically any 4-stud RX7 that isn't a Series 1 or 2.

Changing Stud Pattern

To find decent wheels you may want to change your KE1x/2x to the later stud pattern.

On the front, this isn't too hard. Using the wheel bearings from the original car, put later model hubs on, and bolt the original discs to the new hub. (If you have drums on the front, perhaps time to upgrade the brakes too, or change to larger discs if you like). Check the front disc brakes page for more complete instructions.

On the back, you can use KE30 jap axles in a KE20 jap diff. I've measured up some KE10 axles to see if this crosses over to the first Corolla, and it's pretty touch-and-go. I think once you got the bearing flange bolted down, you'd be running out of spline in the center, you'd probably also find the axles would touch ends, the solution is to have the KE30 axles shortened. When you do an axle swap, you will also need the drum assembly from the donor axle, as KE30 drums and backing plates are different than KE20 and KE10 drums and backing plates. The backing plate stud pattern should be the same across KE2x/3x/5x, but KE10 is different.

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