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There are 3 different types of engine mounts, based on the different chassis

KE1x and 2x are the same

KE3x and 5x are the same

KE70 is on its own

KE70 manifold side engine mounts come with a heat shield to protect the vulcanised rubber from the heat of the exhaust manifold. I have seen a KE10 and KE20 engine mount, each of them had boltholes for this heat shield also. Perhaps all manifold side mounts are the same?

If you're looking to get your engine lower for improved roll center, look at Ford Cortina and Escort engine mounts, these are essentially a rubber disc with a bolt thread coming out each side, you could mount this on a Corolla engine bracket if the rubber was thinner. In KE2x cars, check you're not going to foul the engine on the swaybar by lowering it (there's less than finger clearance stock).

Article by Superjamie

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