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  1. Got any error codes showing? Can you check the injectors output into a measuring cylinder over 15seconds & see if its 50cc or over? Is it running an oxy sensor?? The ECU should alter the mixture according to the sensor's voltage. Is there an intake leak via a hose or somewhere, something outside the ECU's ability to compensate for? All you can do is go over it again and see if there's something you missed. Maybe something tucked away under the intake manifold. Can you beg, borrow or steal a mixture display, wideband or narrowband, just to check what the oxy sensor is sending. Even a multimeter might do it, the oxy sensor produces 0.5volts at ideal mixture & you could tap into it's wire to read it. Maybe take it to a garage who has one to get a reading at cruise. Chase down Parrot's 4AGE diagnostic manual and use a copy of that. If you can't d'load it I can email you a copy, its only 6meg compared to the full 4AGE manual at 90meg. A lot will be common between the engines. I think if you can make sure the mixture is correct you will solve the pinging at the same time.
  2. Well, the usual ones are getting power to the solenoid and then the starter motor, and then earthing it back. Seems you have that sorted. Then there's the contacts inside the solenoid that burn away until they can't provide enough power to the starter even though the solenoid clicks into place. Then there's the windings in the starter, which your new motor should have sorted. ..and that leaves the teeth on the flywheel that get hammered out of shape as the engine always stops in the same relative position so only a few flywheel teeth every get smacked. So, was it a new new starter and solenoid you fitted, or just another used one? Can you remove the starter and somehow view the teeth it will crash into each time on the flywheel?
  3. "I took a cut in pay at first, just to learn the skill. " Yep, seeing you did it the right way I can't see why you would put everyone else crook by suggesting they can learn from a video... The only way to learn is holding the gun beside someone who knows what they're doing. Its a waste of time watching a video.
  4. Swap the mains between them and see what difference it makes. It sounds like its running lean. Might pay to check the choke operation too, it should open the throttle as well as closing the flap in the throat, and often you can adjust those separately. Make it open more throttle as it closes the flap. A 32/36 is bigger than a stock 4K can handle easily, but if you've got it you might as well use it.
  5. Well.. The ECU I don't know what power it can deliver, someone else will have done it though. The T50 will get you running and be OK if you're not hard on it. What options are there? A W box or a J160, both harder to fit. What happened to the previous owner's cross-member he used with the 4AGE??If you can't get it just make engine mounts. In Aussie the exhaust usually runs down the Euro driver's side, the yellow path right to the rear. You might have steering in the way as you drive on the wrong side! Don't worry about the width of the diff, you can easily flare the guards over the tyres if you need to. I'd check out newer van diffs at your wreckers, they carry more weight than car diffs, so stronger, but not as heavy as big ute diffs like Hilux. You'll have to modify the mounts and driveshaft anyway, so it doesn't have to be a Toyota at all. Leaf springs if you have to, but fit a couple of traction bars at least. Just investigate what is needed for floor pan cutting to fit a 5-link, maybe its not too hard. With the high fuel tank you can easily fit a low-pressure pump to fill a surge tank and then feed the high pressure pump. Make a tall surge tank in the boot or the engine bay, it just depends where there is room. The filter and high-pressure pump can go in the engine bay. Superchargers, I don't know.. Someone can help I'm sure. Having three coolers in a row is a worry, it just heats two of them up to the third. Can you put two beside one another?? Overall, I'd aim for getting it driving as easily as possible, then modify it as things break. You don't want it hanging around in the shed for 5years while you find all the best parts and make them fit together...
  6. Can't we ban this clown?  How many fking Toyotas does he think he's going to sell in Australia?


    Bloody idiots on the web!

  7. That is a full colour HD KE70 wiring diagram!! They only came in black and white, and the each letter is 3mm high on my screen, so you won't do better than that. The other one I use is this one- It should be 656kB unless it got re-sized as it loaded.
  8. Fair enough- check this topic & see what you think. Budget & planning are all !! I don't know enough about those old leaf-spring buggies to be much help, but the principles for a successful project are always the same.
  9. Are you asking about the right-hand 14pin plug shown here??
  10. "If we made a huge jump in climate action (whatever that means..what does it mean?), what is the worst that can happen? " Well.. The obvious one is that we might spend hundreds of billions of taxpayer money investing in stuff that has no return. That may give us an unworkable electricity grid with power so variable we have daily blackouts for a few hours here and there, like most of Africa. Of course the taxpayers don't have hundreds of billions, so the Govt will borrow it & expect the next generation to pay it back, which means the next block of Govts will just inflate the shit out of money until the debt is worthless. Its really about heading down a dead-end road. Comparable to spending Australia's energy budget just mining Bitcoin, then having everyone rush off and use something else. There is a lot of ways to throw money away, and Govts know them all. Of course we may still be whining about global warming and pouring money in when the next ice-age hits and you'll never find a politician or "influencer" who would own up to their stupidity! I'd be quite happy is there were no regulations forcing people to use renewables, and no subsidies. That way we will get new ideas that are actually economic. But instead some brainless shit on Council in Orange calling for Council to "create a market for recycling"!! That's is the epitome of throwing ratepayer's money away! We should have all that stuff running on private investment, so when enough people believe in it they will adopt it. Maybe we should be adopting one of the many newer forms of nuclear energy. Maybe we should just burn coal or gas and grab the particulates & sulphur from the exhaust, but while its politics and not economics, we can't discover the real price of energy. As for the IPCC, NONE of their predictions in the last 20 years has come true, so they just don't count!
