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  1. Firing order

    Are we to assume that the dizzy has not been removed from the engine, or put back correctly ? Hardest part is getting the dizzy back in, & lining it up with the oil pump & making sure the rotor points to a HT cap connection. Quick mans dizzy insertion. Line up the mark (indent) on the crankshaft pulley with 10 deg (BTDC) mark on the camshaft chain cover. Don't worry whether it is no: 1 or no: 4 cylinder TDC. It must be one of them, so there is a 50% chance of getting it right the first time. Insert the distributor so that the vacuum advance bellows is facing the front of the engine, & the longest part of the distributor lies fairly parallel to the side of the engine. Check now that the rotor points to one of the caps HT lead points. (doesn't matter which one). If it doesn't line up, remove dizzy, turn rotor slightly & reinsert, until the rotor lines up with a HT lead point. Adjust the points using trouble lamp or bulb method. Connect spark lead no: 1 to the dizzy cap to which the rotor is pointing. Connect the remaining 3 leads in a clockwise rotation, to spark plugs 3, 4, & 2. Start engine. If it doesn't start, or back fires badly, after 2 or 3 tries, then swap leads 1 & 4 with each other, & 2 & 3 with each other. Start engine ! Guaranteed to work, everything else being equal/OK. You can always fine tune it afterwards, but this simple & quick procedure will get you started quick time. Cheers Banjo
  2. COPs on K Series Engine

    Hi Dave, Those COPs I used are still on ebay for less than $ 17.00. They are stocked here in Australia, so it only took 3-4 days to get hold of them, & postage was free ! Cheers Banjo
  3. COPs on K Series Engine

    Hi Simon, Those rods & brackets at each end look very strong. I love the way the blue HT leads are so short. The Toyota COPs I used do have a built in ignitor. I believe they can be driven by a 5 volt DC cmos output. Have a look at this site . . . . They compare all the Toyota COPs. You will notice the one I chose, (No: 4 in their picture), is the only one where the electrical connector, doesn't cock up at an angle. I'll be testing them on the bench with a signal generator in the next 24 hours. Cheers Banjo
  4. COPs on K Series Engine

    I contacted Brodie, in South Australia, & He was very helpful, in sending me some close-up, detailed photos of his COP setup, which helped me refine my ideas. I did a COP conversion on a head I had lying around, over the weekend, & I'm very happy with the results. THE Toyota Echo/Yaris COPs I chose, have a single mounting bolt hole, which secures them to a 25mm square aluminium black tube, about 300mm long. Four (4) off RivNuts (or NutSerts) on the rear side of the tube make it easy to insert & lock down each COP, with 6mm bolts, 40mm long. The COP mounting tube is anchored to the rocker cover with 2 x 6mm bolts into 2 spare convenient threaded holes in the rocker cover, which happen to be perfectly in line with spark plug number 3. To seal the COPs in the spark plug tubes, I removed four spark plug lead "boots" off some KE HT leads, & cut the centres out with a small sharp craft knife. The edge of the resultant larger hole in the boot was a little jaggered on the edges, so I used a large O ring to cover the jaggered edge, & prevent the spark plug rubber boot, from coming out. I'm just awaiting the COP electrical connectors to arrive. I will fit & run the leads for each COP, into the aluminium mounting tube, with all wiring exiting at the rear of the tube, which is within 60-70mm from the firewall. It will have a waterproof multi-way connector on it, so the whole COPs mounting tube assembly can be removed from the engine bay, if necessary. The aluminium tube, plastic end caps, O rings, bolts washers & RivNuts, cost less than $ 20 from Bunnings. The COPs can be purchased on line for as little as about $ 18.00 ea. If anyone is interested in doing something similar, you can view a few more pics, from different angles at the following link.!AhTw-QJW1b_6iGqfzttvHcYpjvkD Some may think that the COPs stuck up in the air like that look a little odd ! It does however, have one real advantage, in that there is plenty of air flow over them, so failure of COPs due to over heating, will be eliminated. The resultant arrangement is very rigid & strong. I was able to pick up the whole head assemble by the mounting bar, & there is no movement at all. I'll post some more pics, once I've got the wiring completed. Cheers Banjo
  5. That can't be right Keith ! Their ICE toys don't use much "juice" ! Foot Note: This guy just needs to get to get to work quickly, & has found a way to go clear through all that traffic . . . . . literately ! Cheers Banjo
  6. Keith, I heard the other day, that there are about 1000 SmartPhones a day, in Australia that "generate" ! Generate lots of anguish, when you drop them ! Cheers Banjo
  7. When cars (horseless carriages) first appeared they were very, very dangerous ! There were even protests. "It used to be that in Britain the speed limit was 2 miles per hour in the city and "horseless carriages" had to be preceded by a man walking with a red flag." We'll get used to EVs, with their incredible acceleration, but we will miss that burble out the exhaust pipe. There was an EV racing car at the Leyburn Sprints last month. It was awesome to witness it's acceleration, but you couldn't hear it. How many people are going to get run over by EVs because they didn't hear them coming ? Cheers Banjo
  8. Hi Dave, Agree totally ! Your comment above reminded me of pictures still taken in eastern Europe. Maybe this is how all olde KEs will see there last days out, when we run out of power to drive our EVs, and go "full circle" again ! Maybe Irokin will just have to add another Forum Area on the Rollaclub website called KE EV CONVERSIONS Cheers Banjo
  9. With the head long rush world wide to introduce EV cars, with the talk of . . . . 1. Lower safety standards to get EVs up & established quicker. 2. Talk of relaxed driving licences (because you won't need to drive it). 3. Complete banning of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars by as early as 2025-2030 in some countries. 4. Phasing out of ICE cars over time, by many other countries. . . . . . I was feeling a bit despondent, that it is going to be up to us Rolla owners, to make sure that the last ICE car to ever drive this planet, will be a KE Corolla. (Big Responsibility) So I was delighted to read the excellent editorial by Nicholas Vinen, in the Sept 2017 edition of Silicon Chip, who put it all in perspective. As usual, it has not been thought through practically at all, & there is hope for us all. If you don't get Silicon Chip, you can read the editorial here on SC's website. Cheers Banjo Long Live the KE
  10. Hi Guys & Gals, These tubes have been reported on here as being very very expensive, if you buy them from Toyota, if they still have them available. Came across these aftermarket ones on ebay out of Thailand. I checked with the seller overnight to see whether the price quoted is for 1 off or a set of four (4) as depicted. The seller has come back and advised the price is for 4 off, complete with the oil seal rubber ring. Has any one purchased & used these aftermarket ones previously ? Interested in the quality. Any feedback welcomed. Cheers Banjo
  11. KE35/55 Coupe Rear Window Louvre

