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  2. Well, the workshop was humming on the next trip up. A couple of 50,000Lumen LEDs gave us general light over the whole area, and it filled with KE70s. We reckoned on a new dash cluster as we have capillary oil pressure and water temp, an ammeter and a 6" tacho... So I was cutting plastic. Cainy bought his wagon around to sort out the three 4AGE inlets he had, none of them good. This one with the side welded up and shaved became the one, even if it has TViS disconnected. So it needed a vac source sortout and some new fuel lines. Lewis was about to throw his 4K motor out and either fight a 4AGE in or just swap to another 4K. As it turned out, it just needs a head job due to a lack of skim after the last head job when it overheated. Meanwhile Steve & I couldn't get a handbrake cable setup to fit the rally car! Neither KE70, Corona or Celica hybrid made any sense, and in the end we took the last useful thing out of the parts Celica in the paddock. We just picked it up and stuck the bumper under one side, then sent Callista under it to unscrew the cable as we figured she was the most expendable and beside she wouldn't be able to lift the car back up if it fell on Steve! Next trip should see both KE70s sorted and running, and back into rally car wiring. Some side attractions like fitting the top back on the 22000L water tank and then framing over it to hold the lid in shape just never got photographed, same with the new 45deg bends in the braided brake lines. Maybe next time...
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  4. So it’s running now there might be voltage issue or could over heating cause this bc it will run Alg after I turn it off it won’t run again unless I leave it for about 10 minutes otherwise it dosent want too crank properly and also the carb is sputtering at acceleration and won’t go over 40kmh I’m pretty sure that’s too do with timing but I’ve tried turning the dizzy side too side while giving it a bit off gas and it still does it just trial and error at the moment.
  5. Been searching high and low and unable to find this headlight trim or the amber side light, any help would be appreciated.
  6. Banjo will know the ins and outs of matching the resistance in the meter with that in the sender.. Take the plug off and earth the wire going to the sender unit, then see if the gauge goes to full. If it does, the problem is in the sender unit. Then take the unit out and manually move it to full and see if the gauge reads full. That is the mechanical side, if the gauge reads half when you move the arm manually its an electronic problem. After reading this I bought a $50 for the KE70, and while it has a red light now, it doesn't read full when the tank is full either! When I get the time I'll do what I've just said you should do!
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  8. Hi legends, Looking for a drivers window for 55 coupe Preferably in Victoria Thanks Tommy
  9. UPDATE So, I got the sender unit repaired. New plate and resistor wire done here in Perth WA at Speedline instruments. Now, I drained the tank just enough to thrown the unit back in, put 20 odd liters in it and the gauge came up off the E mark to about 1/5 or 1/4 approx.... Happy days, or so I thought..... Then off to the petrol station and filled her up, it took another 20 litres. At my estimation that's probably some where just short of 50 litres, Now without Gregorys guide I cannot remember the ke38 tank capacity, but I'm guessing its dam near full and i couldn't get anymore in it at the pump. Now my bloody gauge is ready just over half. For me its ready exactly half a tank less than whats in there.... ANY ideas why ?
  10. Ill pull the whole lot out again in the weekend, take some photos and have a look at the top of the spring in relation to its position. I was only concentrated on the bottom. I'm thinking somehow the top plate it jammed. Ill come back with Pics once its all out, Cheers
  11. How is the top of the spring located in the plate? Is it flat at the top with a ground spring or a cut spring in a locator on the plate. What's happening is that the top of the spring is being forced to stay with the turret mount, so it seems the top bearing is not working or the top plate is jammed. The strut, the spring and the top mount should all rotate easily together. Got photos?
  12. Hey guys, So ive done the dirty on the front springs in my wagon, and chopped about 1 1/2 coils off to lower her a bit. Yes I did purchase lowering spring, however they changed it FA. So out came the grinder. Now or when I’m turning sharp at low speed, ie into or out of a parallel park etc. either spring dependant on the direction I’m turning gives a good “THUDDDDDD” followed by the shockwave through the car. Ive seen what the spring is doing, it’s is rotating with the turn of the wheel, the sound is when the bottom of the spring skips over the spring locator indent in the bottom spring locator plate. My my question is WHY...??? Why is the spring turning?? How to I stop this annoying and embarrassing situation!! cheers JM
