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  1. Interesting.. what diameter is the barrel? Asian are using a dual-choke for the same size engine. Put two of them on a 3K twin manifold! We want before & after dyno graphs!! Even smartphone GPS ones on the same bit of road... Car weighs 860kg, even lighter than a KE70.
  2. "I damaged the nut" What sort of 'damaged'? Stripped the thread or rounded it off?? If you have to take the sump off take the 4 studs right out of the timing chain cover at the front. When you put it back on, use bolts instead of studs. Its a dog to get the sump off without lifting the motor on a jack and tying it up .
  3. If any models of your year had foglights, then the wiring will be in the car. If it was only after the facelift then possibly not. You might have to trawl the net through the most dodgy sites listing wiring diagrams that force you to sign up then supply the wrong wiring diagram at glacial speed, but a factory wiring diagram will tell you the colours and connectors involved. Try the other Toyota forums too. If you hunt around behind the front bumper you might find un-used connectors that are for foglights. There is likely a switch blank plate in the dash that you poke out and install a switch for them. If not, you start from scratch with a switch, a relay and some wires...
  4. WoW! That is nice! Definitely one to look after carefully.
  5. I can't get the google drive file to run, but for tappets I usually lean my ear against a long screwdriver and move it around the engine. Its quite educational for all sorts of noises you don't hear when you stand there, and will show you which end of the tappet cover is noisy.. You could take the tappet cover off and turn the motor over with a spanner while checking each rocker for a tappet gap. As they're hydraulics none should have any gap, but if one has become jammed or run out of adjustment it might show up. You could try a flushing oil in it when you next change the oil, I've used a mixture of diesel & kero in the past, and just let it idle for 10minutes then dump it out again. The clearances in the hydraulic tappets are very small and tar can build up & jam them.
  6. Four of them.. laid way over on their side almost upside down on a custom quad-carb manifold straight into the 4K head! Even two of them would do!
  7. Got this one yet? http://mazdaepc.com/parts/121/AEDA03/C2/1364/
  8. Yes, the gasket blocks front holes that are matching in the block & head, letting a very small flow through until it reaches the back cylinders. I have wondered if Toyota made a design mistake with the casting and covered the overheating rear cyls with the gasket. There are so many tings in a car that make we wonder 'why did they do this?'.... but sadly no-one to ask!
  9. Yes, as Banjo says, alloy rads do help. The radiator is half the weight of the copper one, yet holds twice the water, so overall the full radiator weighs the same. The electric fan means more bhp for the wheels as it rarely turns on, but also makes the motor a lot quieter. It also takes the stress off the water pump bearings from having a heavy fan hang on the front of them. Make sure you run coolant, not because it raises the boiling point so much, but because it has corrosion inhibitor in it. If you ever have the head off the motor for a valve grind, (when you fit the carbs & extractors) get the block out too and clean the rust scale out of the water jackets. Its amazing how much crap builds up around the back cylinders & insulates them from the cooling water. Tridon make a range of common thermostats in high-flow variants, you could chase up those too. Just be careful getting the nuts & bolts apart in things like water pumps & thermostat housings, they corrode with rust and alloy corrosion which means they break off easily.
  10. I figure he works on old Toyotas for a living, with some biomedical engineering as a sideline... ..and with all this Covid cash being thrown about- ""The children's playground at Parliament is being called a monument to extravagance after it ran significantly over budget. Today the price tag of the playground has been revealed at $572,000, well over the initial $400,000 budget. The slide was $76,000 over budget and engineering and architect fees were $73,000 over. The Green Party think it's ironic - given the Speaker said it was too expensive to make the playground accessible. “The current playground is effectively a slide and a bunch of logs which is not particularly accessible to kids with certain types of disabilities,” Chlöe Swarbrick says. However, Disability Rights Commissioner Paula Tesoriero says an accessible carousel may soon be added to the playground to address this."" Obviously the Labour Party is in power in NZ... Bloody fools voting them in, although I'm sure if the National Party win the election they will still pour another few hundred thousand in to make it accessible for the disabled!
  11. Glad to help- let us know if that fixes it. The car looks great in the photo, worth looking after!
  12. Its a Holden trimatic from BorgWarner, so hunt down the Holden forums too. Its only twice as heavy as a manual box, soaks up about 15bhp and is horrible to drive, so when you convert it you'll be amazed at how much better the car goes! Try this- http://www.gmh-torana.com.au/forums/topic/25920-trimatic-problems/
  13. "I’ll adjust my throttle position ever so slightly and the transmission will suddenly kick back into second gear, revving the guts out of the little engine." I remember this happening before I converted mine to manual. You could drive along just before the point of it kicking back a gear. " If I pump the accelerator or put my foot down it will go back into 3rd " Now that is really weird! Usually I lifted off and it went back up a gear to 3rd, but then I'd lost so much speed I had to carefully to work it back up without it kicking down to 2nd again. Long slight uphills where I live. " as soon as I release the throttle again it will kick back into 2nd again." Yes, that is the opposite of what should happen. Isn't there a second cable on the throttle that does the kickdown at high throttle openings?? and a vacuum line from the inlet manifold to the box so it can sense inlet vacuum?? Its been so long since I had an auto now. If you disconnected them, can you drive it on the gearlever?? It should lack the kickdown then and just go up and down the gearbox depending on the rpm.
  14. Same as a KE70, the Altezza manual runs a 4.1, the auto a 4.3. Found the page I was after... Here's a comparison of the K, T W & J160 boxes, and the 'close-ratio' 5 speed from the Datsun Z series. You'll see the J160 has a lot more gears crammed into the same ratio space, with 5th as 1:1 like most gearboxes 4th. It just great if you're working your way though the tight & twistys, but not noticeable if you're on straighter roads. J160 6th gear is 0.87, the same as a K50 5th, so definitely not a tall gearbox.
  15. Stock springs are probably free from your local wrecker... I know there are a couple lying around at the wreckers here just waiting to get crushed.
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