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  2. Ah rallying... Wednesday we get the Evo3 running and we have a day of testing before the publicity run on Friday and the rally on this Saturday. I rock up on Thursday to find Josh didn't like the noises the rear diff was making, so his Dad went to Sydney that morning to get the close-ratio gearbox that was finally ready... because the replacement diff has a lower ratio and changing a ratio in a 4WD means changing the front diff inside the gearbox as well. So, it was out with the rear diff, which checked out OK on the bench, but seeing we had it out and the new gearbox coming we swapped diffs, and then into removing the gearbox. The new close-ratio box turned up just after we got this one out, so it was reversing the morning's work for the afternoon. By 10pm we had it running again with a handful of other small improvements, and as this is Friday morning right now we should make today's publicity event. With the Garrett on and a week of rainy weather, he reckons it might have too much grunt now, a most unusual complaint for a driver!!
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  4. Hi Dean, Lovely pics ! Nothing like an olde Rolla; nose down, in full flight. Had a 79 2 door KE55 coupe, once, & was such a good car, with a 5K in it. Nostalgia setting in, just looking at your pics. Cheers Keith
  5. The ballast is there to drop the voltage when the engine is running, so its working OK. The ballast is bypassed on the 'Start' part of the ignition key, there is a 2nd wire that sends 12V straight to the coil for starting. It sounds like this wire is broken or come off. On a KE70 the ballast feed is black & orange, the start feed is red.
  6. Got a couple of spare KE35 front lip/spoilers. Knocked up a couple of extra ones, after making a replacement one for my car. Fits early style front apron so if you are running an older one on your KE30/35/55 this will fit. May fit later style but haven’t tried. Easy to fit, finished in gel coat ready to paint. $130
  7. Thought I might drag this thread out from the archives!! Cars still in one piece and running well. I was doing a few track days throughout 2020 in between lock downs and restrictions mainly sprints and Time Attack at Barbagallo. Couple of upgrades and changes since the last post include wider 15 x 8 wheels, 225 tyres and some bolt on flares to fit them under. Bought tears to my eyes taking the grinder to the rear arches, they were absolutely rust free! Oh well she’s long past ever returning to a standard shell. Also dropped in some cams for a bit more top end. Now into the mid 66 sec around our local track, weight reduction is my next project. Will have to get back into more regular posting, some recent pics.
  8. Sounds like a fun little project. Did you dribble a couple ml of oil into each cylinder to try to lube up any stuck rings while comp testing?
  9. Ah, distractions distractions... The Golf runs, although there are a few days left in the interior to finish it. The sequential close-ratio never made it in time so the Evo3 is being assembled with a new Garrett this time, otherwise pretty much the same. Josh scored an antique fireplace so that was refurbished and lifted into place, just before the weather gets really cold. A new chimney is in place and he tells me it runs fine! Yeah, 8mm ratchet ring spanner that was not working so well... We FINALLY got the new CAKE out of the wreckers, with the month of sunny dry weather we've had Jase was happy to use the forkhoist to lift it out for us. This shell has NO rust around the boot rubber, almost unheard of, and only a hole in the very bottom of the rear sides as usual. Now it can sit for a month while we finish the EVo3 preparation, finish the Mini cage and argue over which non-rally Evo we will work on first. I swear he's trying to get the whole set, we have a 3, a 5, a 7 and a 9, mainly is bits around the shed! Hopefully we can have the CAKE running over winter and drop the orange body back to the wrecker. The next question will be, do we aim the CAKE at the bottom end of motorsport, a cageless gymkhana car, or do we half-cage it and get it up the ladder a little to hill-climb or drift hack or whatever....
  10. Hello. A friend of mine owns a ke20 that has a weird problem. It only make spark when letting go of the key. When he flips the key to start it there is no spark. But when he lets go of the key there is one spark. We have checked ignition switch and coil. Is has a 3kh engine with electrical ignition instead of points. Any tips? there is a ballast resistor att the coil. When he turns the ignition on it shows constant 9v in on the ballast and 7 out to the coil . Can i try to bypass it to check if the ballast is the problem?
  11. Banjo

    Project Binky

    Well, Well, Well ! Episode 34 of Project Binky is here, & now it is getting interesting. You have to be amazed at the "attention to detail", in this build. Can't wait until Episode 35, when believe it or not; the Celica engine is going in, & they are going to START IT. Project Binky - Episode 34 Enjoy ! Cheers Banjo
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  13. Right well time marches on and waits for noone! Progress has been slow and steady on AC project. - TX valve has been replaced - painful job. found various types of 0-rings on the old tx valve. some green ones, some black ones, and even some brown ones (viton?). all repalced with new r134a compliant green ones. - bracket is finished. did have some dramas with it when i first put it on that i had forgotten about the crank angle sensor bracket. had to notch it out of the back (not in photo im afraid). but will be good. in heinsight i probably should have hung the compressor a bit lower but it will still work. fine. - I bought a TIG welder and have been learning to TIG. Since the new AC compressor has slighlty different sized pipes than the old one i had to weld on 2 fittings to the hard lines, one shown in the photo. Then i bought some rubber pipe and crimps and a crimp tool to make my own hoses from a shop up north that specialises in hot rod AC. i pressure tested my welds with house mains water pressure (~450kpa). Once i get my hoses made i will get my vaccum pump onto it to test before taking it to the shop for gas. So hopefully i am on the home stretch of AC! might get the bracket put back in on the long weekend and start on the pipes. in unrelated news i attended a lake side "euro day" a few weeks back. really good fun, never driven on lakeside before. what a cool race track. heres a photo of my brother and i with big grins on with a Ferrari Dino in hot pursuit! had a blast. e30 performed floorlessly. Didnt explode so my DIY road tune must be ok.