  11. Well, here we are in the annual fire season, and because its a drought its worse than usual. Of course all the media and Socialists (and crony Capitalists looking for Govt handouts in wind & solar!) are screaming "its global warming doing it!" No-one seems to be looking anywhere else. For example- This arrangement of the planets happens less than once in 300years. 300years ago is before the "history" they mean when they say "worst fires in history"... The sun has run of of sunspots.. It happens in 11-year cycles that grow each cycle to a maximum, then decrease each cycle to a minimum, but NOT as minimum as currently. We've been counting sunspots since the 1600s, so those who learn about them have noted how the climate is affected. The IPCC is NOT included amongst those! The sun's magnetic field usually flips every second cycle, we don't know how this will affect electronics, but our own magnetic North pole is moving towards Russia. (Of COURSE the Russians are doing it!) Others are saying the Earth is overdue for a magnetic pole flip, as has happened many times before. Even within the drought the weather has a greater chance of rain than at others. I'm a great believer in Kevin Long here in Aussie, as I was in NZ with Ken Ring. Ken reckons our forefathers used astronomy to predict the climate for generations, but when Britain was expanding their empire around the world they need weather forecasts for their ships. The invention of the barometer solved that, but is only over a week at the most, and its popularity resulted in it excluding the old methods for all Western Govts. The moon is the biggest impactor on weather. I LOVE the BOM's phantom rain, it appears a week away and gets less & less as we approach it. As people say, if they can't predict the weather a week away, how can they say what's going to happen in 50years? I say, I'll believe in their global warming crap science when they can explain how water divining works! I've seen it happen, I believe completely in it, yet no scientist can explain it... so, what else don't they know? How good are their models when they can't even explain something that has been around for tens of thousands of years? Meanwhile, we're all going to get screwed by completely ignorant politicians who are captured by big business and grandstanding to their peers, they're all trying to outdo each other as they pander to the 'woke'. It will all end badly...
  12. Yeah, there are lot of enormous fires around, but they are on Govt land because its never looked after. The farms won't burn, the trees are in isolated pockets and the dry grass is 10mm high. There's just no soil moisture or green plants, so there's no water to absorb the heat and make it difficult to burn. Same reason the summer is early, a drought means no dew so the earth heats up more and faster each day. One more distraction I forgot about was making the tractor narrower so the rotary hoe would dig up the wheel tracks. We carefully took the umpteen hundred Kg wheels off and turned them around so the rim was outwards, but one fell over. I'm impressed with the engine lifter, I thought it would break!
  13. Well, time flies... A couple of trips and the rally car is just like it was, although we tacked in a diagonal brace into the main hoop, not needed by CAMS but AMSAG wanted it. So... my Hoonicorn was excess with both The Girl and the wife buying new cars, so I sold that to a guy up on the Gold Coast for $3000. We drove it up to Ipswich and handed it over, then drove to my rental in Kingaroy where a big storm had blown the garden shed over a month back. It was two ordinary sheds joined end to end, and abysmally made as most these garden sheds are. Some steel from Bunnings and 250rivets sorted that out, and a couple of days later we drove back through 500km of smoke to the farm. Steve's daily, Mao, had dropped the exhaust when he was a control on an AMSAG event down on the coast, so we put that on the hoist and re-made it all. The new sliders are great for tight spots in a workshop, I just need to modify them when I get time... Then Steve decided to raise some cash by selling the Beige Bomber. It had been sold and re-bought back a few years later to a mate of his, and then it was the company car for Strathaven Organics for a year. I spent a week cleaning it up and he sold it to a guy in Sydney for $4000. From there I came home and will join Mr Rural Fireman towards the end of the month for another couple of weeks. Maybe we'll even get onto the rally car! Hopefully the fires will have burned out by then!
  14. Same as any old motor... More air in, more air out, more fuel in and more advance to set fire to it earlier.. How much do you want to spend?? A porting job to make sure the air can flow in easily. Look at oldskewltoy's posts here and all over the web to see what he does. You don't have to do it all, just learn about which parts are important without hogging the ports out larger. Get 10 or 20thou skimmed off the head to raise the compression. A bigger cam to get top-end airflow, at the expense of low-end torque if you go big enough. A bigger carb setup to flow more fuel and air. A Weber or SUs or bike carbs.. A set of extractors and a bigger exhaust system to get the air out. A play with the timing to make sure you are getting the most out of the 98octane you will run it on. Take a read of the mods I did to The Girls KE70, simple stuff that improved it quite a bit. https://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/42407-the-girls-ke70/
  15. It does, if you mill enough off you'll have the rocker tip start to slide off the edge of the valve. I doubt 0.5mm will worry it, but you can check when you get it assembled. Worry about it when you're fly-cutting 1/2moons into the pistons to allow the valves to open without hitting them! Its nowhere the problem of skimming an overhead cam setup, there it upsets cam timing as well. I don't think the pushrods can be machined, I'd expect to space the rocker pedestals upwards the same amount.
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