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    For sale is my 1978 ke35 hardtop coupe. It is in excellent running condition with a rebuilt 3kc motor (receipts included) and auto transmission. We er 32/36 carby with electric choke, tuned perfectly. It is registered in ACT and I drive it daily without a problem. 13" chrome steelies with good tread. New electric fuel pump fitted Kenwood Bluetooth head deck. I honestly love this car but due to expecting our first baby I have to look for a more family friendly car. I will post more picks tomorrow during the day. Located act $6800 ono It won't allow me to upload picks yet as they are to large files. Comment email address & I will send them through.
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    The main injector pump in The Girls KE70 hangs from a cut-down VL Commodore mount. Its a metal cross-piece with two detachable rubber mounts that bolt to another cross-piece, so it literally is suspended on rubber. You don't hear the pump in the car at all. The only photo is this one, not much of an illustration I'm afraid. I put the zip-ties on because I didn't trust the rubber, but if the system didn't work there would've be a lot of dead VLs on the side of the road 30years ago.. Ah- here.. http://holdenpaedia.oldholden.com/File:Fuel_pump_pressure_reg_.JPG
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    Haha awesome. Just do it!! I have a spare grill where the tabs to screw in up top have snapped off. Planning on putting headlights in and wiring it up to 240v as a bit of wall art.
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    Well, this might be your last chance! Better than sex....
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    I should add, after a speed event we would swap the spring back so the second Venturi only opened as per factory, or you lose flexibility for around town driving.
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    I assume that’s the old “swap the spring from one side of the diaphragm to the other” trick. I’d forgotten all about that. We used to do that back in the 80’s club racing days. But soon it was a slippery slope to twin side drafts Ah the memories!
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    Well that good idea, did not work well, as it was too tight in the area I proposed. Finished up making a little additional mod to mount a magnet, that required no drilling or changing the engine, except a hole in the timing chain cover. It worked perfectly, & I now have a reliable & steady sync pulse (1 pulse every 720 degrees of engine rotation). The little magnet mounting plate can be fitted in any one of 10 positions on the sprocket, so that a perfect spot can be assigned. Just got to build a little fixed logic decoder, to get the timing pulses I need for the ECU, so the ECU only has to worry about all the engine sensor inputs & calculations. P.S. The hole in the centre is for a crankcase ventilation inlet, so that filtered air takes a much longer scavenging path, through the engine. You might have noticed that the Hall Effect sensor I used, has a little red LED built into the back of it, which makes it very quick & easy in real life, to ensure that the sensors are producing pulses. Should be good for trouble shooting. Cheers Banjo
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    hi all does anyone know what accelerator cable to use in ke70 rotor conversion. has anyone out there done this. has standard 4 barrel carb.
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    Flares Fibreglass (50mm)$315 Te27 Front Lip Fibreglass $170 (with Tow hook holes) Te27 Rear Spoiler Fibreglass $200 0426233585