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    HEY it's about time I sanded it back to metal and started this process all over again 😂
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    Sheeet. Ahh well, she'll be all fixed up in no time
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    While I was back the girls complained about the Altezza using too much fuel. I took a pair of plugs out to check, and took a pair of the new iridiums out of the KE70. The Altezza plugs looked fine, the KE70 were black! On the next trip up I had the mixture display on the 4AGE and saw that it was rich all the time. I stopped a couple of times, took the cold start injector off in case it was jammed on, but no difference. Then I moved the throttle position sensor around a whisker, and it leaned out! Up at the workshop I took a pair of plugs out and they had cleaned up. Wayyy back I had modified the bracket that the last owner put on the TPS to use a FWD throttle on a RWD. I figure the sensor ring has turned on the shaft a little, and that was sending incorrect information to the ECU. I should look at it while I'm at home for a couple of weeks, but its running so well & has a more stable idle than ever before, I'm reluctant to disturb it! I figure it has been getting worse over the years, which is why the head was always full of carbon. I didn't put the cold start injector back on, and it made no great difference over a couple of weeks of hard frosts and a couple of days of snow.
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    Thank you so much for the info. The good thing is that I am in the Philippines so the labor is much cheaper compared to the US! I will be spending about $4000 for the whole restoration of my KE30. I will be posting the pictures once my project is complete. Ty!
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    Man that really sucks! Such a pita, really hope to see it all sorted soon.
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    Sort out number one firing as Davew7 said, watch the rockers through the oil cap to make sure its #1 firing stroke and not exhausting stroke. The #1 rockers will be still at TDC firing, but rocking for #1 exhausting. It will fire as soon as the points open, so while you set the points gap on top of a square shoulder on the dizzy cam to get maximum opening, you time it before the shoulder as the points just open. So rotate the crank to 10deg before top dead center firing #1, make sure the rotor points to #1 plug lead as dave said, then set the gap with the rubbing block right on the square of the shoulder, then turn the dizzy clockwise until the points just close. I usually turn the ignition on and turn the dizzy back and forth so the points just spark at 10deg BTDC and then lock it down. With the cylinder correct, the gap correct and the timing correct, the only thing left is the plug lead order, 1,3,4,2 going clockwise.
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    Did you pull the distributor? Could have inserted it 180* off, or plug wires switched? Pull the spark plug on number 1 and verify that the cylinder is coming up on the compression stroke, when the rotor is pointing to the number 1 terminal on the cap. Davew7
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    Not heaps to update! Engine bay has been fully stripped ready to be resprayed and the whole underside of car has been coated and resprayed black. Currently making a gearbox crossmember to suit my K-T50 setup At this stage still playing with ride height and wheel fitment before paint Pretty happy with how it sits
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    This turned out nice !!its a credit to you ,love it 👍 rob
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    Hi Jeremy, Let me explain it another way. The primary & secondary resistances have really nothing to do with whether a spark generated by that coil is weak or strong. Yes coils can break down, but I'm not talking about used ignition coils; I'm referring to new coils. The coil with a primary resistance of 3.0 ohms can deliver the exact same energy as a coil with 1.5 ohms. It just takes longer for the coil to charge up. Yes, if you have a V8 doing 10,000 rpm, you have very little time between firings, to charge up the coil for the next firing, so may need a low primary ohm coil to make it charge quicker. We are talking here about a 4K engine with half as many cylinders, and half that sort of revs. It has plenty of time to charge up a coil with a 3.0 ohm primary. GT40, no ballast resistor… 14V / 3.4 ohms = 4.1 ampsGT40R 1.4 ohm with 1.6 ohm ballast resistor… 14V / 3 ohms = 4.6 amps As far as the secondary resistance goes, the voltage developed by the coil, is only as much as needed to jump across the spark plug gap. It you close the gap right up, a spark can jump it with probably 2-5K volts. In a working engine, under pressure more volts are needed to jump the gap, but any coil capable of around 20K volts will suffice for our humble Rollas. It's only extreme performance cars that may need potential voltages like 30K - 40K volts to fire a spark. I have a little spark gap here on the bench, you can buy