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  2. Hi all, just as the title suggests! I'm just a small Aussie content creator and am looking to start making different videos on-top of the video reviews I already do. Would love some feedback on my latest video because it is a different style to what I usually do 😊 Thank you very much in advance! https://youtu.be/TzNxX2xwKAY
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  4. Hey all just to be straight up I’ve just got out of jail a couple of weeks ago and can’t afford to take it back to the bloke who was doing the conversion . As the title says it’s a ke20 with a ca18det . I’m only good with the basics when it comes to wiring I’m clueless lol... so what’s done so far is ~ *motor and box installed with ke conversion kit * brake booster and master cylinder moved to front side of drivers side strut tower and new lines ran, to make way for the hydraulic clutch set up which is done and new clutch installed . * tail shaft done and balanced * new 2 1/2 inch exhaust from turbo back * from what I can tell it looks like he has roughed in the wiring harness and that’s as far as it got then the car was towed to my daughters garage when I got locked up. * other parts I have that will need to be fitted are ~ FMI kit, aluminium radiator , gauges kit of 5 , digital boost control/timer , silicone hose kit . * it has bigger front brakes fitted and also a stronger diff , they where in the car when I brought it but I can’t remember what they where out of apparently the car use to have a 2ltr supercharged motor in it , there’s also a big fuel pump set up in the boot..... So that’s the run down , I need HELP !!! Lol. Maybe one day a weekend or night whatever suits you . I will pay cash and supply drinks and a feed for each day or night we work I’m not working at the moment so can work any day at the moment and whoever helps can have the first run down the quarter at eastern creek ! . The car is located at ST.MARYS WESTERN SYDNEY . So plz if u can help or maybe someone you know don’t hesitate in messaging me here or txt me on 0424 203 290 and I will call you . thanks for reading this and fingers crossed!!lol... cheers Brad...
  5. UHi I’m after the 2 plastic louvers behind the bonnet , in front of the wipers , also the pair of plastics on the c pillar one of which covers the petrol cap and also the 2 rear pop out windows preferably with the hardware ( nuts bolts and latches to close the windows) ... I own a 1972 ke20 coupe. Cheers to anyone that can help . Brad... you can msg me here or contact me on 0424 203 290.
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  7. Agree, can’t wait too see more
  8. At least there is progress mate 👍
  9. Well, the CA18/20 bottom end is sold. Was offered a seriously good deal on a sorted engine that I put together for a mate a while ago which will make chasing an 8 a lot easier. I will be putting the 5k back together as a 11:1 motor, re-registering the car then changing it over. All I'm going to say until I have done the deal is it's got two cams and a touch more capacity.
  10. Do you still have the headlight surround for a KE 20?
  11. WTB clutch peddle ke30-55
  12. Woohoo! Muat be great to drive after so long. Looks like a good work space.
  13. So we are in the new place as of yesterday, and the AE86 is the first to make it across today. Got an unregistered single use permit and drove across via the “most direct route”. Of course initially the car didn’t want to start, but some new 98 octane sorted that out. Then on a tentative initial excursion there was a bit of a rattle from the front right. Turned out the top nut on the damper insert was slightly loose. Then the drive across. Hella fun to drive after all this time! The other two will now need to come on a truck and then I can get things underway at last
  14. When i rebuit my daughter's carby i soaked all the parts in carby cleaner then on the idle jet i used a small syringe and forced caby cleaner into the jet and at the same time used a single stiff nylon bristle from a broom and worked the build up lose. It worked a treat. That was 3 years ago and i haven't touched it since.
  15. First try having some one run the throttle at high RPM, without the air cleaner. Then completely remove the idle adjust needle from the carb, while the engine is running. Then put a rag over the carb inlet several times, just long enough to prevent a stall. The high vacuum may actually clear out the idle port in the carb. If you have an air compressor you can also try blow air through the idle port. Last, you can try sticking a small wire through the idle port, you have nothing to lose if the only option is a new carb. Davew7
  16. I should have mentioned that I have already put a kit through it and still no luck
  17. Hi team, So I have had about 4 Ae92 fxgts and an Ae82 in my time but kept them fairly standard. Just finishing up a rebuild tomorrow with new leads and a timing light then start tidying the body up. But... I have always wanted to build a 4agte, however seeing the limitations of what the car could handle trying to get the power to the road never bothered. So... Tomorrow I am also looking at another fxgt with a 20v in it and thought maybe this could be a bit of a bigger challenge. Here in NZ we have the carib and the caldina. Carib running a 20v with 4wd and a solid rear axle Caldina running all sorts of other engines but with 4wd and independent rear suspension. Is anyone up for throwing some ideas around to make a bit of a Frankensteins monster? 400 Hp 4wd? Cheers
  18. I'd be checking your wheel alignment first. Darting around over bumps could be a sign of excessive toe out in the front end. Toe out may be causing your tyre wear as well.
