Installing a KE17 Tacho Dash into KE11/16/18

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KE11/16/18 dash clusters can be swapped out for a KE17 SL sprinter dash which has a factory Tacho. Mechanically, this is a fairly simple task, but you will need to modify the wiring slightly to get it to work.

Basically, there is a single plug that connects to the back of the dash which has 12 pin contacts in it. The difference between the two versions of the dash is that some pins have been altered.

This chart on the right details the pin layout for the two dash clusters. The chart on the left shows which pin contact needs to move to which point on the plug.


The next question is; how have I numbered the sockets? If I recall correctly, if you are looking at the back of the dash cluster, you'll see the circle of Pins. There is a break in the circle of pins. The pins are numbered 1-12 in a clockwise direction, starting at that break in the circle.

In order to change the pins over, it is very simple and doesn't require cutting/soldering.

Take a look at the front of the plug, you will see the pin holes. In the hole you will see the little contact, and if you look closer into the hole you will notice a small lug on that holds the contact into the plug

If you get a very small watchmakers scredriver, you can poke it in and depress the lug enough to gently slide the contact out. Take your time and care it's a pain if you break one of these.

If you DO break one, KE20's use the same plugs, and probably later models. I went and cut a couple of these plugs, with 1-2 inches of wire, out of cars at the wrecker so I've got spares that I can solder in if I need to.

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