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    It’s primed and sealed. No more bog, only taken a month to get to this stage of making the plug!! I am finally done with filler, i think it’s as symmetrical and straight as it’s going to get. Key take away, next time keep it simple with flat surfaces. I think I went to complex making it with compound curves and trying to follow the cars profile too much Anyway it’s done, final sanding to 1200 grit to go and then it’s ready to pull a mould from it.
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    Great photos. Cars look really good side by side with their individual stylings.
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    Woke up early this morning, couldn’t get back to sleep worrying about something or other so reached for the phone. And have had a fantastic hour reading over the last 7 1/2 years. You should be very proud of what you have achieved! Waiting for my K/3K to come back from the machinist, repair areas in high fill - in other words just what I needed to see! What a car you have built
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    Interesting re the gearbox! So was it like a 'normal' cable operated k-t50?
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    More filler and sanding!!
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    First layer of filler to seal the plug and start the shaping process. The next part of this project really is tedious, a lot of sanding and filler and then a lot more sanding! But I can start to see the resemblance of the finished product which keeps the motivation up.
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    Well 6 months in the making and we have cold AC! soooo cold! Just in time for winter! haha. I ended up making my own hoses using a kit from "speed ac spares" up in north qld. dunno how many ppl will read this but these guys were extremely helpful. https://speedyairspares.com.au/ The hoses came with a set of hand crimpers that were surprisingly easy to use. All very simple. and significantly cheaper than all the quotes i got done. (like 60bucks per hose as opposed to $200) AC man came around this morning and gave it a vac test and everything was all good. 20mins later i had cold air! So its been a saga but lots of fun and good learning experience. learnt how to tig weld in the process so there will be some more tig welding projects in the future. Like most things turns out AC is not that complicated. So next step is going to be relocating the battery to the boot. the 325i and 318is came with the battery in the boot. Dunno why the 323i didnt. but i dont think the 318i did either. I have a battery box and isolator already, just need to get some cable and figure out a way to hold the battery box in. I could get the oem battery tray etc but i think a plastic box secured nicely in the corner will be neater than the oem.
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    Yep, those Jovites do look good. I have a set on the ke25 that look very similarly sized. Not that it matters, thing hasn't been driven sinse I brought it home years ago. Think from memory I saw MS's KE55 at a jap show couple years back up here in Brisbane. Very nice car.
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    I’m 14 x6 on the AE86 and 13 x 6 on the TE27 (when it can roll). 13 x 5.5 on the KE15 for now which is overkill unless I can find some nice period 13 x 5 for it. Considering the Falcon GT had 6 inch wheels from memory. It’s just too much unsprung weight. And of course modern tyres are incomparable to what was available back then. I appreciate tyre choices are somewhat limited, but not impossible. Those wheels on MS car look phenomenal!
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    Those wheels look much better I reckon. Thought about widening the rear rims? I always like the way rims/tyres filled flares on the rear end of LX hatchbacks but obviously not 10's-12's on a KE55😆
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    Hi Pete, Me either, but I've done it to most small cars I've owned. 1. Generally larger tyres have a wider tread, & therefore more contact/grip/traction with the road ? 2. Generally larger tyres are greater in diameter, so slightly less revs required to cruise at the same speed ? 3. Generally larger tyres produce a greater track width, with better & safer handling ? 4. Generally larger tyres on small cars, results in lower weight on the tread, & less wear/longer life ? 5. Generally larger tyres create a more pleasant looking vehicle ? Take this late 1950s early 1960s Ford Anglia 105E Piddly little 510 x 13 inch wheels. I've seen wheels bigger than that, on a wheel barrow. I know, because I used to own one once. I put 640 x 14 Holden wheels on it, & the 640 x 14 Holden tyres were cheaper than I could buy the 510 x 13 tyres. Lower it a bit, & then the car became a different animal. Green one looks scared . . . . . . The Red one looks like it could take on anything. Mind you, if that's not to your liking, you could make the wheels & tyres just a little bit bigger. Cheers Banjo
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    I’ve never understood the push to put huge wheels and tyres on such small cars.
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    I finally got around to fitting the 13' Jovites. My neighbour is managing a new tyre store so he sourced some cost-plus 205/60/13 Nangkangs, fitted them and passed them back over the fence. It's fair to say that the lighter wheels have transformed my enjoyment of the car! Steering turn-in is vastly improved, along with handling and dampening. No more crashing and shimmying over bumps. In hindsight those 15' Superlites were far too heavy for this car. Now it's a lot more fun to drive. Also installed a factory radio where there was once a hole, hooked up the tach and replaced the dash globes - just a few niggles that had been on my mind!
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    Right well time marches on and waits for noone! Progress has been slow and steady on AC project. - TX valve has been replaced - painful job. found various types of 0-rings on the old tx valve. some green ones, some black ones, and even some brown ones (viton?). all repalced with new r134a compliant green ones. - bracket is finished. did have some dramas with it when i first put it on that i had forgotten about the crank angle sensor bracket. had to notch it out of the back (not in photo im afraid). but will be good. in heinsight i probably should have hung the compressor a bit lower but it will still work. fine. - I bought a TIG welder and have been learning to TIG. Since the new AC compressor has slighlty different sized pipes than the old one i had to weld on 2 fittings to the hard lines, one shown in the photo. Then i bought some rubber pipe and crimps and a crimp tool to make my own hoses from a shop up north that specialises in hot rod AC. i pressure tested my welds with house mains water pressure (~450kpa). Once i get my hoses made i will get my vaccum pump onto it to test before taking it to the shop for gas. So hopefully i am on the home stretch of AC! might get the bracket put back in on the long weekend and start on the pipes. in unrelated news i attended a lake side "euro day" a few weeks back. really good fun, never driven on lakeside before. what a cool race track. heres a photo of my brother and i with big grins on with a Ferrari Dino in hot pursuit! had a blast. e30 performed floorlessly. Didnt explode so my DIY road tune must be ok.
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