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  2. Yep basically all of the drive train is gt4 Celica, including the 3sgte
  3. Well, here we are in the annual fire season, and because its a drought its worse than usual. Of course all the media and Socialists (and crony Capitalists looking for Govt handouts in wind & solar!) are screaming "its global warming doing it!" No-one seems to be looking anywhere else. For example- This arrangement of the planets happens less than once in 300years. 300years ago is before the "history" they mean when they say "worst fires in history"... The sun has run of of sunspots.. It happens in 11-year cycles that grow each cycle to a maximum, then decrease each cycle to a minimum, but NOT as minimum as currently. We've been counting sunspots since the 1600s, so those who learn about them have noted how the climate is affected. The IPCC is NOT included amongst those! The sun's magnetic field usually flips every second cycle, we don't know how this will affect electronics, but our own magnetic North pole is moving towards Russia. (Of COURSE the Russians are doing it!) Others are saying the Earth is overdue for a magnetic pole flip, as has happened many times before. Even within the drought the weather has a greater chance of rain than at others. I'm a great believer in Kevin Long here in Aussie, as I was in NZ with Ken Ring. Ken reckons our forefathers used astronomy to predict the climate for generations, but when Britain was expanding their empire around the world they need weather forecasts for their ships. The invention of the barometer solved that, but is only over a week at the most, and its popularity resulted in it excluding the old methods for all Western Govts. The moon is the biggest impactor on weather. I LOVE the BOM's phantom rain, it appears a week away and gets less & less as we approach it. As people say, if they can't predict the weather a week away, how can they say what's going to happen in 50years? I say, I'll believe in their global warming crap science when they can explain how water divining works! I seen it happen, I believe completely in it, yet no scientist can explain it... so, what else don't they know? How good are their models when they can't even explain something that has been around for tens of thousands of years? Meanwhile, we're all going to get screwed by completely ignorant politicians who are captured by big business and grandstanding to their peers, they're all trying to outdo each other as they pander to the 'woke'. It will all end badly...
  4. Yeah, there are lot of enormous fires around, but they are on Govt land because its never looked after. The farms won't burn, the trees are in isolated pockets and the dry grass is 10mm high. There's just no soil moisture or green plants, so there's no water to absorb the heat and make it difficult to burn. Same reason the summer is early, a drought means no dew so the earth heats up more and faster each day. One more distraction I forgot about was making the tractor narrower so the rotary hoe would dig up the wheel tracks. We carefully took the umpteen hundred Kg wheels off and turned them around so the rim was outwards, but one fell over. I'm impressed with the engine lifter, I thought it would break!
  5. Hi how are you going. So you bought this car off Max on ebay, this car has been all over the country. I told max to send this link to you, https://www.facebook.com/groups/435906397027932/ Guessing he didnt. Jump on, its a world group just for this model car.
  6. hey mate I just bought a GP turbo and got it back together and running the other day all I had was a crappy Haynes manual and another crappy 3rd party manual for a tercel. Which didn't cover the turbo model at all and made working on the car difficult so if I could some how get a copy of those would be amazing there is next to no information on these cars and what is there is vague and confusing. Any help would be great!
  7. Original but tired Twin Cam Hatch. Big port 4age. Definitely requiring a full rebuild here, but has most of the bits you need. Intake manifold and exhaust system are not present. Missing side trim pieces are in the car, plus some random spares plus extra gearbox. Otherwise as you see it. Big port 4AGE that needs rebuilding. Engine apart in the boot. Located in Bayswater, Vic. $600 negotiable. Pick up only, will not ship. 0416 351 371
  8. Last week
  9. These are an interesting car for sure, see them around more than you'd expect. There is actually one parked somewhat abandoned near me.... Are these things basically a gt4 celica underneith? 3sgte? id love a 3sgte one day, cool engine by toyota.
  10. KE20 New in box Bendix front Brake Pads. Part No: DB37 AD. Contact via PM. Location: Sydney NSW, Pick up only. Price: Free.
  11. I was wondering if you were affected by the fires, but do realise NSW is a big place!j
  12. Well, time flies... A couple of trips and the rally car is just like it was, although we tacked in a diagonal brace into the main hoop, not needed by CAMS but AMSAG wanted it. So... my Hoonicorn was excess with both The Girl and the wife buying new cars, so I sold that to a guy up on the Gold Coast for $3000. We drove it up to Ipswich and handed it over, then drove to my rental in Kingaroy where a big storm had blown the garden shed over a month back. It was two ordinary sheds joined end to end, and abysmally made as most these garden sheds are. Some steel from Bunnings and 250rivets sorted that out, and a couple of days later we drove back through 500km of smoke to the farm. Steve's daily, Mao, had dropped the exhaust when he was a control on an AMSAG event down on the coast, so we put that on the hoist and re-made it all. The new sliders are great for tight spots in a workshop, I just need to modify them when I get time... Then Steve decided to raise some cash by selling the Beige Bomber. It had been sold and re-bought back a few years later to a mate of his, and then it was the company car for Strathaven Organics for a year. I spent a week cleaning it up and he sold it to a guy in Sydney for $4000. From there I came home and will join Mr Rural Fireman towards the end of the month for another couple of weeks. Maybe we'll even get onto the rally car! Hopefully the fires will have burned out by then!
