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  1. Does anyone know a place that sells new old stock for Toyota Specifically for the 71-75 Ke20 corolla. Looking for a right drivers side mirror. Didn't put this in Wtb because it's not like I'm looking to trade with other members (already posted a wtb)
  2. Hi guys. Will buy if u have the EXACT part from any other Toyota. After drivers side mirror only I've seen these in person on at least 1 other random Toyota (celica from memory?) but it's for an original condition Ke20 corolla. Willing to pay worldwide postage for a decent one of this EXACT part (see photo)
  3. Price drop, going overseas. $500 O. N. O. Transmission sticks, only works in first gear and reverse so can only drive on normal roads below 60kmh.... Other than that this is an EXCELLENT original car with excellent air con and new engine. I filled up the tank with fuel the day before the transmission problem.so,selling with a full tank of fuel and a new battery $200 in value ($100 fuel, $100 battery) .. Receipt available Used ONCE per month for the past 2/3 years. Sadly selling because I need a van. I would be happy to see this go to someone who keeps it original. My plan was to lower it, Install spacers on the wheels, Install an expensive stereo and keep it original. Unfortunately I now need a van. selling unregistered no RWC ----The good news : ALL ORIGINAL. *ALL Interior ALL trim ALL paint ALL little details in good original condition. *Paint in good original condition. *original hubcaps GOOD CONDITION * NO RATTLES NO FUNNY NOISES at high speed at all, interior or exterior. * ENGINE RECONDITIONED runs like new AIR CON * very cold original air conditioning. NEW BATTERY BOUGHT LAST WEEK FULL TANK OF FUEL! ---The bad news : TRANSMISSION STICKS *only drives in first gear and reverse. garaged for 6 months and suddenly has this problem. (I don't need a daily car so I haven't used it) HORN BROKEN *probably an easy fix but horn doesn't sound. MINOR HAIL DAMAGE, MINOR INTERIOR DAMAGE *the damage is minor, but good enough to be proud of the original condition and not bad enough to warrant trying to respray, "fix" or replace anything
  4. Unmodified, original paint, original interior, original hub caps, new engine, cold air con, runs like a dream
  5. I'm after Something like the visor in this photo. I can't find anything online about them. Maybe they don't make them new anymore. I don't know what kind of shop woild sell them. I guess wreckers?.. Second hand ones there's like 1 or 2 suiting old Holden's like hundreds of kilometres away..
  6. I'm looking to fit it to an st141 which is basically a slightly enlarged ke 70.. Will be expecting to adapt from some other model as I'll probably have to
  7. What are some common terms to call a windshield visor? I'm having trouble researching to buy on because whenevee I look up a thread using a keyword, they use that keyword so I don't figure out a new keyword. Ebay not responsive to windshield visor, car visor, etc. What do u call them??
  8. 3 speed auto won't shift up to 3rd gear, occasionally. Once every couple months. Oil seems fine. Happened halfway up the coast and went through half a tank of fuel getting home. Any clues?
  9. It was just the flasher relay. Dead giveaway was that ONLY the blinkers and hazards stopped working
  10. I think this thread will also solve the same problem for all KE70, AE71 and probably earlier models, so I felt it ok to share here. Plus i'd like to show the car to the club. these cars are surprisingly rare these days. paint seems original. doesn't seem to have any problems either. Feels like driving a gigantic KE70 with everything in the same place as a KE70. Got my hands on a 1983 toyota corona with freshly rebuilt cruisy 2L engine and 3 speed auto. runs smooth as hell and cruises well. I have a problem that about half the time, indicators and hazard lights stop working at the same time... sometimes. This seems to happen at totally unpredictable times. I flick the indicators on left / right, nothing happens. No "tick tick tick" sound and no light. When this happens, the hazard light switch has the same problem where it doesn't light up at all. Then randomly out of the blue left/right indicators and hazard lights will start working again. It's about half to a third of the time, they will stop working, and then randomly they will start working again. Anyone have a clue what the problem could be? Plans for future are just lowered kings, black gloss meshies, some quality tires and possibly spacers esp on the back depending on how the wider rims fit under the guards. no plan for more than a lovely old school reliable toyota cruiser.
  11. Thanks. That link above didn't have any panels swapped, he just massively butchered the slant nose front to become flat, really inspired by that build thread. I'll see how I go.
  12. Hi guys. V long time no post! Sold my old KE70 sedan years ago to travel for 3 years, now i'm back and this time I'm planning on an amazing KE70 shaggin wagon. It seems that KE70 flat front panno's have a different style of flat front to KE70 sedans. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience converting these to dual headlight? It seems that quite a few panno's have had this done to them by swapping the fenders and bonnet to flatfront KE70 sedan fenders and bonnet. Is this correct, are there any pitfalls or issues connecting this all together? Is this the only way or easiest way it's done? Quite a few Aussie panno's have this done to them. For example this build thread appears to have a slant front panno with the front fenders replaced by flat front ke70 sedan fenders, to accomadate the standard dual headlights that is common on KE70 sedans in Australia: http://www.driftworks.com/forum/drift-car-projects-builds/144804-84-ke70-panel-van.html EDIT: turns out the above link had its fenders and bonnet cut and welded. still interested in any advice.
  13. Any condition considered. Will not buy a 4 door, only want a 2 door.
  14. Hey mate, just wondering do they come factory with the rear 2 windows blocked out? I know they do for KE70 wagons, what about ke26?
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