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  2. New house is great, but have had to be pretty brutal with part stores. Sold a few things, thrown out a few things, and Peter Robinson came past with Ute and took a few other things away. Now crating up various spares and a huge amount of NOS stuff accumulated over the years for all three cars. I’ve always known what I had, problem was knowing where it was. Popped over to a mates today who has an amazing and varied collection including a fantastic AE86 Trueno, and near on 50 Honda cub bikes, and mini bikes. He is also cleaning out, so came home with another spare guard, another T50 and another fuel tank, having just thrown out 2. They will all get stored away somewhere.....
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  4. Got my vacuum and sucked it all out. Much better now!
  5. Spark plug wells looking really bad too
  6. I know makes me wonder too! It runs pretty good though. Hopefully I can find some time to do an oil change this weekend and flush my coolant.
  7. OMG! What's the rest of the motor like?
  8. Last week
  9. How's this project going for you bud?
  10. Check these spark plugs out fellas. These are the worse I've ever seen!
  11. *UPDATE* Got most of the parts from car.gr Bumper will be chrome plated. Fingers crossed.
  12. hi y'all I'm looking for shifter counsel brackets for a ke30/te31-te37 corolla. let me know if anyone have them, thanks.
  13. Divo

    1979 Ke38 Wagon

    I know Ryan, saw this thing in its progress stages... It doesn't look right without the primer quarter panel now haha... good stuff mate...
  14. As I rearrange my garage I will pass on some stuff and add as I go pickup is in Burwood Vic AE86 underdash aircon and heater unit You will need to replace the foam which has perished. Comes with two condensers with dryers $75
  15. As I rearrange my garage I will pass on some stuff and add as I go pickup is in Burwood Vic KE20 console in really good nick. In particular the beading strip is intact and has only lifted very slightly. There are two minute cracks at 3 and 9 o’clock where the gear boot would sit. So minor I only noticed them now when taking the photo. No idea if manual or auto $75 2 KE20 front looms. They have both been mucked about with by someone else but may be of use. $40 for both KE20
  16. Another piece of the puzzle (courtesy of bway) by Ian Rigby, on Flickr 1-1/2" primaries, 4-1 merge collector, v-band mid-joint, 2.5" down-pipe. Many revs. Much shiny
  17. Well, I'm heading back up to the farm tomorrow, but yesterday I popped down to josh's to give him a hand with the latest race car.. With the Evo 5 running in the top 5 of the Whiteline Sprints, the Evo 3 with a new nose awaiting assembly and being bored with the Skyline drift car, he needed something new to do. An almost-free rustbucket of a KE70 with all the flatty front removed was the job! When I arrived he'd just welded the diff & was extending the LCAs. We added 25mm there, then cut the tie-rod ends and did the same. Then he cut the steering arms and took 10mm out of them. While he was welding I took the rear springs out... This gave an acceptable ride setup... Don't worry about our wing, we'll finish that later. Love those 5.5inchx13s! He'd aquired a Ford Falcon carb and figured a 4L setup will run on a 1.3L. it took a lot of fiddling to get the throttle cable fitted and working, and get the idle under 3000rpm- We took it for a test down the bottom paddock, where it died of course. Eventually we pushed it back up with a bobcat and pulled the carb to pieces. Having solved that we took it down again whereupon it died again! This time we pulled it back up with the ute and checked the fuel pump as well.. Today he's buying an electric pump and hopefully its ready for a thrash in a gymkhana sometime! We did spend an hour welding mods onto an aluminium sumpguard Steve was given by a guy who had it on an Escort. We're trying to get away from having vertical bolts up from underneath. That goes up with me tomorrow as we need the car ready in a couple of weeks for a rallysprint as a test before the Orange rally. Josh's Evo3 is on the same timetable..
  18. Well done! Another problem crossed off the list.. Now at least you have it running well before you think about any mods for more grunt.
  19. I'm about 99.99% sure it was fuel. I caught a drip and it smelt like gasoline. Changed out the exhaust manifold gasket already. What I did this weekend was, changed the fuel filter and one of the hoses that go down to the fuel line from the filter because the old one cracked when I plugged it into the new fuel filter. Changed the spark plugs and noticed the valve cover gasket was lose so tightened that up as well. Viola! Drip is completely gone and now she's running super smooth and fires up quick and with ease.
  20. Ebay.com wouldbe yourbest chance. Or you can try car.gr but you have to be ready to pay postage from Greece.
  21. Toyota Corolla SE Limited AE92 Light Weight Bonnet Making (Molding) Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EV27V6smD0
  22. I was wondering if anyone has a rear drum backing plate for an ke25 or preferably an ke26? Happy to purchase at the right price or if I can get the measurements for the mounting holes and axle hole diameter that would be fantastic.
  23. The quad lights look good. Did you have to replace left & right fenders to accommodate the the larger light housing?
  24. Price updated in the first post seeing as I'm starting to get more requests for these again.
  25. Hi Daniel, What an amazing find ! Very, very rare to find a KE-20 is what appears to be absolutely fantastic condition. Would love to hear the history you have unearthed behind the car, & the circumstances of how & where you located it. There'd be a few people on this forum, that would be drooling at the photos you have posted. I'm presuming the auto gearbox in it, is a 2 speed ? Can't work out quite, the white vinyl roof ? Did you add that, or did it have it when you purchased it, & you've removed it since ? Looking forward to watching your upgrading of the engine & drive chain. What plans do you have for upgrading the brakes ? The KE-20s were never known for their braking prowess, & with the greater HP, you'll certainly have to give it a bit more "stop", as well as "go". Cheers Banjo
  26. Getting out of K motors so selling stuff, I'll be adding stuff as I find it. 1. K motor EFI setup. $750 "firm" 7k inlet manifold, has fuel rail and reg and if I find them 550cc 13b injectors. Modified to fit Magna dual pulse CAS for individual coils. 4x rb30 coils with igniters. Haltech e6x with loom. 2. K to W50 cable bellhousing $300 firm Now this is a fairly rare piece, comes with fork and rubber boot. Does not come with throw out carrier or bearing but I'm pretty sure the k50 one is the same. Located on the Mornington peninsula Victoria. Prices do not include postage. Pm or reply for contact. Cheers Stu.
  27. Steering column with pitman arm. Seems nice and tight. SOLD Front Transverse leaf spring $50 Pickup Burwood 3125
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