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Fuel Filter

Any boring old plastic $1 fuel filter will do for one of these motors. Place it before the fuel pump. Part number is Z14.

If you want your engine bay to look trick, you can buy a glass fuel filter, usually with chromed or polished fittings, and a replaceable element.

KE10s had a glass fuel filter with a washable element. I'm not sure if these elements are available from Toyota still?

If you have decent carbs and are sucking alot of fuel, you're going to want a decent fuel filter. EFI filter Z110 (I think) has 8mm fittings but flows ALOT and would be great for high performance applications.

Nyakalis fitted a cheap "no name" fuel filter to his sons 1972 KE20. After less than a years service the glue holding the paper cartridge let go. This was now as good as no filter at all. They became aware of this only after a sick stalling engine eventually lead them to an almost blocked jet in the Aisan carby. From now on he will buy a decent brand like Ryco.

Nyakalis also writes: A useful tip if ever caught out with a blocked fuel filter of the round barrel type is to turn it upside down. As most fuel flows through the bottom two thirds of the filter the top is relatively clean. The offending filter can be changed at a later date.

Article by Superjamie

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