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  1. KE55 Electronic Ignition Module

    dying to know...! Something like power feed to the unit hopefully.
  2. new to KE30 need help starting

    Diagrams are up on here somewhere, just search "vacuum". I blocked all the lines except the vac advance on the dizzy and the charcoal canister.
  3. 7k Sprinter Build

    Yeah, that sort of cam, you don't need more than 6000rpm in daily driving. You could look at the Tighe 112, which has a similar advertised duration, but opens faster as you can see from the longer 50thou duration. Runs to greater valve lift too, good as you want the valve to open quickly to as great a hole as possible, then shut early to get the max compression. Even the Tighe 104 would be good. I'll check out that Ozito, I've got a few small projects to do.
  4. 7k Sprinter Build

    Are you chasing cam specs for cars less than 10years old? They tend to make long-stroke motors these days and I haven't looked into how they get power and economy out of them. I can't see the 7K being keen to rev, it will all be about getting massive mid-range torque. How are you going to refurbish the wheels?? Is that a sandblast job? I've got a Cheviot set I must get onto.
  5. K50 into 5k Ka67 Carina? Manual Swap.

    Well, its worth giving it a try. The pedal arms are 37mm apart, and it looks like the carina has that much room.
  6. KE55 Build Thread

    Well there's a trick! I haven't seen that one before! Back to running like a rocket?
  7. KE55 Build Thread

    You can buy capacitor testers, but condensors are so cheap its not worth it. What happens if you pump the throttle up and down, often, but a little each time while its bogged down? That should have the accelerator pump push fuel in. I imagine that is induction sound from having the throttle well open but no exhaust power roar to mask it. Does it bog down with no load in the garage when you open the throttle? Does it just rev cleanly up the range then? Empty revs take no fuel and don't load the electrics either, so its not much of a test. On the road, what happens if you load it up with some left-foot braking while the accelerator is down?? You can try that at different rev ranges and see if the flatspot is constant. Also, is it smooth or jerky? I'd expect a lean issue to be a smooth loss of power, but an electrical issue to be a series of jerky missfires.
  8. K50 into 5k Ka67 Carina? Manual Swap.

    That looks like a stock KE70 pedal setup. Here's my 5K manual setup, converted from auto also. Here's my other KE70, pedals from an AE71 so it is hydraulic for the T50. Quite different, but bolts straight in.
  9. K50 into 5k Ka67 Carina? Manual Swap.

    The KE70 just tacks a clutch onto the side of the brake pedal mounting, and the clutch pedal arm has a massive bow in it to get down past the steering just like the brake arm.
  10. KE55 Build Thread

    Pop the top off the carb & clean the jets and passages in the first throat. Just in case something was loosened up in your first clean and block a drilling afterwards. It will idle on the idle jet & drive away to 1500-2000rpm still using the idle jet before it hands over fully to the main jet in the primary side of the carb. When you boot it the secondary comes in and it all works again until you back off and rely on the primary.. Does the accelerator pump push raw fuel down the carb when you open the throttle?? The condensor & coil could do it, either could break down under load, but it would be strange if they recovered at high throttle.
  11. 4K Engine 1290cc

    Two important things in tuning- Ignition points gap. Must be set with feeler gauges or a dwell meter. Ignition timing. Must be set with a timing light for best results, although you can set it about 10deg before top dead center by hand. Once you have it set to factory specifications we can chase any other problems. Carb jets... Google found me this on Rollaclub, from GMJ85-
  12. 1982 manual 2-door KE70

    Dang! Where did you find that?? I'm missing out on something.. Ah! I have an adblocker on that's why.. Lol! I've always wanted to run a mobile brothel out of a camperbus, but not the workshop! Sort of like Mr Whippy... 'Greensleeves' tune ringing quietly late at night, horny young single guys rushing out into the darkness with a pocket full of wages...
  13. 1982 straight, unmolested 2-door in excellent condition, 150,000km, 15" rims. Currently used as a daily. $5000 plus postage... worth every dollar! or only $2000 for this one!! Much better value! Brother-in-law is due over from Cape Town next week... just got me wondering..
  14. 4K Engine 1290cc

    What is the ignition advance on the motor currently? Have you had it tuned as far as points gap & timing goes?
  15. Love Ke70's Hks 1g 2 Door Ke70

    Retirement project.. as life got in the way! I have lots of them awaiting.. Take some street photos around Long Beach for us.. Any old KEs around these days??