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  2. So today I got around to doing some more work to the car, haven't worked with turbo engines much before so hoping I remember where everything goes lol Anyways, spent the morning removing the engine and front end, still have to pull out the steering column but ran out of time. Looks like there's a few oil leaks and some interesting piping which will get cleaned up while I'm at it. That's pretty much it for now, 'till next time.
  3. I doubt there are any, the skinny little KE70 struts and axles were a line of their own with Celicas and Coronas being larger. Where are you that they are so hard to find? There are half a dozen sets at the wrecker in Orange. Do you want the disc as well, or literally just the hub?
  4. Hi does anyone know from what car make front right hub will fit ke70. Having difficulty finding one.
  5. Full white wheels hey, had not considered that. will have to have a looksy. how about white centres and polished lips? I have achieved precisely zero on those wheels since last post:) Life is flipping upside down to be honest, work is psychotic, crazy work on house, baby on the way.....need some time to rest! Currently on the look out for a less intense job. Once the dust settles i might even get you around matt to have a bit of a discussion on cabinetry for the kitchen:) I actually purchased 2 second hand front e30 guards the other day. both in pretty good condition. Going to see what i can do with them to gain some extra room. A mate from university runs a small carbon fibre business, we are possible going to make some carbon fibre copes of them. He suggested to glue some forming foam to the guards, and shape it to look a bit more wide body, then just lay up over the foam. Realistically i only need another 15-20mm. Perhaps i can just add foam and "pump" the whole guard profile so to the untrained eye they will look stock. Although i need to ensure i don't go too agressive cause the rears will still be close to stock. The M3 guards look awesome, but they very agressive and would not suit oem rear guards. the M3 guards also suit the plastic bumpers, not the chrome bumpers. I still dive the e30 daily, gets about 50km most days, never misses a beat, i have litterally done nothing to it in months. Starts every time and just purs along gettin on average 11L/100km suburban driving .Time to change the oil soon, thats about as exciting as it gets. All of these projects are secondary to the house at the moment, but i just pick up parts when i can.
  6. Its good after the initial launch it doesn't stay up like that for a long time, it goes really straight so a very easy drive at this stage. I will try to get hold of some video it looks tame i just hope that continues as i put a bit of extra power into it.
  7. Hows it steer under power? Vague? I've heard of drag racers setting their cars up for max acceleration handling with the back squatted down, IE, having way incorrect toe for normal cruising, but setting it so it hangs straight under full power with the front unloaded so feels better when you are on it 100 percent and has less drag from a better alignment. Have you considered anything like that?
  8. AE82 orange, AE86 light grey. But to confuse the issue, the AE86 Black Limited model used the orange wheel.
  9. I'm amazed how just that alone made such a massive difference. My handling before this was a bit as you described a bit jumpy really, i didn't realize how bad it was until i did this change. Parachute is 140mph+ so i can avoid that but trans sheild, cage tech, 5pt harness and a few other things have to happen now. Too much $$$ for me atm so it wont be for awhile.
  10. I thought the ae86 type had red writing not orange which means this came from ae82 and is not relevant to original ae86? I could be wrong but that's how I remember it. If my memory is correct these go for about $100 - $150AU here in Australia. 350 Euro is like 520AU, its probably out of our league at that price.
  11. I reckon if you paint the centres and barrels white to match the body you will have that 80s rally look that I love so much. So much progress since my last click on the thread, and so much progress in your life too with buying a house and baby on the way. I couldn't be happier for you. Have you considered fitting e30 m3 gaurds to fit the wheels? I assume thats a replicated thing in the aftermarket. Matt
  12. BC kind of annoying to talk to, non committal on answering even basic questions. Wanting to sell performance parts but give very minimal ideas about the performance seems disconnected to me. Claiming, we would put up the dyno charts but we had a hard drive die. Seems dubious to me and I lost a little confidence with them through the low quality of the interaction. Wouldn't answer a basic question like if set up ideally with ideal cr, how different would the 280/272 cams be to the 272/272 set. How much extra rpm to pull, etc. Trying to work out if I can run thew rpm required to make best use of them. Its like pulling teeth getting them to back their items with even any data. Only way I got a response to anything was actually to write him off and say, "You know what, you aren't interested in this at all, sorry for boring you, I wont darken your door again." Then i got a mildly decent answer top one question. I received the aluminium bend I wanted, its about right. I need to find someone with a 2 inch od tapered die and alloy welding facilities so I can make the trumpet slide into the tube and weld it on. Could do almost 300mm trumpets if required and have a 630mm inlet.
