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  1. Firing order

    Which way does the rotor turn?? How do you determine which is cyl 1 TDC? I don't think your firing order was wrong to start with, it just wouldn't run if it was wrong. If cyl 3 kills it, that's the one that is running best. I've seen people with the wrong firing order, people thinking the dizzy rotates the other way, people setting timing on the wrong side of the dizzy lobe, people picking cyl 4 as cyl 1 and probably a few more ways to make a mistake,
  2. Ke25 Chrome Help

    Prise it up gently with a screwdriver or any odd tool you want to make for it. The steel clips grip the door seam with a couple of one-way teeth.
  3. Ventilated discs for KE70

    Well, the boss at Great Western Wreckers, an absolute gem if ever I came across one, loaned me both brake setups. Then the light-bulb went off in my head! The Girl attends trade shows sporadically, selling Tiertime UP Mini 3D printers for 3D Printing Systems Lts, one of which is beside her desk.. So it took me a morning to learn how to use an online CAD program enough to draw the two spacers needed and off we went this afternoon- The machine started with this- It produced this... Which fitted perfectly to centralise the disc to the hub. They need the mounting holes re-drilled. So copy the plastic ring to steel, weld it in place and re-drill. The backing plate spacer is drawn up, but I have to wait until after DOTA-time to get it printed!
  4. The End of ICE Cars is Coming !

    That is ALWAYS the problem! If its not an 8second soundbite or a 30second speech they have no interest in it. So it suits politicians and advertisers, but no-one gets to learn anything. I'm sure the whole electric car debacle is politically driven, but I can't see why. Tesla wouldn't exist without Govt subsidies, and I'm sure the major manufacturers are selling electric cars at a loss. The whole electricity industry is doing illogical things that we have no rational explanations for. Don't these clowns know that solar stops when the sun goes down? Someone was moaning this morning that we need to upgrade infrastructure to bring excess power from North Queensland to NSW and VIC. Apart from transmission losses I reckon they thought QLD had more sunshine because of daylight saving!
  5. I'm with dave- you're so close to finishing it, just get it done! There's an enormous gap between buying a finished, registered car you can drive home, and buying someone's unfinished project that may be full of fishooks when it comes to rego time. That risk has to be worth $5k or more for a car like this, and you not only get the extra money but it will sell much faster. Without rego you are selling to people like me, I beat someone down for something I can fix up because I know all the people out there with money but no mechanical skills can't buy it. That makes the market pretty small.
  6. The End of ICE Cars is Coming !

    I will believe there is a serious need to stop using ICE when the American Army and Air force move to electric! Until then its just the peasants getting kicked into place so those in charge can keep their toys...
  7. Ventilated discs for KE70

    The swept area is noticeably bigger, the KE70 is quite inefficient with how much pad area they use, so I expect they will stop much better. Trawled the DBA, nothing much of a better fit, the change from rear-mounting the disc on the hub to front-mounting stops a lot of good diameters. There is a Suzuki Swift down there that was my original choice, I might pop that apart and check it. Mind you, hot day today, shorts & T-shirt, snow forecast tomorrow..
  8. The End of ICE Cars is Coming !

    Power generators are dead ducks as soon as we get decent batteries. Suddenly solar power will make sense when you can use it through the night, and then we can all get off the grid. I'm amazed in Orange, only 40,000 people, stacks of land, new houses for $400k, yet they're building gigantic 4 or 5 bedroom, multibathroom monstrosities on tiny sections with no garden or grass to speak of. Its a good thing new cars don't need work on them, there's nowhere to do it. The one thing that puzzles me is why aren't smart phone covered in solar cells on the back. You put it on your desk or whatever and it charges all the time. Even my dad's gold watch was action wound, so as you moved it wound itself up. Put that in a phone instead..
  9. just curious

    All over.. Faceplant killed the forum, and Photobucket kicked it in the head while it lay dying.. Possibly intelligent people will get over their fascination with F'book and the instant idiocy then drift back to forums. Possibly Photobucket will change their mind and put all our photos back up, but until then I think all forums are dying. Certainly all the car ones I look at are, and they're all Sth hemisphere.
  10. Ventilated discs for KE70

    Ok, back to the wrecker today- I took the backing plates off and fitted the Move plate & caliper to the KE70. Fits fine, but the center hole needs spacing down to the KE70 hub diameter. Fitting the disc showed everything cleared, although without the spacer ring its not held in exactly the right place. Then I put a Rolla wheel over it. Seems the different thickness & larger diameter gets taken up no problem. OK, so its good enough to think about the machining involved. The 3mm spacer ring for the disc to hub is simple, as is the central ring for the bolts on the backing plate. Moving the four boltholes 2mm in the hub to match the disc... not so simple. The correct way to do it would be to fill the holes in the hub with weld and re-drill them, or fill the holes in the disc and re-drill then re-thread them partway into the spacer disc. Really, its a simple conversion compared to many!
  11. The End of ICE Cars is Coming !

    A nice article. The whole renewable electricty industry only exists because of Govt subsidy and politics. That means the best and most efficient decisions will never be made, we will end up with politically expedient ones. So yes, we will get forced into electric cars, yes there will be disasters with power supplies, but its all for your own good as you get forced to live in apartments and use public transport.. That has been on the UN's agenda for a decade! I see no shortage of oil yet, and no reason to stop using the ICE, but... politics and control... As for self-drive cars, the cars we use have killed millions, right from when they first appeared, so a few accidents while we iron out self-drivers are quite acceptable. They don't have to be perfect, they only have to be as good as current drivers. That's not hard...!
  12. K Series Spark Plug Aluminium Tubes

    Can't be worse that factory.. They were also on the earlier Great Wall with a Y motor, so the agents should have them too.
  13. Ignition timing help. My car wont start

    Do you still have a distributor in the car? or is that the one you have taken out? Do you want to fit that one?? The big trick is to get the teeth on the bottom gear meshing with the camshaft at the right place, and also getting that slot at the very bottom into the oil pump drive.. As you can see, the camshaft drives the distributor and the oil pump from that one gear. If you have the points inside the dizzy just as they were on a running car, turn the engine to number one cyl top dead center and turn the rotor to line up with number one cyl spark plug. Usually the vac advance diaphram more-or-less faces the front of the car. Slide the dizzy in and give the rotor a wiggle. It should drop right to the bottom of the locking plate, so the O-ring is down in the block. If it doesn't, don't force it, but take it out and carefully turn the shaft about one tooth, then try again. If it doesn't go right in, move it a couple of teeth in the other direction. You can see the oil pump drive down the hole, but the slope on the gears means the shaft turns as you put it in, so you have to start with the slot off to one side. When that it in, turn the dizzy so the points are just opening with the rotor on number one plug lead. Then its easy, once you have number one sorted the rotor fires number 3 next, the 4 then 2, moving clockwise. The middle lead goes to the coil. You might have to swap leads around, so although their firing order stays the same, the starting point for number one cyl might be in a different hole in the cap. It depends on who set the dizzy up last. Mine looks like this-
  14. Nah- All four sides are completely different to each other.. Not much space between the cylinders though, just a little strip of metal.
  15. Dustin's Ke70 4Age 20V

    That does sound like a VVT problem.. Even worse, when everyone has had a play with everything, you never know where to start!