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Across the variants of the 4AGE you will find a few different types of rear water outlet. The reason you may want to find another one for your RWD conversion is that it may not clear the firewall unless you have the right type. (Less firewall clearance in earlier model Corollas) The threads are the same for the big / small thermo switches so you are able to change them from one rear water outlet to another if you don't have the wiring plug to suit.

AW11 MR2 4AGE - Will not clear the firewall in a RWD conversion, You will have to source another one.


AE86 Corolla 4AGE - Also referred to as the flat type rear water outlet due to being angled towards the right side of the car and not at the firewall. These are the best one to have when firewall clearance is at a premium.

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4AGZE - Will clear the firewall in a KE70/AE71/AE86 RWD conversion.


4AGE 20V - Will require custom work, or you will have to purchase a kit. (I've heard of other kits available but can't find the link).

Sam-Q's 20V RWD Cooling System Guide -

Anthony Kellam (owner of Kaizen Garage) Makes a kit to convert them -

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