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  1. altezzaclub

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    Well, the rest of the head gasket has just one steel ring holding in the fire.. maybe you don't need more between cylinders! Here's Phil's project, a 4K block over-bored by 6mm.
  2. altezzaclub

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    The head is just a flat surface where it sits on the gasket, so it doesn't matter how big the bore is. Wet liners were used too, they had an O-ring or similar seal at the bottom where they sat in the block and water circulated around the liner. Check out the twin-cam 4K, philfrederick bored a 4K to take 4AGE 1.6L pistons. A few guys have done that.
  3. altezzaclub

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    I think you will get a compression of the distance between the top of the piston/head gasket and the head, versus the stroke. So the air column in your 73mm stroke is going to be jammed into about 3mm, about 25times. Think if you kept the same combustion chamber and bowl in the piston, but bored it out to.. say, a metre! There is a massive flat area around the piston bowl going up to meet a massive flat area around the combustion chamber, compressing that volume 25times. Soon the combustion chamber and bowl in the piston would be so small that your compression ratio would be 25:1. So reboring it wider must give you a compression increase each time, but small rebores will make a small difference. That's providing the piston shape stays the same of course, and it reaches the same stroke height. Someone used VW pistons to get a flat-top piston a few years back, but I couldn't find one with the right gudgeon diameter and deck height. You might be able to get some really interesting parts we wouldn't see in Aussie.
  4. altezzaclub

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    The advantage of liners is that they are factory honed & ready for use, and always use standard size pistons. The head gasket seals on the lip at the top of the liner, so no problems there. They're the precision part and the hole you machine out is pretty simple. I expect they are too expensive a system to use in Aussie, we can precision rebore a block easier.
  5. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Of course... there's drought on! So lots of feeding out, a couple of thousand dollars worth of feed every second day, and two guys for a day. When Pete sold part of the farm he got permission to use the giant steel hay barn..complete with its giant 6M X 6M roller door that someone had driven into and the gears slipped when you pulled it up on the chain! So three days were spent rebuilding the planetary gears, and having had it unroll unexpectedly and release the springs we had to wind the tension back on. That's me winding the gears up Steve's mate Ronnie on the haybale ladder with a pipewrench and Steve on the pallet with the other pipe wrench. Its working better now than it has since new! You have to pull it down its so keen to go up! Actually, we DID do something more related to the rally car! We bought 4 straps for tie-downs and are halfway through making mounts for them. It will be "see a KE70 and Gone In 60seconds!" So, next time.. more workshop stuff to do, more carpet up on the walls, fireplace installed, tools moved over, 240V electrical supply..Ha! that's a topic all of its own! Three electricians, no prices yet and solar looking like a good option! We might just beat Project Binky!
  6. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Of course more delays were involved with new staff members.. I don't know what they are meant to be doing, they're sleeping on the job a lot! I think they're doing QC, they watch a lot from the ceiling.. Typical staff, lots of in-fighting Mao has been up on the hoist for a week, a couple of new steering joints, center driveshaft bearing, and fitting the terratrip sensors. ::Sigh:: there a noobs rally on next weekend, only 45Km of stage, but you don't need a cage and someone I know reckons he can teach them all a thing of two.. Speaking of panelbeating, another job was to tidy up the nana auto for sale, to pay for a MIG welder and welding generator. The back bumper was slightly out of shape and nana had run down the side of a gate or something, but the main things are original, low Km and no rust! If you want a lovely untouched KE70, pony up $4K and its yours! Steve will advertise it properly later.
  7. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Meanwhile at the house we were running the bore pump every couple of days, so I started measuring the tank twice a day. Turns out the bore pump doesn't pump 9000L up the hill in under an hour, like it used to, in fact it was only pumping 3000L then struggling to get any more water up. There's a drought you know.. So then I chased water usage and found about 1000L/day of the nearly 3000L/day we were losing, probably 2000L/day going down at the shearer's cottage where Steve's bro lives! We were losing a day's bore pumping every day and a half! We went to town & grabbed a pump and fittings, removed a leaking tap completely and moved the pipe valves inside out of the frost. Now we can switch from the bore tank to the rainwater tank, and we'll run on rainwater until the 20,000L has gone, with NO leaks. Rallying..?? Hang on, the Maxima has a blown head gasket! I have a particular interest in the Maxima, having solved a long-term missfire a few years back, then the injector woes, and I'm not letting it die from just a BHG! So lots of time draining the water system, taking out the t'stat and filling it with some head gasket sealant or another. Every trip had water going into a plastic drink bottle and it was measured. Its only taken a month but damm you can do anything now and it behaves like there was nothing ever wrong. No water goes into the bottle and we ignore the sodium silicate coating everything!
  8. altezzaclub

