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    I admire your patience, which you need with body resto work. Not something you can rush. Great work ! The rain & moisture in the air here in Brisbane, of late; does not lend itself to achieving good paint finishes. I have a very soft spot for the Celica. I had never owned or driven one even; until I met my wife. She had an RA40 lift back, with that enormous rear "expanse of glass". I think it was a 21st birthday present from her Mum. Looked like this, & I think it was a 1979 model. We did a few interstate trips in it, together; & I fell in love with it. It was a great cruising car, & extremely reliable. It had lovely long legs ! I think the only thing that failed in it, in all those years was an electrical oil pressure sensor/switch, somewhere slightly north of Mildura, on a trip to Adelaide. We put so many klms on it, but were in rented accommodation, at the time, so couldn't really work on it too much. Only thing I recall, that was wrong with it, when we eventually sold it, was the timing chain tensioner, which was oil pressure operated. The chain used to slap a bit, & was very noisy when you first started it up. Cheers Banjo
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    I thought I'd start this for fun, its just what I've been doing over the covid time. Josh used to navigate for Steve in the rally car, although he had his own 180B rally machine at the time. Since then he moved down to Blayney, about 40Km from Orange, and seeing I'm not building rally cars up in Walcha I've been giving him a hand. These days he has an Evo3 for gravel work and an Evo5 for tarmac stuff, and a few cars lying around. I figure we can build cheap entry-level race cars as a sideline business, Josh does roll cages and general fabrication as a business, so we are well-suited for it. The first candidate was a rusty orange KE70 we knocked up last year as a gymkhana car, meaning he extended the LCAs, shortened the steering arms, welded the diff up and bolted on a 32/36 Weber! Seeing there is a 2L injected Pintara sitting there we pulled the motor out of that yesterday and then started on the KE70. By the time I go down there after writing this I expect the 4K will be outside and the CA sitting in its place. Anyone want a running 4K & K50?? I'll get some photos today, obviously it will need engine & g'box mounts, a driveshaft, radiator, fuel system and all the ECU looms hooking up, but I'm sure we will have it running in a few days. Then we tackle the rust... Whether to cage it or not, or run twin SUs or injection, hasn't been finalised yet, but we plan to make it look passable, use it with big "For Sale" ads on it, and sell it to someone keen to get into motorsport. I went to the Whiteline tarmac rallysprint with him last Thursday, my first time there, and I was amazed at the wide range of cars entered. You can run anything that passes scrutiny, so a road car to a race car, and I figure that's the sort of place we build cars for. Josh came 2nd in the Evo5, as usual trailing an Evo8 worth several times as much money and driven extremely well. It started raining halfway through the night, which really added some interest! Here's a Moke we caged recently for his cuz- The previous one was a Corolla for a racing team- The Bluebird he bought off Steve 5years ago has become a drift weapon, radiator in the boot, giant turbo, tube chassis.. The Evo3 was ruined in the Armidale rallysprint in 2019, the brakes failed on a fast downhill to a bridge, so it needed a complete front quarter replacement- It sat for all of 2020 untouched, then when rallying started up again we assembled it for the test day two weeks back. I better go, I will be late!
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    Sold! Pending the money changing hands at Easter....
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    Here is another collectable, with an incredible British car, of which the reading of the description, is a sheer delight. An Aston Martin DB4. James Bond, anyone ? https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1960-aston-martin-db4-series-ii-lightweight Having been to a couple "All British" cars shows over the years, & I can never get over how strong & devoted the British classic car market is ! Enjoy. Cheers Banjo
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3361999/Laughing-face-disaster-Sydney-driver-sees-funny-tries-push-old-Corolla-raging-floods-losing-PANTS-mayhem.html Is this guy a Rollaclub member ? If he is, I'd be giving the thumbs up, & a few points on the Leader Board. He's not only put his Rolla, front & centre, but showed the whole UK, how resilient we are here, "down-under". P.S. I know it is an olde story (2015) but is topical, having the "wet water weather weekend" we've all had on the eastern seaboard. Cheers Banjo
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    Oh and one not so little thing. That ain't no mini Bic!
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