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  2. KE20 bits

    Ill take the under grill trim
  3. KE20 bits

    Some more items up for sale. Under dash tray, under grille trim, brand new TA22 engine mounts.
  4. AE112r oil, 10w30 or 10w40

    Thanks for all the help guys. I have decided to go with 10w40, there is no major leaks, but I do find oil having dripped down the engine, nothing on the ground though. If I experience any problems I will switch to 30 at the next service. Cheers jf
  5. AE112r oil, 10w30 or 10w40

    I think he is refferring to using a thicker oil when hot so as to prevent any leaks. However if you are not experiencing any leaks i would keep it the same. If you have some small leaks here and there from an old engine then maybe go the 10w40
  6. my new car

    Cool ride, mate. For seat covers, I got mine from They're Aussie and may ship overseas. You may want to check it out. Experts in neoprene and covers fit like a glove.
  7. Hi Graeme, The easiest check on this fault is to cut it in half, when it happens next time. To me the half way point is the starter motor relay, which I think in your girl's KE55, is down behind the driver's kick panel. If you remove the kick panel, you can locate it by sound or feel, as it a bigger than normal 12 volt relay, so has a good "clunk". If you turn the key to the start position, & the relay does (audibly or "feel wise") not operate, then the problem will be the relay itself, the ignition barrel, or an intermittent 12V supply to ignition, or the wiring between ignition barrel & starter relay. If the relay does operate, then it is more than likely that the fault lies beyond the relay, in wiring to the Starter motor solenoid, or possibly in the starter relay contacts themselves. If however, you can hear the starter solenoid come in, but no starter rotation, then the issue will be either in the heavy duty cabling or connections between battery & starter, or the brushes in the starter itself. A quick check you can do, is on a cold start, measure the 12 volts at the starter motor itself, to the engine or starter motor frame. Couple of long leads with a couple of little alligator clips will do. This may show up any potential issue with the battery to starter motor cabling or terminals, if the reading is very low. P.S. Prevention is always better than, cure on a cold winters might on a back road in Buccan ! Cheers Banjo
  8. AE112r oil, 10w30 or 10w40

    I only use because big terry uses it...
  9. I went over all the obvious connections last night and didn't find anything that stood out. It is a bit hard to diagnose when the fault has gone. It will be one of those things that hangs over my head until it happens again. So I m hoping its not a Friday midnight failure. I have hinted that the Princess consider a later model car, that suggestion was met with threats of physical violence against my person. I am sure glad she loves me. Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted.
  10. AE112r oil, 10w30 or 10w40

    Don't over think it. whatever the manual says grade wise, and whatever brand name oil is on special at the time. and change it every 6000ish km. For years i bought penrite oil. for no other reason than Dad always bought Penrite oil. And he bought Penrite cause his dad bought penrite oil. Then one day i bought shell or something cheap (but something brand name ish, around the $30 mark, not $60 penrite). And my engine didn't explode. So i kept buying the cheap oil. Years later, no engine explosions and plenty of spare cash.
  11. Hi, Looking at doing a service on my '98 AE112r 7afe engine, and i was wondering what oil would be recommended for a engine that's run 100,000km's only. The manual say's from factory it was 10w30, But as its getting older i was thinking of going up to 10w40(Also there's a special on currently for Oil+injectory cleaner for 30$). I have noticed no engine oil usage, drop or burning oil, it runs fairly smooth for its age. I was looking at the castrol magnatec, and a ryco filter. Spark plugs should be fine. All help appreciated, Cheers jf
  12. Yesterday
  13. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Love it!
  14. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

