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Oil Pump

There are several different oil pumps, the difference seems to be in the pickup pipes, some have two and some have one. I'm not really sure which is better.

Oil Pressure

Stock oil pressure usually sits around 20psi at idle, going up to 60psi during operation. Increasing the oil pressure is good for high-rpm reliability, as it keeps the bearing surfaces lubricated better. It places a small drag on the motor, probably a fraction of a horsepower, more than worth it for engine longevity.

To increase the oil pressure, remove the split pin on the oil pump relief and insert a shim (like a washer) into the sprung cup that comes out, usually something of thickness ~3mm will do it. This also gets your oil pressure up more quickly at idle, important because most of the wear on an engine happens when it's warming up.

Higher Volume

People have talked about rebuilding the guts from a T motor or R motor pump inside a K pump housing to increase oil flow volume, but nobody's done it yet. Apparently T motor pumps have the same dimension insides as a K pump, so there would be no benefit anyway.

Article by Superjamie

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