  13. Hey that's a great outcome. I think droop is one of the most under rated suspension concepts especially among the people in the jap scene. I love my coilovers with helper springs, quite a few situations where a wheel should have popped up I have avoided it and kept my traction, and my old short as possible coilovers would top out sometimes on a ramped up bump like a railway level crossing or a surface change, and that's never happened with this car. I saw a beautiful girl rolling in a super low ke70 at the fruit shop the other day. It was a ke70 on its nuts on ssr meshies, assumed boyfriends car. I happened to see the car later on as I was cruising home and it shook and pitched like a banshee just doing 50klms an hour on pretty decent streets for qld. Time for a parachute?
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  15. 10.2 @ 128 1.45 60ft. Best 60ft of 1.42 We set up the Caltacs when we got there with me in the car, didn't have to touch them the car went dead straight and launched hard all night. It unsetttled a few times when i hit third so had to get off it, thinking i need a decent size water catch can. Did 5 runs 4 of them were 10s. Need to get all ihra teched now, add a bit of boost and run a 9
  16. i have a pair of webers on a manifold for a k series for sale if you're interested. A heaps of jets and emulsion tubes and everything to bolt on and go. Pm me if you're keen
  17. Got an other pair complete of long vents. Good condition minor pitting on one side of them 400 aud delivered
  18. Last week
  19. For the square headlights yes, but only willing to post within Australia.
  20. I'll put dibs on the 25/30 if you end up using something else! ;)
  21. I recently ordered a pair of tie-rod ends for the KE70, and when they arrived they were short ones for steering box setups. The guys at onlineautoparts were happy to swap them at no charge, but the manual in front of him said the ones they sent fitted a KE70...
  22. ke30

    Corona XT130 struts are a bolt-in on KE70s, replacing the 48mm diam strut with a 50mm, and giving a far wider range of shocks able to be fitted. Also from Celicas. However in KE70s they also need Corona/Celica steering arms as the bolt spacing between the steering arm and the strut base is different. I'm not sure if they go straight into KE30s. Then the Celica steering arm is longer so you get slower steering response and less lock.. Fitting them does give a bigger hub, disc and caliper, but that adds unsprung weight and affects the lightness of the front end.
  23. Been a long time since i posted in this thread. Converter is working really well, my logs show around 1000rpm drop on the shift at 8k so the converter is perfect. I'm Heading to the drags tomorrow, doing a private session from 230 then the race ya mate at 430. I have been down there twice in the last few months but had some issues to sort out. Boost control, timing, bad starts and a lack of traction. Even a flat battery. I have done a lot of learning on the traction issue, one of the key things is to have a minimum of 5" of uptravel in the front. My car had 50mm at best. So i have changed things around, I'm a heap closer to standard ke30 struts now, the car drives and handles a heap better, and has over 6" of uptravel at the wheel. The result for traction has been a big improvement. In the same situation where it would spin before, it now hooks really well. Last time i was racing i had the transbrake working but no 2 step so a decent launch was impossible, as without a constant Rev it would either bog down or kill the tyres. 2 step now works a treat, will start around 4500 and go up from there. I run a 225 50 15 drag radial on the rear of this car everywhere i go, it's a 24" tyre, the next step up from there is a 26" and there is nothing in between. I'm hoping the tyre hooks tomorrow but have my doubts.
  24. HKS gt25/30 is what I currently have, close enough to a garrett 28/71, that could change though.
  25. Yeah fair enough, handy contacts to have! What size turbo are you going for again?
  26. ke30

    Thanks Mac for the info I think I will go down the 225 road with really goodbrand tyre. On a side note what the hell are xt 130 struts and where can I buy them apparently they are a direct bolt on coilover for the ke30. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  27. Have the head, copper mani gasket and inlet mani at fabricator/tuner ATM. My other fab mate is busting my balls to get the car back to finish the tunnel massage and gearbox x-member, it will then go to other fab/tuner for turbo mani. Slowly, slowly when I'm only paying for materials.
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