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  1. altezzaclub

    Ke70 Diff??!?!

    As the man says, the hilux is the common swap. You might wander around a van wrecker with a tape, there are a lot of vans with 5-links and rear discs these days. I'd aim for the lightest casing you can find, and ute diffs designed to lug a ton or more offroad won't be light. In the end all that weight is bouncing up and down under a very light car.
  2. altezzaclub

    Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

    Lovely work! I'm afraid our rally car will never look this good!
  3. altezzaclub

    WTB- Programmable ignition

    Interesting, I wonder how it works with the usual KE electronic dizzys we use?
  4. altezzaclub

    Wtd- 4AGE lightweight flywheel

    As it says, we need a lightweight flywheel & clutch for the rally car, TODA or something. Flywheel bolts too. If you've got one let me know, we'll buy one in January 2019 if we can't find one.
  5. altezzaclub

    New here: KM30 Liteace

    A good small torch might show you the pistons without a borescope. Easy to see the difference between the D-dish and the O-dish.
  6. altezzaclub

    My 20V KE70

    Arrgh! That's why we live on the West of the Great Dividing Range! Get a hobby that means travelling out past Kingaroy & carry business cards with your number and "Hi I'd love to buy your KE70 to restore" on them.. Drive slowly through small country towns and look in people's back yards.. I know where there's a Stanza and last week I saw a 200B wagon. I found a clean, rustfree flatfront at Lightning Ridge a few years back, but never followed it up. They are still out there and they don't rust away from the sea.
  7. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    ha! Unsurprisingly the tanks went for close to retail price when you factor in the compete lack of guarantee. Naturally Steve HAD to buy SOMETHING, and this became the victim! I think he only bought it for the mudflaps.. genuine.. original... worth the $250 he paid for it! After trying to winch it on & finding the remote control batteries were flat, we swiped their mower petrol & Steve drove it up onto the truck. That was fine, except he was the only person who knew how to lower the Mothership's tray, and the Hiace slid back down if you took your foot off the brakes. In the end I climbed up into the cab & leaned over with a foot so he could get down and drop the tray, and much to everyone's relief we got it out of there after an hour of loading efforts. The last day was pumping out a couple of "nearly empty" dams.. Every farmer is having their dams re-dug and tidied while they are empty with the drought, and seeing the earthmoving man was on the main farm Steve grabbed him for a quick couple of days. Except it takes a couple of days just to pump the water out! The floating 20L is holding the hose, Steve's caravan water pump is by my feet and the Honda genset is by Kobar, running through several tanks of fuel to get it dry. Then Steve had to lead the procession through the paddocks to where the farms join- ..and build a tyre bridge to get them over the main highway! So, when I get back up in a week or so that should all be finished and we can concentrate on how to fit a large J160 6-speed into a small transmission tunnel without altering the body. Meanwhile.. more gardening!
  8. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Back to work! The 'Rona wagon was back in for a new master cyl & booster tidy-up, and it got a Woolshed wheel alignment too. I think we've solved all the teething problems, like the lack of dash lights after the cig lighter caught fire on the last owner, or the way it pulled hard right all the time, so it should be a good reliable car for Steve's GF now. We bolted the J160 up to the 4AGE and dropped it into the rally car. It will fit in the tunnel OK, but not on stock engine mounts. Decisions now depend on engine mounts, getting it in and out over the rack (won't do it), getting the 4th carb trumpet off the clutch master cyl (jams and blocks it), having a reasonable driveline angle to the diff.. Lots of things! Anyway, the crew are thinking hard upon it- In amongst it we had the local car club come around for a visit, an interesting collection of cars. ..and went to an auction to buy a couple of 22000L water tanks for the cell grazing.
  9. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Of course developing those skills can be expensive.. This was over a blind rise just past where we were standing, we heard the sudden lack of engine noise and the crunch crunch sounds.. Some guys bought their Gfs along, although they tended to be a distraction.. We were lucky enough to get slipped into the Ford Works service area for close-up views. In case you've ever wondered how those cars can make those jumps... Here's the man himself about to setle down for a day at the office. The guy in the background is the boss, Malcolm Wilson, a top rally driver back in the 80s. He's thinking... "FFS don't crash Seb, the whole team depends on this rally!" So, as it turned out Seb won the World Championship, although Yari-Matti won the rally itself and Toyota won the Manufacturer's Championship. The lounge was packed at the resort and I saw Yari carrying trays of Coronas over to the team. He was the happiest man in the room!
  10. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Some stages are in tight forest Some on smooth fast Shire roads and often the ability to keep a car sliding for hundreds of metres into blind corners or over crests at high speeds is still not enough Which is why Mr Perfect Line here has been world champion for years in a row! This corner below started out of the picture to the right and the car screamed in sliding for several hundred metres, full sideways, full power in 5th or 6th gear and just amazing car control! He is always tucked in right at the apex without cutting the corner and finding the hidden rocks. There is nothing between the top drivers except luck and constant reliability under tremendous pressure, and Seb Ogier has both-
  11. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Well, the November trip... When I arrived I found Steve had bought yet more cars! This one was in Parkes, a farm ute that hadn't been registered in decades- It came with complimentary dust of course- ..and needed a lot of servicing and sorting out! We finally got the rally car diff assembled and into the car, the rear suspension is awaiting the rest of the car being finished before we work on final ride height & travel. For the front we refurbished the Celica's Sigma LCAs and ordered two new balljoints.. Then it was off to the World Rally Championship at Coffs Harbour. We flew down and landed on the lawn at Opal Cove, where the rally is headquartered and Toyota were staying. Then three days of watching the top dozen drivers in the world hurl cars sideways on gravel at 160kph..
  12. altezzaclub

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    woo! Every second it has to count over 14000 teeth as you hit 8000rpm.. I thought you could run it on a timer. You measure the time taken for the last revolution via the fuel pump sensor, adjust the time for the next spark based on that plus whatever throttle inputs there are and fire the spark so many milliseconds before TDC. Then you're only counting 133 times a second. Ah- 14KHz is pretty slow in electronic terms though, isn't it.
  13. altezzaclub

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    true, true.. I was thinking of the sync pulse. So the pump pulse can tell the computer which cylinder is firing and when? It says "Cyl #1 is firing NOW" and then the other three are fired by inference from that. Two rpm later it can say "Cyl #1 is firing NOW" and repeat the sequence.
  14. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    WRC was tough.. we shared the Opal Cove resort with Toyota, so when Yari won the rally & Toyota won the manufacturers championship it was a noisy time! We were eating with some very famous people each day.. Through a different route we got invited into the Ford service area and watched them work on Ogier's car from close up! The day before the rally started the boss was away flying someone else so his GF & I went downtown for some shopping. This was a complimentary ride via WRC organisers who were based at the hotel, so we didn't have the ability to ""OMG! Stop the car I want to get out and put a phone number on that perfectly original un-molested AE86 parked on the kerb there!"" Not a resto job, it looked its age, but it was sitting there in Coffs Harbour. I'll just process some photos now.
  15. altezzaclub

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    I was thinking the cam runs at half the engine revs and it gives one fuel pump pulse per cam rev. So you should be counting half the engine rpm.