  19. Looking for a new alternator everything is a 3 pin connector whilst I have only 1 connection? Any information or Link's would be appreciated.
  20. WANTED - KE20 black rear seat - KE20 brown passenger seat
  21. Hello all, I need some advice/ideas! I have a KE20 with standard struts. It has lowered King Springs and alloy rims running Potenza RE003 195/50R15 rubber. It sits a fair bit lower than standard. Problem 1: Due to being lowered the camber is way out, and my tires wear excessively on the inside. KE20's have no stock camber adjustment. Problem 2: When driving straight the steering will pull suddenly to one side, like someone is yanking the steering wheel down. It's more noticeable the faster I drive. I don't think there's any worn bushings etc in the steering components (although I'm no mechanic). CAMBER QUESTIONS - I'm aware you can slot out the bolt holes in the strut tower, but I'm not keen to do that. - should I get camber tops like the Suspension Concepts ones and keep the springs I have (I'm happy with the height etc) (about AUD$500/pair) - should I get the T3 ones bearing in mind they require their weld on coil over kit (camber tops and weld on kit about AUD$1000 delivered) - should I also/instead get roll center adjusters? T3 offer some for the KE20. - will camber tops ruin comfort, and are they noisy? (some people claim this is an issue as they remove the rubber strut top) STEERING QUESTION - does my problem sound like bump steering due to the suspension being changed from stock? - could it be worn bushes etc in the steering setup, if so, what should I check? - how can I fix it while maintaining my current ride height? LINKS: Suspension concepts camber tops - http://www.suspensionconcepts.com.au/store/p88/TOYOTA_Corolla_KE20%2C_KE25%2C_KE26%2C_TE25_(1970_-_1978)_Camber_Caster_Front_Strut_Mount_|_SC44025S.html T3 camber tops - https://technotoytuning.com/toyota/ke20/ke20-camber-plates T3 weld on coil overs - https://technotoytuning.com/toyota/ke20/weld-front-coilover-kit-ke20-corolla-0 T3 roll center adjusters - https://technotoytuning.com/toyota/ke20/roll-center-adjusters-ke20-corolla
  22. This is my opinion but why stuff around changing heads, rockers, cams etc Get your existing cam reground to whatever specs you want, port match the head to the manifolds or get it ported if you want, add decent carburation/exhaust and go have fun. This is what I did with one of my 5ks - Wade 169 grind cam, 3k-b carbs, extractors and 2" exhaust (plus a few other things 😉 ). This engine would spin to over 7500rpm all event with bursts to over 8000rpm where the tacho stopped. Without the issue of adjusting valves all the time.
  23. I had the same issue with my daughters KE55 auto. It was a blocked idle jet. Best thing to do is rebuild the carby. I think I paid $45 for the gasket kit. It took me about 2 hours to remove strip clean and rebuild it. Heaps cheaper than a Weber and a whole lot less hassle.
  24. Hey guys, I current have an 1975 automatic 4 door Ke30. However, the carby that's on there has a hairline passage which seems to be blocked causing the car to stall at low RPMs. I have raised the revs and still seems to be stalling. Does anyone have any idea's on how to solve my issue without changing carbs!? if not, I'm thinking of potentially switching to a weber. However since the car is auto, I feel as if it will be unnecessary and a waste of money! What are your thoughts on running webers on auto cars? Will it make a difference? or not? If it does make an improvement which webers do you suggest? Thanks heaps!!!!!
  25. hi mate, according to Chappel 's profile he has not been on the forum since November 25, 2018. If you wat to get in contact with him your only hope is sending him a personal message and he might get the email notifiation.
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