on ebay for less than $ 5.00, that allows you to increase the gap until it won't spark. The rough scale on the side tells you what the voltage is to jump that gap. At 30K volts the gap is 20mm wide ! The indications of a good strong coil, is one that produces a spark that is bright blue/purple & white in colour. A weak coil, is one that produces a very yellowy spark colour. Yes, there are weak coils. One of the big dangers with coils is operating them without a spark gap, which can lead to breakdown inside on the secondary winding, which has a lot of turns of fairly fine wire. Don't forget there other things in the secondary of the ignition coil that can create weak sparks. The main culprit is bad HV dizzy leads. P.S. As a rule of thumb, a good coil should produce a clean sharp bright purple spark with an average dwell time (charging time) of about 3 milliseconds. If you are getting a weak spark, I'd be looking at other things in your system, than just the coils specs. Cheers Banjo
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    Hi Jeremy, I'd be more concerned with the primary resistance/impedance, than the secondary resistance. The secondary resistance basically only controls the maximum Kilo Volts you get out of the coil. The very low primary resistance of 0.5 ohms, is known as a High Energy or HEI type coil. These low impedance coils are not suitable for use with a 4K electronic dizzy with an internal ignitor. It might work initially, but will eventually burn the ignitor out. The Toyota Yellow Bible gives specs. for the coil primary for use with a 4K dizzy with internal ignitor as minimum 1.3 to 1.6 ohms. A coil with 0.5 ohm will eventually kill it. A fellow RollaClub member had this problem, just 2 weeks ago, which I had a look at. Brand new 4K electronic dizzy from ebay & a HEI coil. Ran for several months then, "no start". Diagnosed ignitor stuffed. Saved dizzy, by removing internal ignitor, & connected the reluctor pickup to the original ignitor wires out to the coil. Fitted a genuine external Bosch BIM-024 ignotor, and back in business. However, to be on the safe side, replaced coil with a GT40 which has a higher primary resistance than the HEI coil that killed the ignitor. I have intended to write a piece for the forum about the importance of matching coil specs to ignitor specs. There are a lot of people out there, that don't fully understand how important this is, is you want outright reliability. Basically the coil primary resistance determines the maximum current that can flow into the coil, whilst it is charging. So Ohms Law says I = E/R If the Volts are 13.5 & the resistance of the coil is 0.5 ohm, then I = 13.5/0.5 = 27 amperes. Ignitors come in various specs, one of which is the maximum DC amperes it can switch. I've seen various ignitor specs ranging from, 3A, 6A, 10A, 16A, & 19A max. Switching those sorts of current generates heat in the ignitor, so cooling them and having good airflow over them, is important for long term reliability. Heatsinks are important. I don't know specifically what the max. amperes the 4K dizzy with internal ignitor can handle. Its not in the manual, & doesn't appear on any website I have come across. They just provide a resistance range for the associated coil primary. So if we assume 1.3 ohms as spec'd, & assume a nominal voltage of 12 volts, then R = 12/1.3 = 9.0 amperes. Be very careful with this one, as it is so easy to lose an ignitor. There are "smart" ignitors, that prevent the ignitor from charging the coil, once the coil has reached saturation. I'm playing with some "smart" Toyota COPs at present, which do just that, but I can assure you the ignitor in the olde 4K electronic dizzy, has no such feature, like that. Cheers Banjo
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    The first wave of mass communication on the internet was all based off of real life, a real world translation of life onto the internet. As such it was long format, and we celebrated the technology by using it well and appreciating it, as we didn't have it before. We stockpiled information. Never before could we find and connect with other enthusiasts as easily, so there was a long honeymoon period. Now our generation is older, and we are now in the minority of users of the internet as the younger generation just lives on their phones. They have grown up taking for granted the connectivity provided by the devices and also they have grown up in need of instant gratification. Forums dont provide this, social media does. Forums demand you are enough of a human to fit in, work with others, and make detailed explanations to help others out. Facebook is the absolute opposite. Time and time again I see misrepresented sales, bs claims, incorrect info, basically what I would delete off RC most likely, but its protected on facebook as the mods dont care. WHy would they, in 24 hours nobody will ever find the posts again. You can write any bs, ask any question without so much as a precursory search first, and just generally all feed into and accept each others frustratingly short spans of attention. They just dont know better, and will always suffer next to a more patient approach. Fuck Zuccherberg.
