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  2. Engine and gearbox mounts done.
  3. I would take the reduction starter if you are happy to post to Melb.
  4. I have a few bits and pieces hanging around that i want to get rid of. KE30 Front and rear bumbers. Not pretty but straight. Rear one has some heat discoloration of the chrome from a fire. Looks like it may buff out with some autosol. $5 KE30 Grille. Good condition, no broken bits. Missing the chrome rings that normally go around the headlight opening however. $5 KE30 4-door, door skins(x4). Re-upholstered with some very swish looking purple velour. ๐Ÿ‘Œ $5 KE30 New, never installed moulded carpet set (2 pieces) to suit 4-door, Black, Plush pile. I bought from Burson's many years ago but never got around to installing it. $5 Set of 4 wheels (no tyres) to fit KE30. Ok condition, some cleaner than others.Not sure what they are, except Australian made & 14"x6". $40 T-18 Diff. I swapped this out of a friends car, the car was still drive-able but he said the diff was sometimes clunky. I suspect there is a couple of sun gear teeth floating about in there.. $FREE I used to have a 4-Door KE30 with a 3T-C & 5-speed from a T18 so the below parts relate to that. Shortened tail shaft to fit between T50? gearbox and standard KE30 diff. $5 Hydraulic clutch actuator assembly from T18 that I fitted to the KE30. $5 I have run out of pictures for now but I do also have: 3x 3T-C engines of various states. One is complete and the other 2 were for spares. 1x T18 5-speed gearbox (T50 I think) complete with bellhousing. 1x T18 gearbox of unknown condition without bellhousing or output housing. 1x 3T-C lightened factory flywheel (as in, the factory flywheel has been machined to lighten it, not some fancy Toyota part). 1x 3T-C NEW Burson water pump. 1x 3T-C NEW Valve Regrind Set (VRS), includes head gasket. 1x reduction gear starter motor, was only found on 3T-GTE I think. 2x KE30 radiators. one with electric thermo fan attached. They were ok but have been sitting around for a long time. Other assorted 3T-C engine bits like clutch manifolds etc. I'll add more details later. I would prefer to just get rid of everything together. $100 for the lot and it's yours! I am in the Hobart area and I may be able to deliver to the Hobart area. I have an engine hoist if you want to collect with ute/trailer. Cheers! ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Wouldnt it be illegal with the cut firewall anyhow? Probably the adr tag.
  6. Ok, I'll dig up some part numbers for you later this afternoon for you.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Be aware that there are only a few few brake options for the 1x family that won't turn it into a complete poor handling death trap. They are ke20,30,55 and 70 brakes. I've been looking into strut changes for the last 12yrs and have found nothing even close other than ke20 struts and even they made my car sketchy at best.
  9. Hi Carlos, Welcome aboard ! Sadly, brakes, in general, were not a strong point, on most early Corollas. That's why you will find plenty of different suggestions on this forum, & others, as to how to transpose disk brakes from other Toyotas to your KE17. My KE30 has Celica RA65 struts, & rotors & calipers from two different model Toyota Cressidas. Suggest you do plenty of reading & research before deciding on what to go for. any queries, or questions, please give us a yell. Cheers Banjo
  10. Front disc brakes were available in some markets but I don't think in the US. As long as you don't mind paying postage, you should be able to source the relevant parts easily. there is a write up in the wiki. You will find the wiki at the top left of the main page in the blue bar. It's also easier to fit larger discs from later corolla's which is also in the write up. Contemporary road test reports when the cars originally came out were critical of the brakes as barely sufficient
  11. Thank you altezzaclub for the file . This will be very helpful finishing the wife's KE70 project. I wont be needing the USA market one because I'm in Europe. I will need though the KP30 or KP36 one because I am rewiring mine and I will be doing it factory style.
  12. Thanks man, but I got rid of them few days ago. The last owner enlarge the holes to make them fit to 4x110 and they didn't look safe, so I had a set of Saab Carrol Shelby 15x5.5 that I'm going to refinish and paint them first. Also bought wheel adapters 4x110 to 4x114.3 15mm just to make it right. Is hard to find rims 4x110 here.
  13. Hell, I can't remember where they are either Banjo! Here's my go-to one from The Girls KE70- https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0xs2udvrv9qfl2/downloadfile.jpg?dl=0 I've got another one with both alternators on, made for the USA market if you want it Michalis. Shoot me a PM with a email address & I'll email it over. Cheers
  14. My ke11 had ke20 disks fitted by the previous owner so I can't comment on good/bad with the drums BUT I'm fairly sure that I have a ke20 disk setup at home sitting in my shed.
  15. Hi Guys new to this forum and new owner on and 1969 Ke17 fastback here in N.J USA. I'm a big fan of old school Toyotas and I've had own lots of TE's xx but never corolla this old. Currently not running yet but let me cut the chase and jump to the main question, is this car in stock form the brake system/ brake drums are safe to drive and how they perform? Can I get a feed back from you guys if your still driving your KExx on drum brakes all around please what's your opinion thanks in advance ๐Ÿ˜Š Here's few pics of my lil project I will soon post my own thread of the progress.
  16. does any one know what the best rings are for a 3k
  17. Last week
  18. Hi Michalis, Welcome aboard ! Plenty of wiring diagrams on this website. Search wiring diagram, & you should find them. Member "Altezzaclub" is "the king" of KE70 wiring diagrams, & has numerous examples in his posts on here. Search Altezzaclub's posts & you are sure to find what you are after. There are only 277 pages of his posts. If you would like to explain in particular, which area of the wiring you have an interest or related problem; we can probably be of more assistance. There are not too many Rolla electrical issues, that haven't already been addressed & solved already, on this forum. Cheers Banjo
  19. Been searching the web and can't find anything. Any help is welcomed.
  20. Have just finished reading part 1, which I had missed entirely. Thereโ€™s some good stuff in there, with a younger Steve. Hopefully it will sort itself out. As Iโ€™ve got older, I have become more intolerant, and would probably just say f#%* it. But clearly you have had some good times together. Hope you are doing ok
  21. i would have some old ones ,if thats of help rob
  22. Thats a shame i always enjoyed the woolshed rallying post!well more woolshed than rallying !!but it was great . maybe a come back soonish. look after your selfs both Steve and Keith cheers Rob
  23. This is stetching the old memory by 30 odd years. My 1st Corolla, '75 KE35 with a 3K-H in it, had that timing cover with the breather. The hose went back to a valve thingy at the back of the head where it branched out into two. One to the rocker and one went back under the floor. When the 5K went in, the timing case had no breather, so we just cut the hose and glued it to the back of the timing cover with no issues in operation. Eventually it was removed altogether...
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