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4AGE Injectors

Note: From doing my conversion I have discovered when you are running the low impedence injectors they require a resistor pack.

Standard Nippon Denso Injectors

182cc, dark grey, 2.0ohm, 23250-16010 (Early AE82 & AE86 4AGE)


200cc, pink, 2.7ohm, 23250-16070 (Late AE82 4AGE)


210cc, blue, 2.4ohm

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213cc, beige, 13.8ohm, 23250-16080, (AW11 MR2)


250cc, green, 13.8ohm, 23250-16110


250cc, violet, 13.8ohm

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365cc, Orange, 2.9ohm, 23250-16061 xxxcc, Red

4AGZE Injectors.jpg

Upgrade Option Injectors

7MGTE 440cc Injectors will suit an upgrade for a 4AGE engine.

C3 1.jpg

Article by Medicine_Man

Edited by Trev.

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