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  1. KE20 toyrota

    KE 20 Rotary

    In the making!
  2. KE20 toyrota

    Ke20 Peddle Box

    does anyone know a quick and easy way to change from cable clutch to hydrolic master need hydrolic master to run to my new gear box my car is a ke20
  3. KE20 toyrota

    12A, N/A, Street Legal?????

    thanks mate i will go have a read at least some people give you helpful information
  4. KE20 toyrota

    12A, N/A, Street Legal?????

    authorities don't give you a staight answer thats why i was asking to see if anyone has done it and maybe if they had they could help me with some info
  5. KE20 toyrota

    12A, N/A, Street Legal?????

    thanks! Hope its different here
  6. Does anyone know if its legal in QLD to put a N/A 12A in a KE20 coupe? Please!