  14. " So before I pulled the 4AGE out I decided to comp test it, in which, no joke it lost compression on cylinders 1-3 while I was testing it.... All had 30psi except cyl 4 which had 140psi. So plan is to rebuild it, I pulled the head off on the weekend and couldn't see any obvious signs as to why it lost comp. " That's fascinating! I can't see it being a head gasket or a crack, which doesn't leave much except valves sticking open from not being used, or a fault with the meter. Its possible rings broke in those cylinders if they were glued up from sitting. Make sure to tell us what caused it. Otherwise, the Corolla looks excellent, and the background looks Queenslandish, so rust-free is surprising.
  15. Hi guys and girls, thought I would post up my new project that I have been planning for quite a while. Have had the 4AGE donor car for over a year now but have been searching for the perfect car to chuck all the good bits into! So here is the one I found. I am the 3rd owner, 157,xxxkms on the clock. Paint is near perfect apart from fade on the roof which will be being resprayed factory colour. Jacked it up to have a look underneath and found NO RUST! So before I pulled the 4AGE out I decided to comp test it, in which, no joke it lost compression on cylinders 1-3 while I was testing it.... All had 30psi except cyl 4 which had 140psi. So plan is to rebuild it, I pulled the head off on the weekend and couldn't see any obvious signs as to why it lost comp. Will be dropping the head off at the machiners tomorrow to have it pressure tested. I also picked up a RV Seca which will donate it's 255mm front brakes and 243mm rear disc brake conversion. Will be a whole new car when it is done! Plan is to keep it relatively stock on the outside. Just want a clean weekender. Here's some photos for you all!
  16. You are "having a ball", me thinks ! Best you put a little warning sign up in the IGA carpark, before Josh's Mum heads that way ! I'll bet the mornings are getting a bit coolish down in Blayney, at this time of the year. ( I note you've got your "flanny" shirt on). Have Fun ! Banjo
  17. I haven't been up to the farm for a while, but with the Armidale rallysprint on next month I'll catch up with everyone. Meanwhile I've been working with Josh on his rally car down here near Orange, that's all in here- https://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/79949-the-orange-cake/?tab=comments#comment-728027
  18. OK, well the Megane was finished and handed back to its happy owner, and we started on the Mini.... Then stuff happened and Josh thought his Mum's Golf 7 1.4L needed an upgrade from his bro's un-used Golf R... So the 1.4 lost its spare wheel well last week- The R had the same cut out, leaving a perfectly saleable shell if anyone wants to build a Golf R racing car- The much shallower R spare well is needed to fit this lump of complicated machinery.. ..along with motor, gearbox, wiring looms, dash, suspension & brakes, basically everything until Mum is driving a turbo 2L 4WD around to get the groceries! Going from 90KW to 220KW means next Friday should be interesting in the IGA carpark.. Then back to the Mini and getting the Evo3 ready for the Orange rally in May, we're still waiting for the close-ratio gearbox there. Hopefully the CAKE gets some work after that.
  19. I put it all back together minus the grill and sent it for AC repairs. It had a rubbed through a hose from my big fan that I added to the condenser. I removed the big fan for now, and will replace the 400mm unit with a much more appropriately sized 300mm one. Otherwise its all fixed mechanically now and the AC is 3 degrees C. If I'm being fussy I might grease the steering rack and tie rod ends. The suspension is performing well. Next to no body roll, or pitch and bounce with good shocks in it. The Konis are in the front now dont know if I mentioned. Just need to find someone to spray the top of it now.
  20. Emailed as well! Wondering if this is gone. Very keen.
  21. @Banjo At that price I wish that was the one I found! But no, mine is a white '78.
  22. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise you only had two (2) little ones, "Flow & Frank". It appears you are so involved with your mechanical beast, that you have forgotten how to spell your children's names. Fuel & Tank; well I never . . . You really must give them some of your time, & take them on a picnic this weekend. P.S. May I suggest Langley Park, might be very suitable.
  23. Lol... the only thing that takes up space between the tubbs is the fuel tank.
  24. Good morning ! Although your car looks great, I must draw to your attention, to something I believe you have completely overlooked in "the build". The rear wheel arches have been "tubbed" so far, that the rear seat will not fit in at all, & you will be not able to take your little children with you; when you & your wife go on weekend picnics, to a local or distant park, or playground !
  25. The CMEFRY corolla is in the final stages of getting its new blown motorsports WA built engine. 👍
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