  15. Hi Graeme, Intermittent electrical problems are always the worst ones to uncover. Open circuits, or short circuits are easy. I agree with what Jeremy has said about battery terminals, as starting the car from a cold start, is the highest load you can ever put on the battery & associated wiring. Unfortunately, it will happen again, as it unfortunately is not a "one off event". I would be inspecting all the heavy duty terminals between battery post & the starter motor. Don't discount the starter motor itself, either. The brushes on them do wear, & they can get to the point where they just make contact, with little pressure on the armature. There are two other items, that could cause the problem in a 40 year old KE55. The starter relay, which is hidden down behind the drivers kick panel, off memory. Not unheard of, for them to fail. usually contacts, because they handle a fair current to drive the starter motor solenoid. Never forget the ignition barrel switch. They do get tied after many years, & I have seen a couple in my time, where they worked sometimes, & not others, just as you describe. Probably a couple of hours work there, but you will solve the riddle eventually, which may be better than the fury of a teenage daughter, as I have one just like yours. Cheers Banjo
  16. 4k

    I've got a complete 4k minus any hang ons i.e. No carb, dizzy, gearbox, etc. It's also missing the sump nuts and timing cover bolts,so I'm thinking if anyone wants spares I'm happy to give them your way for free plus postage if you're not in Melbourne. Let me know if you need a head or blkc or timing cover, pulleys, etc. Also have stock intake and exhaust manifold s up for grabs. Gotta get rid of everything ready to move!
  17. Tighe 104 cam

    Bump. I'd settle for 100,definitely rather someone use this than it go to the tip when I move houses next month!
  18. KE55 Electronic Ignition Module

    graeme i think shes trying to get u to buy her a new carr!!!! :P If not, and she really had a temperemental no crank situation, the only thing I can think of is when u removed the negative battery terminal to install the accuspark, that u may have introduced a situation I have experienced a few times; the negative battery terminal doesnt conduct electricity when asked to suply a large current, but only sometimes when cold. For me I found it to be from constant connecting and disconnecting of the negative terminal, which seems to kind of encourage that white lead corrosion, at first i thought it was in the usual place, where the terminal clamps around the battery lug, but then i learned it was the copper wires in the terminal crimp which just sometimes don't want to supply any current at all, even to the solenoid.
  19. 7k Sprinter Build

    Been a bit busy lately but been slowly chipping away at things Entire body loom and dash loom had to be removed due to being messed with and missing plugs/ damage.. Rewired most of one from scratch to suit the tacho dash i'll be putting in it. And everything on the dash works. Have modified the standard 1k aircleaner to fit over the 4k carb and ordered a rebuild kit for it as the acc pump seal is knackered. Should have that done this weekend Started assembling the front end stuff now. The gf's dad is a panelbeater and welded up the rust in the front guards and front pockets so I can assemble the panels ready for rego. Just a bit of surface rust around one hinge to clean up before I hang the panels
  20. 1973 Ke20 Corolla

    I can’t find the pics.
  21. Custom Resprays And Whitewalling

    How much for paint job small dings about 17 of them . Can prob get a paint less dent repair guy to do them.fireball red colour on a ke30 .just the outside of it. Thanks
  22. So it turns out the Princess got in it yesterday and turned the key and got nothing. She thought the battery was dead and that I had something to do with it. When I got home I walked up stuck the key in the ignition turned it over and she fired up straight away and idled quietly. i didn't even have to give it any pedal. I drove it to her work and picked her up, the Princess drove it home and she never missed a beat. Stop start traffic and open road. Its baffling. I checked battery terminals when I got home and anything else that I may have disturbed. Nothing stood out. I hope it was 'just one of those things'. It does have a ballast resistor standard. I checked all the values and they were within the tolerances required so that is why I went ahead with it. So I am hoping this will the be the last I hear of this.
  23. Pmed but got you mixed up with someone else ..... haha you will understand when you read message ...
  24. Hmm interesting..... my mate has the same exact car from nsw with same engine setup
  25. Still for sale, couple of nibbles but no offers yet.
  26. This thing still up for grabs or grabbed already???
  27. Hi Graeme, Yeh, hope it is something simple, & not the Accuspark unit. Was there a ballast resistor on the coil before you added the Accuspark ? If not, what was the primary impedance of the ignition coil you have fitted, as Accuspark unit can only handle coils with primary resistance of 3.0 ohms, without ballast resistor. If a ballast resistor is used, the total series resistance of coil & ballast should be no more than about 3.0 ohms. Low resistance primary coils, should not be less than 1.5 ohms. Cheers Banjo .
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