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  3. Pretty sure I've got a spare 55 booster somewhere
  4. Hi, currently chasing a ke55 booster but having trouble sourcing one. I have found a AE71 booster interstate, so unable to trial fit to see if it fits. Does anyone know if it will, or what other booster will fit the pedal box. Will buy a 55 booster if someone on here is selling Using ke55/70 discs (on a project non corolla car) cheers frosty
  5. Order it from Toyota using Impex, Amayama etc.
  6. Sorry I had forgot about this Thanks a lot Banjo for the kinds words, as you said it was a labor of love, and of need, because noboy wanted to fix this car hahaha. Lets start tying some loose ends One of the issues that had been left behind was finishing the steering column So clearly, I started with the easy part of cleaning and painting everything. I don't have pictures, but what I did was take the upper part of the steering column from the Corolla, the lower part of the steering column from the Starlet, and started cutting to see what I was working with, unbelievably it was much easier than I thought, since the internal axle is the same in both cases, so it was a matter of joining both pipes. To match them, I had to open the lower tube of the Starlet a little bigger, and thus place a bearing between the tube and the steering axle that centers everything in the lower part. Then have a bushing turned that centers the lower pipe on the upper pipe and that's it. Unfortunately there are no photos of all this. And that was it, I just had to fit the bottom bracket of the Starlet to the firewall, with the original part of the Corolla. Since I was painting, I got excited and painted several things that were laying around. Since I was motivated it was the turn of the rear leaf springs. I got the habit of cleaning parts by leaving them submerged in anti-rust acid. They easily come out like new, there is no need to spend work and after washing them they are ready to paint And remember I was painting everything. With all this, we are between May 2020
  7. What a lovely work you are doing right there Wenisman, hats off to you, lovely to see that level of skills being put at work. Great to see a wagon being saved, that fuel door it's awesome.
  8. I bought the cheap dashpad on eBay and the fitment was awful on the TE27, I had to stretch it like 3cm with a heat gun and it warped everywhere. After that I've contacted Rick at Toyheadauto, and Trevor at Auto Obsession, and they both confirmed that they have the original dashpad ready to ship, sadly they are located on the US.
  9. If this is Phil’s Rotaries, there are regular comments on the various forums regarding their poor fit. I have no experience with these, so cannot comment personally. if still available from Toyota, I would be buying there. It will come in under $200 shipped.
  10. And on a side note, after seeing some cars and doing some internet searches I have seen this as a fuel cap/flap option. https://www.haganauto.com/product_p/fd45rqp.htm Would take some work to make it fit Kevin but it's certainly an option.
  11. There is a company selling dashpads for early Corollas on ebey, for $ 69.00 ea. I bought one on ebay, some years ago, not as fancy as in the link below, 7 they were half that price. Lasted about 6-7 years in the Qld. sun, before it eventually turned to dust. ebay Dash Pads for Early Corollas Some else on here, might have bought one of these here in Oz, & would like to comment on their quality. Cheers Banjo
  12. Hi James I bought a spare a couple of years ago direct from Japan. Just had a look on impex, and they are still showing there at Yen 11,000. That does not guarantee availability, but I would try ordering one if I was you.
  13. hi Raven are you still able to get these dash bump patds for ke25 cheers james [email protected]
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  15. Quickly putting the skin on the frame, and test fitting back to the car... It fits, a little tight on the passenger side, but I expected that as I still have some shrinking to go to get the profile right. Double checking the glass as well shows plenty of room for the rubber as well. So now it's back at home I'll linish back the tacks and weld it in fully. Then I'll take the wire brush and clean up all the rust and hopefully apply a layer of rust converter and primer.
  16. The base of the tail gate was templated and then I cut a new peice of steel. It was folded, shrunk on the seam and then I put it through the English wheel to get a nice crown and get into the shape of the tail gate. Then I cut the rusted bottom section off and I have tack welded the new bottom section in place. I know this tailgate is taking some time, but the light is at the end of the tunnel. Next I'll try for it back on the car to make sure the skin is good. Then I'll start fixing the frame
  17. Surprisingly enough, yes! ...never throw anything away!
  18. Thanks Big G. I wasn't able to find the public section but I did get someone to investigate for me. As you said, complete gearboxes available but I realised there's a small problem as the K40 has an integral bell housing. I've snuck various heavy objects home before by dismantling and packing up as luggage. I fly a fair bit so have generous luggage allowances but a gearbox case, with bell housing attached would be stretching the friendship a bit! Add on freight costs and suddenly they aren't cheap anymore. I've been looking about Tasmania but no luck so far. Wreckers aren't what they used to be!
  19. Bit of a blast to the past, but do you still have the K40?
  20. Hi, Yeah SSSSOOO many memories in this car and 18 years of collecting VERY rare parts. But time has indeed come. Its not been driven for ten years and resto slowed to a halt living over seas now so Time to let someone else have rear wheel drive light weight fun. Be hell of a car when finished. So priced to sell and yeha be a sad day to see this go missing from the lock up 😞
