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5K Hydraulic To Solid Lifter Conversion

Worried that your 5K hydraulic lifters won't be any good at high RPM? Many people consider this to be the biggest letdown of the 5K-C engine - other's say that the lifters are fine to 8000+ RPM. It is pretty much up to you, but many people still advise doing this conversion. (Here we will discuss how to convert Hydraulic Lifters back to Solid Lifters in a 5K-C).

Easiest Solution;

Well, Luckily for you, We have some very kind people on rollaclub who decided to share some little-known information that the 5K-C actually did come from factory in one vehicle with factory solid lifters! This means that if you can find this part, You won't have to mess around - just "bolt it on" It was fitted to a Toyota KM36RV-JR Liteace Van with a Toyota Part Number of 13751-61020- this part number cross references to a 3F Landcruiser, So if you can find a 3F Landcruiser engine you'll have one and a half sets.

This part is listed on the Toyota EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue). Here is a screenshot of the EPC page for the 5K Solid Lifter :


Many thanks go to Chris and Tony Scott for their research and extensive knowledge that they contributed to finding this part number

Other Solutions;

Xany's KE55 5K Solid Lifters;

Ok basically the way we did it was trial and error, As I cant remember the actual measurements of the 5K hydro lifter. Find yourself some calipers and if you have a spare 5K lifter out of the block, measure the length and diameter of the lifter. Once you have that you can bascically just cross reference the measurements with a chev lifter of the same. Most of the chev lifters we found were solids. Once you have found the lifter that matches you'll then need to try and find some pushrods to fit. As I used a 3K head the pushrods had to be changed from ball - ball ends to ball and cup. I'd heard somewhere that A12 Datsun pushrods are a one peice ball and cup pushrod. So I found some of them and they actually did fit nicely....The only other thing I changed was the rocker gear as the 5K item isnt adjustable because of the hydraulic lifters. I changed to the 4K rocker gear, just remember though that there is 2 different 4K rocker gears, one with long posts and one with short.

Note: This will not work with an original 5K shallow combustion chamber head. You have to be running a taller head from a flat top piston motor (ie. 3k bigport), otherwise the A12 pushrods will be too long. -Felix

Another Solution;

For the solid lifter conversion is the lifters from a small block chev, Holden 308 v8 and Holden 6 are all the same. Wolverine/crane cams part number : CRC99250-4 chev solid lifter. (Edit by Towe001 - Info by Nerfbat, Kickn5k)

  • Looking for articles by anyone who has done it the hard way...

edit by AE25 - due to this same question being asked all the time I'd put together a solid lifter conversion FAQ which may be useful here

Article by Grimwolge, TRD, TRD_KE70 & Xany

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