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    in the middle of doing a conversion on my ke30 to a ca18det , just need a bit of advice on a couple things .. 👍
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    Well, 2019 is not going to be a good year for freedom, especially in NZ! The laws banning guns have been sitting around on Govt books since the '90s, and one Aussie visitor is all they needed to whip them out and ram them through. Even more important are the new laws banning free speech, as guns will get replaced by other weapons eventually, but speech won't. It always starts with banning holocaust denial, then insulting Muslims, then denying womanhood victim status and as always it will end up banning criticism of the Govt. Keep your eyes open...
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    TBF all things considered, a sorted 4af "should" be pretty comparable with the 4age, theoretically the lesser valve angle of the 4af of 11deg is more in line with what f1 and large capacity non hemi head drag race engines use. The problem lies with the really small torque based port size,cams and lower comp. It would probably cost $2+k to port the head to get it close to flowing similar to a smallport 4age. I made a set of 12.5:1 4af pistons about 10-12 years ago for a customer that had wild ported head, Ti valves etc. and a set of 312deg rally cams. Never heardback from him though. I do remember who did the cylinder head and I'm pretty sure Clive Cams in Lillydale does his camshafts(He doesn't advertise as he doesn't need too), if you decide to do it they'd be the people to get in touch with. You'd need to either sort out a larger carb and dizzy re graph too, or convert it to efi. First I'd do is a comp test to check bottom end conditions and think about it from there. One other thing to think of is most 4age cars are driven as designed, hard so may need a refresh too.
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    And straight away, what do I find on the Facebook page. I reckon you would get it cheaper than that, but looks to good to use as a donor. Not what you want to do perhaps, but that’s the reality of a 4 afc. And in the long run it will always be worth more than your Nova I’m afraid, as tidy and cared for as it clearly is. Think hard before you go spending much on yours, as $3000 won’t go far unfortunately
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    As someone who has fitted 16 valve 4AGE’s into an AE82 and an AE86, do bear in mind it isn’t simply a matter of swapping the engines along with a few extra components. There are very many differences, especially with wiring looms, fuel systems and don’t forget suspension and brakes etc. If you are paying someone to do it, it will cost an absolute packet. Depending on what model Corolla you have, if there is a 4AGE equipped model in the same model range, think VERY seriously about finding one with a rough body and swapping EVERYTHING across. It will be far cheaper for you, and mechanically not too hard to do yourself. Its also a lot of fun
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    How far are you planning to go?? Carbs, cam, compression & a porting job? It will keep up with the traffic but it will never get near 4AGE power, 8valves will never rev as easily.... Depends on your budget and what you want to do with it.
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    FMD, Most important thing is your OK and secondly the car is too.
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    I can’t fault you there. It’s bloody awful having petrol dripping all over you. And running into the inevitably skinned knuckles
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    Hey Chums, Bit of an update on the rolls. So I bought it earlier this year, had it running with the mighty K motor for a few months. Decided the 3k just wasn't doing anything it for me and had some spares kicking around from my Celica, figured I'd 3tc swap it... And while I was in the process a turbo and j160 6 speed would be easier to do at the time rather than down the track. So I rebuilt the 3t with stock 3tgte internals, made a manifold, tail shaft, cross member, converted it to hydraulic clutch, remote brake booster etc. Thats pretty much it for now, just been running on 7psi and having a bit of fun with it. In the process of sorting out an intercooler, before I up the boost a bit, going to run a water to air cooler on top of the rocker cover. Also have a M78 commodore diff I'm shortening at the moment for it. Cheers Jack.
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