  13. Same as any old motor... More air in, more air out, more fuel in and more advance to set fire to it earlier.. How much do you want to spend?? A porting job to make sure the air can flow in easily. Look at oldskewltoy's posts here and all over the web to see what he does. You don't have to do it all, just learn about which parts are important without hogging the ports out larger. Get 10 or 20thou skimmed off the head to raise the compression. A bigger cam to get top-end airflow, at the expense of low-end torque if you go big enough. A bigger carb setup to flow more fuel and air. A Weber or SUs or bike carbs.. A set of extractors and a bigger exhaust system to get the air out. A play with the timing to make sure you are getting the most out of the 98octane you will run it on. Take a read of the mods I did to The Girls KE70, simple stuff that improved it quite a bit. https://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/42407-the-girls-ke70/
  14. So i read somewhere on the interwebs that these engines can rev higher, but I can't find any people talking about it. Is there any threads here about making the 3k rev higher or does anybody know what you need to replace?
  15. Can't wait to see this thing ripping up the strip Darren!! 👍 Maybe you'll get that fastest k in Aus crown! 😂
  16. With the need of something more practical (carting the kid's bikes around mainly) I decided to get myself a new daily. Always wanted one of these since I saw them in NZ about 12 years ago. Been keeping an eye out on Gumtree etc and one popped up recently close to me. 1998 ST215. Manual.... Yes it's actually a manual!! About 200k km but still in really good condition. Couple of mods - HKS exhaust, HKS turbo timer (pre import mods), auto metre boost guage, Turbosmart BOV (which sounds a bit loose and fluffy for my liking) and genuine TRD front bumper. Which to be honest I don't really like that much. There's one little part of it that makes me think it looks like the bastard child of a VT clubsport and an Evo 3 hahaha. You work out what that is. No great plans. Maybe some wheels - Same stud pattern and offset as a WRX so I'll keep my eyes peaked in those circles. Maybe some BC coilovers if new shoes don't look quite right. Then maybe just some practical mods like roof racks and a tow bar if I can source. It's quite nice to drive and has plenty of poke. I didn't know these things ran around 13-14psi out of the box!! And the good old $500 Camry that was bought to get me through when the corolla was defected (3.5 years later) will hopefully get moved on next week. Even though it looks like a piece of shit, it's been ever reliable and been very good to me. Basically haven't spend a cent on it since I've owned it.
  17. Something like a brake booster eliminator to get more space: https://technotoytuning.com/toyota/ae86/brake-booster-eliminator-ae86-corolla With the Weber DCOE it's a bit crammed with the bent inlet runners and not much space for filters. The IDA/IDF suits the slant K engine and would flow nicer. Alternatively there's bike carbs e.g. Keihin FCR, or twin SU carbs https://www.lynxauto.com.au/toyota-corolla-3k-4k-5k-2-x-su-1-1-4-manifold.html
  18. That looks pretty great. That dashboard looks awesome. Plenty of upgrade options from camshafts, to carbies, to 2TG swaps all the way up to SR20 swaps. and I personally would look at putting the 2TG efi on the 2tc. if you can find the bits easy enough in your region. But yer all these options rely on a level of DIY to keep the costs below astronimical.
  19. Wow that is a beauty. don't underestimate the 2TC. I had one in a Celica many years ago and with basic head work plus compression, mid range cam, exhaust, lightened fly wheel and twin Weber side draft carbs it screamed. Plus assuming you are US based, a 3TC upgrade gives you 200 extra cc. This sort of work isn’t hard, and is hella fun. The ‘modern’ way is to install a newer EFI engine, but bolting the engine/trans/diff in is the easy bit. The fuel and electrical systems are not. And unless you can do this yourself, will cost quite a bit. And then you may also need to look at upgrading brakes etc. With the T engine, the brakes can probably remain with an overhaul and better pads. Do some reading around the forum and go from there. Oh, and welcome! Keep us updated perhaps with a build thread.
  20. What do you guys recommend to start replacing or changing to get some power into this thing? Is it worth it on the 2TC platform or would a swap be more recommend? What engine swap is relatively easy? Appreciate your guys input! Thanks in advance!
  21. Here's a shot of my interior. 83k original miles. 2TC. Unfortunately automatic.
  22. Hey guys! New to the forum and just purchased this beautiful example of a 1979 Toyota Corolla! I have so many questions on what to do with this platform. Here's some pictures. Hope you guys like it!
  23. Looking for a complete 4kc engine in the newcastle area
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  25. G'day guys I'm fairly new to the k7 club, and may seem like an obvious question to most. But can someone with photos or simplified explanation on how I can hardwire my starter and power the button through a 12v switched supply, either head unit or something. It's only a temp fix, but I just want a simply way of drawings or something to, start the k7 with a push button, to bypass the ignition shit... That's stopping the car from cranking. Sorry if it's sounds dumb to you knowledgeable corolla enthusiasts, help is appreciated!
  26. I believe the main difficulty is the curved sections. It's not easy to have that kind of curves in aluminium pipes while having also conical section, as the shape of the section on the carburettor side is different from the shape of the head of the motor. It can be made in steel, but the steel will heat more and quicker, difficulting the intake process from what i've heard.
  27. Those twin IDAs on the k motor looks awesome! I quite like the look of the welded version, woudlnt be too hard to make?
  28. Chasing a harmonic balancer for a 5k. Helping a friend out. Its a 1990 liteace. Hers has split in two. Or an alternative if there is one. Luke
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