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  2. 8 years later! I reckon you would be adding a 1 to the front of the price nowadays if it was still there.
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  4. In a KE70 it comes off the coil negative, the black wire going to the distributor. There is a dedicated wire for it in the stock loom, even though the standard KE70 didn't have a tacho. You might find it in your wiring, or run a fresh wire from the coil -ve.
  5. It should look like this I believe. The little layer of oil left in the sump was OK according to Toyota
  6. Love the story Ian ! It's like "life in the day of a Corolla Owner" Remind me not to buy a TAG towbar. Their on-line add, says "Precision Engineered". Made in Australia. Well, actually; Queensland, so I have to apologize for that, being a Queenslander myself. P.S. Maybe the guy that welded it that day, had COVID coming on ? Covid makes your eyesight crossed a bit, I hear. Keep up the great story. It certainly looks good already, with the new wheels. P.S. Looking at it on the bright side ! It's not as bad as this poor chap in the UK, that I came across recently. https://mattersoftesting.blog.gov.uk/horror-story-modified-towbar/ Cheers Banjo
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  8. I need Toyota sprinter ae82 head lamps and tail lamps can I get them and how much?
  9. Hi Guys, I need to fix an aftermarket RPM meter to 7Ke engine. I am suppose to get the signal wire from ignition but worried that i will burn something out. If someone can help me to select the signal wire will be very much appreciated. It would be wonderful if anyone can share an image of the signal wire from ignition. Cheers.
  10. The 7K-e engine is installed tilted. Due to this the oil drain plug is not at the lowest point in the sump. This makes it difficult to drain all the oil in the sump unless I ramp the left side front wheel by great deal. Is this normal to have the drain plug not at the lowest point in the sump? is this a design failure? Appreciate if someone can help me to understand. Thanks.
  11. Next step was trying to sort out the brake shudder - previous owner indicated that they had been told by the mechanic at last service/rego that the rears were almost done, so I figured that would be the first place to start. Ordered new rotors and pads (didn't bother with the parking brake shoes), arrived quick-smart so got to work swapping them in.... Man I forgot how much I hated drum brakes. Even though the rear brakes are disc, the parking brake works via shoes against the inside of the rotor hat, which means you have to back them off when replacing the rotors otherwise they can catch on a lip. Well, it turns out that I mustn't have backed them off enough (or they stuck to the inside of the rotor), because when I pulled off the right rear (had to use the jacking screws because it wasn't coming by hand) the shoes had grabbed on to something and managed to _bend_ the entire backing plate (despite the only connection between the shoes and the plate being two nail-thin pins). This meant that the new rotor (or the old one, for that matter) could not fit back over the shoes regardless of how much they were backed off, so I was up Schitt's Creek without a rowing instrument. Cue a fit of inspiration to literally rip the entire parking brake hardware off the backing plate, smash the thing back as close to flat as possible with a sledgehammer, tie up the cable to the back of the hub and then make a break-of-dawn run down to Sydney the next day (with no working handbrake) to pick up a new wheel hub....which just turned out to be an entire rear torsion beam assembly, because it required less disassembly (and also gave a few spares). Good thing I bought a wagon, and in a moment of poetic irony the first part the parts hauler hauled was literally it's own rear end (like a Babuskha doll) All goes back together without a hitch, then the new rotors and pads finally fit and my brake shudder problems were solved. Except they weren't. So I figured that it must be the fronts, instead (not like there was any other option, apart from the uncomfortable possibility of excessive runout). Didn't really have time before Christmas to order new rotors (at least pads I could get off the shelf), but fortunately I had a spare set of DBA T2s lying around that were slated to go on the ZZE102 (since the SuperStrut brakes run essentially the same 275mm front rotors). Bit of overkill for a daily wagon hack, but time was more important and I wasn't driving up to Coffs to go camping over NYE with shuddering brakes. At least these went in without a hitch (apart from having to take a few hours break whilst I tracked down which mate I had lent my caliper piston resetting tool to). And lo and behold, the shudder was cured. So speaking of camping, this was one of the reasons why we bought a wagon in the first place (other than being a parts hauler). Still tonnes of room (pretty much from window line up to the roof) Anyway, after we got back in the new year, I set about getting stuck in to the rest of the planned initial mods. First up, towbar. Should be simple, new towbar and straight car (no accident history) should mean everything lines up nice and neat, right? Right? Guess again. Looks like Blind Freddy got a job at TAG some time last year, and welded together my towbar as straight as Mardi Gras So now I've got to go through the hassle of an eBay return of a metre-long chunk of steel, which is always fun. Still, at least the day wasn't a total write-off, as I acquired a set of 16" wheels to progress one step further along the path to Dad-bod Sportivo.
  12. First mod done - replace the (disconnected) factory headunit with a Bluetooth/ACP/AA unit, so I no longer get bored shitless driving a 1ZZ down the freeway with no audio enhancement Still need to get the reverse camera installed and wired up, but that can wait until the towbar goes on
  13. This is starting to rival Binky in length of time........ 😉
  14. Hi Guys, I am having a 7K E engine fitted to a samurai and at the garage while painting they had removed and refitted the wiring harness. Engine works. But there is a component in the wiring that is missing and only i have the "clip" or the mount bracket kinda thing. I remember it to be a round thing sitting inside the bracket. I have included several pictures of the empty bracket and would like your help to identify and replace this. there are several open connectors I am not sure which is which. But i am sure that this bracket had a round thing in it. I was thinking that it could be a resistor or a condenser, may be something related to ignition system??? Appreciate your help if you can share some images and the specs of the unit so that i can buy and fix. Cheers.
  15. January & back into it! That custom tray has finally left the workshop, it goes on a Patrol that is 12years old and never been registered. Someone bought a pair of them and kept on to do up, but never got around to it, and the current owner bought it to do the same. So its never even been dealer-prepared, it went straight to a farm on a delivery truck. The Evo5 is getting close, the firewall is in and awaiting sealing- The fuel system is done- All the work is in the wiring- We started on the Subaru again last week, and this week should see that cage finished. Then its Cake time!
  16. For sale TRD cams suit to 2TG or 18RG 1 x 304 TRD cam (used) 1 x 320R TRD cam (used) 90mm Venolia Piston w/pin&ring (new)
  17. I have no idea what is going on here. How about some detail as to what you are actually selling and some specifications/description, price, where they are etc etc etc
  18. Not very good photos but condition looks pretty poor. Most people bypass these and go to twin webers as they are too hard to tune. I think you wouldn't get much for these and I assume you are overseas so post isn't really feasible
  19. Does anyone know if Toyota Ae86 steering will fit Toyota Ke30 perfectly without modification?
  20. first set cost me $25 back in the 90's including the aircleaner. I was given the manifold to start the set-up I had on the racer. Basically ask what you want for them and if they sell great.
  21. Hi, I have the twin intake in which from 3K-B i believe. I want to sold it but what is the price currently? thanks
  22. Sorry. Not many details. Its in Moorooka, Brisbane
  23. Sadly I need to get rid of my old KE17 this weekend. Project car. Unregistered, rust in body, front suspension needs to be rebuilt. All offers considered. I'm moving house and don't have room for it. Hoping someone will take it and do it up or use for parts. Loved this car so much and sad to let it go. Has to be towed this weekend though.
  24. wackas


    looking for TOYOTA 2 speed powerglide auto gearbox
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  26. Hi I’m after Ke26 wagon parts including bonnet , tailgate, doors and guards , rust free
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