Tech:Engine/A Series/Rebuilding Your 4ag(z)e

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Part 1# Pistons And Robs

What you will need.

You pistons Small nose pliers Hot plate and sauce pan Thermometer Old rag Hammer Bash rod Oil 15min per piston


Prep: get your pliers and intall the 'stop' circlip


Heating the piston. You have to heat the piston to 70-80oC for the pin to go in.


Wile you wait, you can find the front of the rod. There will be a raised point near the crank end. (Dot) This is the front, the front of the piston is the arrow, you match them... rocket science here.


Now after you piston is nice and steamy, bring it out and lube out the Pin with some oil, them gently tap it into the piston.

Just after it exits one side, put the rod in making sure it facing the front, then punch the pin in some more, making sure the rod doesn’t fowl

Keep going until its complete inserted.

Once in reinstall the other clip and done.

How easy was that!