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    hahah thanks for the comments :) Still the daily driver, clicked up 15,000 kms now days. ^_^
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    Name: Gretar Karlsson Car: Toyota Corolla KE70 1980 Motor & Driveline: 2jz with borg warner s360 @1.5bar BMW zf 6 speed gearbox, custom flywheel and clutch Hilux rear diff with 3.58 gears welded Suspension & Brakes: S13 suspension, brakes and modified knuckles up front with custom made control arms Hilux front discs at the rear modified to fit with vw rear brake calipers Hydraulic handbrake with front s13 calipers at the rear, works great. Wheels/Tyres: 15x8 up front with 195-45/15 hankook 15x10 with whatever tyres I have at the moment Interior: Full roll cage Sparco bucket seats, 6 pt harness original dashboard, everything else stripped Custom made shifter assembly Custom made hydraulic handbrake to match the shifter Body: Wide fenders custom hood scoop Build thread: http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/65915-ke70-corolla-volvo-b230fk-now-with-2jz/
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    Rollaclub is as old as Justin said. Around the 20th of June 2003 from memory. It was started at a Mt Cotton Skidpan. Justin, Fook and some couple from Mid-NSW all had Rollas out that night. And even though I was still in the Datsun Sunny, I had wanted an AE86 and decided that we should start a Corolla club. This is the video that Inspired me (and so there was Rollaclub). I checked a few domain names and after asking Justin which one was best, I registered Rollaclub.com 10 years ago? If I could go back and change a few things about Rollaclub History, I sure would...
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    The first rollaclub.com sticker on my car was on 23rd June 2002 The first Mt. Cotton skidpan that got Rollaclub going was on the 6th of July 2002. Some guy with a Blue KE70 drove all the way up from New South Wales. Fook had his Red Corolla Me with my Yellow KE70.
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    *sigh* 10 years. Where did that go? I still remember the first time I met any of the guys at a "tech" session at Chateau Dwarf. Not much tech got done, but a lot of stories told! I also found a photo of two of the earlier members at Willowback Autocross. :)
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    I do have some pics from the first official cruise. Will have to post them up. Pretty sure I will have a date of the real birthdate when I find this..
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    Absolutely. Here is a little story how rollaclub and I crossed paths. it was Aug-ish 2003. Id been noticing these square cars over the last few months of life, going to and from school. After googling square cars and various non-related terms, i managed to discover this box car was infact an early 80's corolla. I managed to find rollaclub via boost cruising, thanks to medicine Man. After chatting with him & this other guy called Nick (Who, at the time lived around the corner from me and was like a big brother for me, ended up showing me the entire car scene!) I said to Justin - Hey, do you know this Nick dude? He's got an old rolla as well! - And, well, they turned out to be brothers ^_^ First of too many cars; I managed to pickup a blue ke70 for $350 off the trading post... I thought it would be interesting to pull it apart. It had so much rust in it holy crap. It ended up going to Nicks house, and would one day in future years find some of its part into my current blue car. Early 2004, I purchased the white ke70 (seen in my avitar) and have been driving it as a daily.. well, up until about a year ago (2012) My 21st - a weekend at Brads house, I purchased a Volvo station wagon from some dude off E-Bay who had butchered the wiring. Fixed it up, drove it out to Boonah & spent 2 days drifting it around a paddock. Far out I could write a book on that car. Small world, Justin & I ended up going to tafe at the same time, ended up car pooling with him for a term. So many volvo memories. My god that car was such a slow, heavy piece of shit, but always good for a smile. For a car that should have been decommissioned when the previous owner cut every relay out of the car thinking it would fix it, it went on and lived another painful 4 years until uncle shady took it, and mercifully abused it every day, for another 2 ? years. All of my genuine, long time friends these days are from Rollaclub. When school ended (Yeah, I absolutely hated school), I kept a couple of good people in my circle, and drifted away from the rest. Justin's Family is now my adopted family... heck, how much time did we spend in his parents shed doing that blue car, for 6? years strait? At one point, i was going up-to cairns to visit Mr Shades every 2nd weekend. I do miss that! Thanks Frequent flyer points hahaaaaa..aa..a .. ughh Rollaclub was the kick start to my addiction to travelling, meeting people and turning into a social butterfly. A far cry from years prior. Heck, if it wasn’t for this place, I don't think I would have ended up working in the industry. Or servicing rally cars. Or visiting Victoria every year... to visit RC family! The yearly great ocean road trips in Victoria - Long term friends down there now And what am I doing with myself these days? Back in the books, Back at uni, I'll never learn. The blue car lives on, don't worry 😉
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    Dave it was xany that spun his car on the dirt downhill of death and managed to stop safely, albeit backwards. I was leading and heard about it later. I had such a great time that day, great turnout, and the scenery and roads were amazing. There is that one bit of road with banked sweepers through the forest, it was amazing past Kenilworth. Quote of the day: "Go the Dattos!"
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