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Well, the best-laid plans of mice and men go aft astray.. The Girls KE70 died on me, my fault entirely, and that head gasket change is in the build thread. It did mean I spent May and half of June up on the farm. i suppose it started one night at 2am when I vaguely woke up and heard water dripping.. I leaned over and put the light on, and thought "its coming from the armchair where I throw my clothes".. but when I sat up and knelt over on the bed a drip hit me on the butt! It was dripping onto the bed, through the joins in the tongue & groove ceiling.. So I moved the bed and got a pot..when the drip moved over a board I moved the bed again.. and so on! Next morning trip in the ceiling showed the drain tray on the gas heating unit had rusted out, and it took over a week to get a stainless one copied. So THAT was the start of this trip! Meanwhile we had the benches all welded up, then cleaned and painted. The mobile work bench was earning its money! I will say that working on clean white benches is just so nice!! The first big customer for the hoist was Cobar the Landcruiser that didn't like to go into 2nd gear. Yep, you could lift it up and still walk under it upright! The new gearbox jack made that job simpler too. The box was mailed to Terrain Tamer for two or three weeks, and is now back to be fitted this weekend. Dammit! THAT's where that rope went, I was looking for it yesterday!
  9. altezzaclub

    The Girl's Ke70

    Well, I'm stopping at an intersection and the car dies as it idles.. not unusual, the cams give it a rough idle, but this time it was 3 cylindered and it stayed that way the couple of minutes home. So I spent a week chasing the problem until I was due up at Woolshed rallying, and this happened.. Steve to the rescue and we headed up to Walcha. It was head off time, to find a perfect fossilised imprint of a phillips screw in the top of a piston- One of those experiments with the idle speed had got out of the cage some months before, and the screw had popped in, got stuck beside a valve and on the next stroke jammed the valve and bent it! So a couple of valve seats got recut, a new valve and a precautionary skim, and its back together, sitting outside on the verandah ready to drive home tomorrow. Of course it didn't take the month I've been up here, but that story is in How To build a Rally Car, or better named, the 465th reason we are not rallying!
  10. altezzaclub

    83 corolla 3tc no spark

    Your Y/G wire is for the temp gauge accoding to the wiring diagram. There's a good copy up on rollaclub somewhere.
  11. altezzaclub

    Ignition coil wiring

    What does or doesn't it do?? Do you get 12V at the coil with the key on? 12V when you're cranking? Do you get 12V at the points when the key is on and the points open? If you have a short where the wire goes into the dizzy or at the points the coil won't work.
  12. altezzaclub

    4AGE KE55

    Grab a larger diam master cyl from the wrecker if the throw is insufficient. I don't think you'll notice the heavier pedal.
  13. altezzaclub

    Ke20 fuel line.

    That's obviously the breather that goes into the charcoal canister on the KE70. The outlet on those goes into the chassis rail. How about running a plastic one up around the boot and out somewhere inconspicuous with that non-return valve on the end? That's what Datsun did.
  14. altezzaclub

    Unknown Front Struts in Ka67 Wagon

    Try the nut without the shock in and note how far it screws in. Then put the shock in and try it, and the nut should be maybe 4mm above where it was without a strut in there. Then you know you're clamping down the shock onto the bottom of the strut + spacer.
  15. altezzaclub

    4k spark plug tubes

    Great Wall use the same, under $3 from any GW agent ex-China. Just haven't got the part number with me at the moment.