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5K Distributor

5K engines from Toyota vans had an electronic distributor. This does away with the old ignition points like KE Corollas came with, and replaces the points with a pulse-generating ignitor (aka: ignition module) which is built into the distributor.

The electronic distributor is a drop-in replacement for the Denso and Bosch points-type distributors.


The electronic distributor has a two-pin electrical connector with a black wire (negative) and a black with orange tracer (positive):


There are reproduction or aftermarket electronic distributors available which also have black (negative) and red (positive).

The car's 4mm black wire going to the old distributor points now connects to the electroncic distributor's black wire on the two-pin plug. This is negative switching for the ignition coil.

Connect the distributor's black with orange tracer (positive) to the positive side of the ignition coil.

Ignition Coil

The original ignition coil on KE Corollas is an oil coil with ballast resistor.

This will need to be changed to a non-ballast High Energy Ignition coil which suits an electronic ignition module.

Using a non-ballast oil coil such as a Bosch GT40 will work at first, but will eventually burn out the ignitor in the electronic distributor.

Disconnect the wire from the loom at the bottom of the old coil's ballast resistor, and go straight to the positive side of the new HEI coil.

Suitable HEI Coil

The ignition coil to suit a Holden 5L V8 (VN to VS models) is a good match for the Toyota distributor's ignitor. It's actually a better match than the original van coil.

HEC716 Holden 5.0L V8 (VN to VS) ignition coil

This is available as part numbers:

  • Bosch (old): HEC716
  • Bosch (modern): 0 986 AG0 702
  • OziCar Parts: OCP6319
  • VDO: A2C59513776

The OEM to Holden was Bosch, however Bosch have discontinued the HEC716 part number. A thread on oldholden forums says the same part is still made by Bosch under the part number 0 986 AG0 702.

You will need to change the center spark plug lead, as the original coil has a socket, but the above coil has a post.

Bosch HEC715 coil has socket connectors for the spark plug. According to bumpstart on ausrotary the HEC715 is the same thing as the HEC716, just with a different spark plug connector. This thread also lists Bosch part number 9 220 061 715 and 716.

Justin says pretty much any electronic ignition coil should work, as long as it's not an old oil-type coil.