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KE1x starters are 1mm shorter than all the others. Don't ask me why, but I've seen parts books that list this as the only difference between them.

KE70 starters have a heat shield that bolts onto the housing, to prevent the solenoid overheating after prolonged exposure to exhaust heat, which is a problem with the design of these small cars. You could also try metal exhaust wrap or "Jet Hot" or similar coatings to reduce under bonnet temperatures.

An interesting thing to note is that the starter solenoid earths through the housing, so if you're painting an engine backing plate, you'll have to sand the bits around where the starter bolts onto, or the solenoid will stick out and stay out even once the motor has started.

There are also subtle differences in the position of the solenoid in some starters, in that the assembly is more vertical to provide increased exhaust manifold clearance. This relates to the wattage of the starter motor, 0.6kW starters are vertical, 0.8kW starters hang the solenoid out more. According to my factory service manuals, there is also a gear reduction type starter available, Mark from NZ has seen one of these hanging off a 5K in a KT147 Corona wagon. (Can confirm that reduction starters are available on 5K motors [1] - Medicine_Man).

All starters put out 4 ft-lb and spin at 250 rpm.

These things are a bastard to change, as they're way down there under the exhaust manifold, the job becomes even more of a pain when you fit extractors. The best way I've found to tackle the problem is to turn the starter so the solenoid (the little bit) is hanging horizontal (closest to the strut tower) and guide the housing up over the starter hole with a twist. Sometimes you just have to take the manifold off.

Anatomy of a 4K Series Bosch Starter Motor


New Reduction starter motors are available from JAS or Ashdown Ingrams to suit K motors. (I would recommend them to use more than the conventional type starters as they draw less current and produce more torque).

Ashdown Ingrams OEX # RXS421 - 4K-J / 5K-J






Article by Superjamie & Medicine_Man

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