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  1. Trds Rally Car

    Steve said he ran into you guys there.. Great to see it back in action! Is the car any different this time??
  2. Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    Soft mounts are tricky. They have to be tight enough to hold pressure on the rubber O-rings & seal, but loose enough to allow the engine vibrations to be absorbed. Hence the Thackery washers. The 20mm odd thick rubber ones are great, but the little thin one-piece O-ring types just fall apart after a year or two. If you don't have any there's a chance of the fuel in the bowl becoming a foam at certain revs, but that may never happen.
  3. Intake/Exhaust Manifold Torque Settings?

    ""it still dies coming up to intersections in neutral. Also bogs a bit when you go to take off, "" Lean probably, idle circuit not up to it. Do the tune, and see if idle speed/mixture helps. Tappet gaps, plug gap, points gap, timing.. if you've done it all then its a distinct problem to chase.
  4. The good KE70 one is here, very little will be different.
  5. No common faulty wiring areas that I know of.. Do you have a wiring diagram for it? You should be able to trace the circuits back to a common point on a diagram, and as you do note the colours and see if they agree with the car itself. Maybe someone has had a play with it and assembled it wrong, or maybe something has broken. Most common problems involves bad earths, so grab a $10 multimeter and see what resistance you get from bulb to body in each case. Let us know what happens and we can go into more detail.
  6. How To Build A Rally Car

    So that's been the last 4days watching the world's top drivers out in the dirt. I don't usually take photos, but shot a few to show that we were there.. This was a fast left-hander in the first dry days- JML, "Luckless Latvala" Mikkelsen and Tanak.. well, probably, I can't remember the order I took the photos in! Sunday it poured down in the morning and we luckily flew in to where Steve and his mates were camping in the bush. This meant there was a little tent to stand under as the drivers learned about clay roads in the wet. It didn't slow the top guys as much as the slower ones, but all the WRC cars had 'incidents' Steve ran into TRDKE70 & the crew in the KE70, they've managed to build another one and go rallying before we're even halfway built! Back to Orange now, back up in a couple of weeks and into it!
  7. How To Build A Rally Car

    Another trip up a couple of weeks later and into it! We started on the steel scrap pile- and cleared at least the corner to the right in the photo- Then more distractions. A flight to Coffs Harbour last Thursday, luckily we squeezed through between cloud on the mountain-tops and fog in the valleys- ..and we joined all the Jetrangers, Hughes, Eurocopters and other multi-million dollar choppers flying works teams supporters around. I did have to learn how an ipad works & how to navigte with GPS to find a hole in the forest to drop into, not all pads were nice open fields like this one.
  8. Sounds like a tinny plate vibrating somewhere, some cover on the exhaust or around the engine. Cable clutch?? Cable not rubbing on something as the motor tilts when you accelerate??
  9. KE70 4K Interior Wire Problems.

    This is not easy! ..and it needs to be tested to make sure it does earth back to the body well or you get false negatives. Everything I tried when working in the boot the other day was painted, and the tail light bolts didn't earth to the body reliably. Gave me quite a surprise, but because they are pulling on the rubber seal and they move and vibrate enough to get dirt under them its to be expected
  10. Fuel gauge problem

    Sometimes.. How's the red light performance? The resistor on the tank sensor might be pretty crappy, I've seen some horrible ones. Its easy to get out, just a handful of phillips screws in the boot and it lifts right out. Clean it up and have a look at it. The variable resistor arm can be very carefully re-bent to make a better connection. Failing that, there's a chance of a bad wiring connection at the plug you'll have to pull off, and after that you're left with the wiring at the gauge end. Mine never shows full, and the red light comes on before it reaches "E" so its range is small, but it is reliably constant.
  11. Look up oldskewltoy and PM him for ideas, he does porting as a business, some amazing work! Generally, buy the gasket you're going to use, measure that and the inlet manifold, and make all three diameters the same. Having an inlet manifold diameter smaller than an inlet port is no problem, that lip reduces the reversion back up the carb, but it pays to have a smooth tunnel all the way to the valve. You can see the gasket I used here- The port size depends on the cam and the revs you will use, overall larger ports flow slowly at low-medium revs and don't fill cylinders very well. I have them larger at the gasket than the valve because the velocity of the air increases as the diameter narrows so it retains inertia going past the valve. Make sure the casting around the back of the seat is smooth and continuous with the seat, and the same as the seat merges into the combustion chamber. The inlet is the important one, the exhaust gets pumped out. The downdraught carb is a pain if you're using that, the air has to turn that 90deg bend under the carb. All you can do is smooth any sharp edges & corners from machining the casting in the factory. A single Weber DCOE makes a much better job of it.
  12. Ke50 white wagon

    That's a pretty small budget, unless you're talking motor only. You'll need a hydraulic clutch setup & pedal box, crossmember sortout, beefy gearbox, new driveshaft, new diff... Nothing in there will handle much horsepower. We recently priced a 4AGE conversion & suspension/brakes upgrades, came to $10,000 with a few grand in there for labour. That's the simplest, as all the parts come stock from Toyota.
  13. 4k guru's get at me!

    Now we're down to 'what sort of lumpy'? A misfire in an otherwise smooth idle?? A constantly up and down like hot cams do? Did the mechanic have any ideas? Too much advance will make it rougher than too much retard, but these are pretty forgiving motors and its probably not that far out. You could try knocking a few degrees of advance off. How does it drive?? Perky and keen from low down? Too much retard makes it sluggish, too much advance makes it difficult to get moving initially. How many turns out is the idle mixture screw?? These problems are usually solved by adding 4AGE..
  14. Still at the wreckers in Orange.. Liable to be crushed at any time tho'....
  15. Oil pump failure

    As I understand it, this 'coolant' stuff used to be called anti-freeze, it depresses the freezing point. That's because it lowers the freezing point in snowy places like Orange, and no-one gave a shit about boiling-point elevation. They tossed in some nitrite to act as a corrosion inhibitor and everyone started using it instead of just those living in the snow. If your motor won't stay cool on water, then you have problems. It shouldn't go above 100deg, so you should never need to rely on the glycol to give you an extra 10deg to boiing point. The pressurising of the sytem already pushes the boiling point up. I love the engineers arguing in the comments about the 'myths of the cooling system'! They're such engineers! Women could be stripping their clothes off in front of them and they'd still be arguing over which engineering equation to use! Then some guy comes in and says "I did this and it worked!"