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Following some discussion on the messageboard, I decided to put some of the KE1x series 1080cc "K" Engine information up here... Link to the discussion can be found here

If it is a true K-B motor then it already has 10 to 1 CR. The K-B head on a 3K motor should give 10.7.

So how do you tell if it is a true K-B - check the inlet manifold face on the head to verify if there is a water hole to the inlet manifold, should be below no 4 inlet port. Look after the gasket as I imagine they might be hard to get these days.

The other differences that you might explore - the lighter K-B flywheel and the K-B camshaft with the extra 10 degrees duration, an 18/58 vs 16/50.


Article by SprintaSL / Grimwolge

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