    SOLD ! Cheers Banjo
  12. Have to let this go reluctantly, as it was such a cool accessory, on my KE55 Coupe, but will not fit my KE30 2 door sedan. These are as rare as hens teeth, but this one is in excellent condition. It fits either a KE35 or KE55 Coupe. It will not fit 2 door or 4 door sedan models. This one is in perfect condition, with no cracks or breaks in louvre supports at all. All nine (9) off plastic turn keys for locating & locking it, are intact, & work. I have always treated it with ArmorAll Protectant. The nine (9) off lugs for mounting it to the rear glass are all intact, & have been fitted with new automotive external double sided adhesive tape. Just clean & polish your rear window, & you'll have it fitted in minutes. This will lift the total appearance of your KE 35/55 Coupe, & make it stand out. It also has the added benefit, that it keeps the car cooler in Summer, and protects the top of the back seat & parcel tray, from cracking up. Buyer will not be disappointed. Suits local pick up. It is located at Greenbank, South side Brisbane. Selling Price $ 150.00 Any questions or queries, please PM me. Cheers Banjo
  13. Not sure what to call this part, as not all KEs had one fitted. This infill panel suits KE55 Rollas with the large wraparound front bumper bar, with the rubber inserts. It fits in between the back of the bumper & the apron/valance front body work. This panel is quite thick, is straight & undamaged. Has never been in an accident. It has no structural rust. Located at Greenbank, southside Brisbane, it would suit local pickup best, as very difficult to pack & freight. Selling Price: $ 20.00 Any questions or queries, please PM me. Cheers Banjo
  14. I have a extremely good straight valance from my KE55 couple which went to "Corolla Cancer Heaven". This valance has no dings, or has ever been bent. Usual stone chips you expect on a KE valance, but basically perfect, for a 38 YO car. Purchaser will not be disappointed. Located in Greenbank, southside of Brisbane, and would suggest it would be best for pick up, as it's size & structure does not lend itself easily to packing or freighting interstate, without resultant damage. Selling Price $ 45.00 Any questions or queries, please PM me. Cheers Banjo
  15. Ke55 speedometer help

    Hi Frank, Picture No: 2 is the end of the assembly with the nylon gear therein. If you undo that single 10mm bolt in the picture, the whole assembly will just slide out. With the assembly removed, you should be able to look into the round hole, with a torch, & see the worm gear on the output shaft, that you have highlighted in the parts listing. I sounds like someone has maybe previously forgotten to refit the worm gear, when the gearbox was reassembled previously. Cheers Banjo.