  21. Sorry to hear Cam. Must be a wrench but understand the time has come. There is a great deal there for someone!
  22. For Sale: 1969 Toyota KE15 Sprinter with TRD Upgrades and Tons of Spare Parts Are you a vintage car enthusiast looking for a timeless classic? Look no further! It has come the time to sell my stunning 1969 Toyota KE15 Sprinter SL that's ready to turn heads and capture hearts. This beauty comes with an array of exciting upgrades and a treasure trove of spare parts. Features and Upgrades: Year: 1969 Make: Toyota Model: KE15 Sprinter SL Mileage: Low, considering its age (49,000miles) Engine: Factory twin cars sitting on a big block 5K with a HUGE cam installed, Custom made three core radiator. Cylinder head has been ported and rebuilt (by Precision engine reconditioning in Ipswich), Full custom exhaust system with extractors (Done at Scott's Rods Ipswich). Smooth shifting 4 speed box (floor never cut to fit a 5 speed). Brakes: KE70 brakes fitted, With Braided brake lines. Exterior: Classic Toyota lines with two tone orange and white paint. Car was repainted by original owner in his shed. So paint is flaking and tired BUT body underneath is in very good condition. Interior: Original with tacho dash, centre console, sports steering wheel TRD Extras Included: TRD Limited Slip Differential (LSD): Experience enhanced traction and better handling, allowing you to unleash the full potential of this classic beauty. Not fitted in car currently was rebuilt and clutches set ready to go. TRD Upright Kit 2x: Ultra rare kit to upright a K motor. Has oil pumps, manifolds, asbestos original gaskets, exhaust manifold. TRD CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition): Ignite the engine's performance with the reliable and powerful TRD CDI, optimizing spark timing for improved power delivery. TRD Green 8 way adjustable shocks fitted to car with polyurethane new bushes. Bonus Inclusions: Thousands of spare parts: Alongside this iconic 1969 Toyota KE15 Sprinter, I am offering an extensive collection of spare parts. Whether you're a restorer, collector, or simply an avid Toyota enthusiast, these parts will provide you with everything you need to maintain and restore this classic gem. Parts include but aren't limited to: Factory KE1X AC system with manual KE15 parts manuals, glove box manual and more engine parts - Cams (stock and reground), Sumps, Cranks, oil pumps, cylinder heads, manifolds, carbies etc 2x spare 4 speed KE1X transmissions panels and glass and exterior trims. This 1969 Toyota KE15 Sprinter has been a labour of love for 18 years. I am its second owner purchasing it from the original owner, and it's now ready for a new home. With its timeless design, exhilarating performance, and upgraded TRD components, this classic Toyota promises to offer a truly authentic driving experience. About ten years ago I rolled this car into a shed to start restoration. As I removed a part I restored a part! If I had a spare of part I also restored the spare. So I have HEAPS of high value items in bolt on restored condition like tail lights to panels. I started getting bare metal respray done in Light blue and all locks and stuff in satin black. All that stuff has been stored in a house dry and preserved. If you wanted to bolt on restored parts and this car will drive The CAM in the 5K is HUGE and was for a twin side draft setup WITHOUT a linked manifold. So car runs but grumpy as. However ten years ago when rolled into shed I had an ex throw the keys in the bin 😞 So should be noted car doesn't have original key now. But loads of spare key parts to make a key setup again for car. TRD parts worth a fortune alone. Extremely rare. Car stored covered in a dry location and restored spares in a dry house. I live over seas now and decided time to sell the car. Get in fast as Only here for a week. Price: AUD$17,000 Don't miss your chance to own this rare and coveted piece of automotive history. To schedule a viewing or for any inquiries, please contact us at +642041662227 or email [email protected]. Serious buyers only, please.
  23. "i had an AFR of 12.0, mid range revs was about 13.0 and high revs about 13.5 " What were you using to read that? Lamba gauge fitted? This guy reckons that driving around casually in closed loop mode DOESN'T use the AFC, but at wide open throttle it just ignores the oxy sensor and reads the AFC chart. "Basically what the S-AFC does is alter the voltage the ECU receives from the MAP sensor. This causes the air/fuel mixture to either go leaner (-) or richer (+). You can adjust in increments of 2%. You can fine-tune the mixture at different RPM points (800rpm, 2400rpm, 4000rpm, 5600rpm, 7200rpm). The ECU won't use the values of the AFC while in closed loop mode (under 80% throttle). But when you step on it (when racing), the ECU goes into open loop mode, ignoring the O2 sensor and only relying on the MAP sensor for data. So the Gen1 AFC is only usable under what (Wide open throttle) situations. " https://www.driftworks.com/forum/threads/apexi-safc.145432/ Which means no, it won't help your AFR anywhere in the rev range unless you have the throttle wide open, not what I expected at all. However, you might get a wide-band controller- Wideband controllers with simulated narrowband outputs are on the web, they read a wideband sensor and send an adjusted narrowband voltage to the ECU . I wonder why ITBs make it rich, I thought they would flow a lot more air and lean it out.
  24. SAFC and stock ecu is pretty shit as you'll be chasing your tail as you don't really know what the oem ecu is doing...what happened to the megasquirt? I've got megasquirt on my e30 its a way better option than safc.
  25. forgot to mention ... i know that 20tps much be connected to 16v harness in reverse order because 16v tps works clockwise and 20v tps anti-clockwise the difference is that in what 1+3 pins of 16v gives 5.8kohms and 20v gives 3.7kohms don't know if thats gonna be an issue...
  26. hey people ... i have a ke70 with 4age fitted along with tranny and diff . this 4age is a MAP sensor one i have 20v throttle bodies a vaccum manifold and an APEXi S-AFC 10 years ago i have fitted these itb's and tried to run them with stand alone megasquirt but the project failed due to money shortage while on stock ecu , couple of days before megasquirt, car idled smooth run good . the problem was that it was too rich . i had an AFR of 12.0 mid range revs was about 13.0 and high revs about 13.5 all vaccum hoses 100% sealed , no air leaks ITB's 100% syncronized . my latest acquisition is that s-afc i got on ebay for 200$ used . anyone knows if : the safc can reduce the proper amount of fuel on idle so my afr gets around 15.0 ? the safc can add the proper amount on high revs so afr will be around 13.0? any advice will be appreciated. regards
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    hey all I'm a new member located in greece ... i own a ke70 1980 (chrome bumbers) with ae86 bigport ,tranny , lsd diff nice to be here cheers
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