  13. I wouldn't worry, these are old engines and all the ones I've seen show some dirt scours like that.
  14. Same control aems come in xt130, rt 132, ke30 and ra40. Broaden your search.
  15. Hello everyone! I just start to clean 4age bigport head, and find out that 4th exhaust cam bearing looks different than others.. Is it too Bad, or can i still reassembly head with these caps? Camshaft looks good only bearing cap had that little groove, just where camshaft had "lubricant hole" (or what IT is correct name ) so, do it carry oil all over that 4th bearing cap, and everything is okay, or is cap (and head) only a trash? Cams roll still smooth, when i turn them by hand. That groove on cap had smooth edges, not sharp. Other caps looks good yhen only had minimal Marks wich is normal. Engine runs good before disassembly head, only idle was quite high
  16. Grab your multimeter... Whats the voltage across the battery with everything turned off?? Disconnect the coil +ve and turn on the key, then read volts at the coil wires, not the coil. One should show 9V. Have someone turn the key to 'crank' and read the wires again while cranking. The other wire should read 12V. You could also take the ignition wire off the ballast resistor (not the one that goes ballast-to-coil) and read that with the key on, it should be 12V. Move to ohms on the meter and put the leads on battery -ve and the tappet cover. It should show less than 4ohms. You will get a low voltage reading at the coil if you have the wires on the coil and the points closed. Most the power will flow away to earth through the points and there won't be much voltage to read. If you have the circuit interrupted by having the points open or the coil -ve wire off, it should read 9V as its going the through the ballast resistor.
  17. My coil reads below 4v what could be causing this issue. When I go too start the car it try’s too start in the first couple turn then won’t after wards could I be having an issue with volt regulator
  18. Well, since then its been a daily for the wife or the daughter, depending on who leaves first. However recently Mrs Altezzaclub bought an Xtrail and Miss Altezzaclub bought a new i30, which means I have an excess Altezza and Hoonicorn... so its up for sale for around $3300. I can run it anywhere from Bathurst to Armidale to meet someone, it just has to be on my regular trips up and down. Its completely reliable, just had a new battery, and I'll look up how much rego is left on it.
  19. Hi there new here I’m from hastings vic I don’t have a Toyota yet but searching high and low for the model and body I want there rare as my dad built one when I was younger but his partner at time sold it to the wreckers saying it’s scrap when my dad was in hospital yes you guessed it the illusive ke26 5 door wagon
  20. Hi there I’m from south east vic names Daniel first time poster I’m on the hunt for a ke26 5 door wagon in project phase when growing up I helped my dad build one we painted it red with black accents and had dished rims my dad had an accident not car related and substained brain injury as a result deals with complications while he was in the royal Alfred his partner at the time not my mother which had already passed away from cancer when I was 15 sold my dads car to the wreckers as she called it junk now when I went to the wreckers I could not find it anywhere I asked them and they either said it’s been scrapped or someone brought it so now it’s my time to build my dream car all I ask is I need a complete shell rolling or not and I’ll do hard work finding the rest Thankyou for reading this
  21. Hi, I'm after ke10/ke11 front seats and rails (if possible). Located in SA Cheers
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  23. Hi al, I am after some advice I recently converted my 3 speed automatic ke55 to a 4 speed manual. I have had to purchase a new speedo cable but I doesn’t seem to fit my speedo cluster spindle as the spindle seems to long . I have been assured that this cable is off a manual 4 speed ke55 . Is there a difference between the instrument clusters in the auto and manual variations of this model . Any info or help would be much appreciated
  24. Hey guys, was wanting to buy some LCAS for a ke70 project. Happy to pay shipping for the right set 0403033318. Just send me a message if you have any. Or any suggestions for a different/better setup would be awesome.
  25. Hey man cave dwellers and shed shut ins have I got a deal for you. I have a recently acquired a quantity of brand new still in the boxes commercial carpet squares. Ideal for the man cave, kids play room or to make your rolla a cozy space in the shed.The squares are 500mm x 500mm so 4 per square metre. I have a number of bright colours red, green, yellow, blue but in various amounts. These tiles wholesale at $8.00 each and I'm looking to get $2.00 each. I was going to use them in my garage when I move into my as yet unconstructed house but space is limited and I don't want them to get damaged while in storage. I can't upload pics from my phone for some reason but if you are interested send me a PM and i can send pics as required. Thanks Big G
  26. My local exhaust shop has had a 'mare with 'faulty' front downpipes.... 1st failed Y-welds.... 2nd snapped flexi.... 3rd is a good one BUT blowing like a loco at the manifold flange 😞 ..... Ah haaa! Actually, when the 3rd was fitted the guy warned me the threads on the studs are known for stripping out >> so he must not have leaned on them = failed to seal!! Depot manager agreed to swap out all three studs and refit the downpipe. "Great", says I 😉 TWO HOURS* with the Oxy torch it took to tease the oldies out & a retap to clean up the threads.... Free Of Charge YaY!! * ok, I'm dropping a tray of Budweiser in for him - I got a megga thirst just watching lol 4A-F
  27. best one I know of- https://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/54227-the-rwd-2az-fe-thread/?tab=comments#comment-549475
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