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    I had the same issue with my daughters KE55 auto. It was a blocked idle jet. Best thing to do is rebuild the carby. I think I paid $45 for the gasket kit. It took me about 2 hours to remove strip clean and rebuild it. Heaps cheaper than a Weber and a whole lot less hassle.
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    I'd be checking your wheel alignment first. Darting around over bumps could be a sign of excessive toe out in the front end. Toe out may be causing your tyre wear as well.
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    Picked up a AE93 SX for a parts car for $200 as the owner thought the motor was stuffed. Ended up just being the vac sensor not hooked up properly. Runs perfect now. Body is rough as so everything from that one will be going into mine, eventually the 4AGE will make it's way over as well. Started off swapping the seats over. Top is before bottom is after. Test fitted the SX wheels, sadly they hit the coilovers on the rear. Chucked on the SX wing, digging it without the side sections for now. With the SX grill. And the strut brace. Mainly bought the SX for the disc brake rear end, so all these other parts are just a bonus! Especially the 4AGE!
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    Start with this- https://www.dropbox....adfile.jpg?dl=0 and see if the black solenoid activator wire gets 12V at the starter when you turn the key to start. Check ALL the circuits, just to see what isn't working and if it shares a fuse. Depending on the country some KE70 had relays in the starter circuit, some didn't. Another one to watch is people converting auto to manual, there will be a starter cutout wire by the gear lever that must be hooked up. When you have checked all the circuits, find out which one melted the fusebox and stop it from happening again. You should never replace a fuse without finding out what blew it. The fact it has a push button sounds dodgy, you're relying on someone else's wiring to be good, so check all that carefully.
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    wow how about that. nearly a year since my last post. well I m still alive and married and still have the project cars. soon to have a "proper" sized shed to put everything in so I can actually do something with these things too...…..
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    hold on a second, have you actually tried this or are you repeating what others on the RC have said (it's been mentioned a few times). I tried to do this when I dropped the 5K in and it doesn't work. Can't remember why, but it was enough of a problem that I went back to KE1x units.
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    i sure hope this thing is putting out more than my 20 is currently...then again, it's not all that hard to beat 26.2rwkW :y: but don't worry, that'll change soon. can't wait to see it again in the flesh. cheers dF
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