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  2. Why not just buy a gasket to use as I template and have a ladder cutting place cut you one? I've done this before with other exhaust flanges and even the copper em30 group buy I once organised.
  3. Hello people, On my 5K, am planning to run a cast-iron exhaust manifold with the dual-downpipe exit. This has a 3-bolt attachment, whose flange looks just like the one for a Subaru EJ20 (but I don't know if it is the same). Does anyone have a source for the Toyota flange in stainless? Or has anyone made a drawing pattern of it? Having a hell of a time finding the subaru flange dimensions to compare, or even the toyota gasket dimensions. (My van, but not my actual paint job)
  4. I am sure there other brands out there it was more the concept of it. All I know is that it saved me having to change the instrument cluster for another 39 year old instrument cluster.
  5. They can buy a new window reg but its 3 weeks plus ex Japan so Im just waiting for that to come in. Drove to Goldy with a mate in this and played Royal Pines Gold Course twice. Bloody top weekend. Car went good. Put it onto closed loop, and it went nice and smooth. Only issue was its so low I'm about 20mm off the bump stops. Add in the spare, basic tools, two golf bags, luggage and two dudes, and you find you dont really have suspension. That said, I found it really cruisy and comfy on the highway.
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  7. 40bucks eh. not bad at all. I'm still not sure how i feel about kogan.
  8. I've got a front and rear from 78 [email protected] best way to contact
  9. To be honest I only plugged it in as the Princess was about to leave for work. I need to revisit the instructions to check out its functions. It serves its purpose as the speedo is dodge and she is rolling on 15s so the speedo will be inacurate anyway.
  10. Hi Graeme, I've had one of those for a while now. Gets rotated around my cars. The useful thing about mine, it can alarm you, if you hit a speed limit (like 80 klm/hr) so you don't get caught driving around the city, where speed limits are constantly changing. There is a strip of road near my place that changes 5 times in about 1 kilometre. Does yours alarm ? Cheers Banjo
  11. In desperate need of ke30 bumper please if anyone has some let me know. In search of front and rear bumpers. Shipped to Hawaii
  12. I thought I might start this thread so members can post about handy products that they have discovered that might be useful to others. So i would like to kick it off with a little something I bought online. Ever since the Princess has been rollaing the speedo in her KE55 has been dodgy. It starts at 40 and bounces all over the place. I bought a digital heads up display speedo from kogan. I found it late one night cruisin the internet. It was $39 delivered. It just plugs into the cigarette lighter and it works off a satellite gps signal. It sits on the dash and reflects up on the windscreen and it works like a champion. Day or night. I have checked it against my gps and against other speedos and it is pretty accurate. So if u have a dodgy speedo or the wrong rims and tyres this could be tha answer to your speedo woes. Highly recommended. Happy Rollaing
  13. Is there some ke30 bumpers available. Iā€™m in desperate need of ke30 bumpers
  14. Thanks Taz, Fastway also have a calculator but it will depend where in Melbourne he is and if he uses a depot or wants it to go to his door and I don't know how much the packaging itself will be to protect the wheels so just wanted to give a ball park figure as the other 8 people who have contacted me always ask the same series of questions and it goes nowhere (as it's been over 2 years and I guess even in the Rolla world these are too niche of an item).
  15. Hot tip... get a freight quote through e-go.com šŸ˜‰ ... your welcome
  16. Last week
  17. Yes that's right so they fit RWD Corolla from AE86 and older.
  18. Cool! What dimensions are they? 4x114.3?
  19. Hi joeyk, They're still for sale that's right. Probably be about 150-200 to post to Melbourne through Fastway couriers. Let me know what you want to do.
  20. Hello there fine sir Are these wheels still available? i am keen to purchase them if they are. i am located in Melbourne Australia.
  21. Good point prospect, S.A.
  22. I have a ke10 for parts just about a entire car worth all panels,glass,trim,bumpers,grille, etc has no steering (rolling on a jerry rigged crossmember) very little rust could be restored. prefer to sell whole but might part it out if there's little interest asking $800 ono will need to bring 2 wheels. and a trailer obviously. PROSPECT S.A. [email protected] text for photos 0452039940
  23. Hey is this still available and if no can i get leads on how to get
  24. yes mate,still after 1,can you give me a price with post to 3156
  25. I have a ke20 with a two speed auto would like to upgrade to 3 speed what gear box would fit
  26. Ive got approval now for the repairs to the door, and window regulator, that were damaged in the attack. I also ran over something so they will check out under the car and see also. I just had the rear section of the exhaust remade with a 2.5 inch Magnaflow hi flow catalytic converter, resonator just before the diff, and the same muffler and tip. Main reason being because there was some tension in the pipe because of how the engine has been repositioned over time, especially cause the gearbox crossmember mounts the gearbox as high as possible, and also now that the car is lower than ever, I was having issues with the exhaust hitting the diff and panhard rod. That now has a reshaped area, still made with mandrel bends, that gives the clearance needed. Havent noticed a difference with the cat as far as power goes, but the car seems a bit smoother where it used to have reversion. Will have to see how the afrs go and make some changes as needed. I did a fair bit of research before fitting a cat, and just decided it was worth it after all the defect bullshit Ive had this year.
  27. You either need to fit flares after major surgery on the rear guards, or get the diff narrowed. Fuel tanks are the same
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