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  1. I expect the engine won't start if its not in Park. Don't all autos have a lockout so you can't start them in gear, you must be in 'Park'? Just join those two wires. I'm way behind with all this safety stuff, I can't drive my daughter's i30 its so stupid with the way and the amount of things you have to do or an alarm goes off. ..and press the "Start" button to turn it off! So the Starlet is getting a massive makeover, it will be better than brand-new when you're done! Ah- you'll have to identify those wires on the engine loom, so do you have the neutral switch plug that goes on the gearbox?
  2. Viterbo! How's that wild KP61 you had? The two wires are probably the ones at the gearlever, there will be a few there. A pair make the light work at night so you can see the gear you're in, a pair make the reverse lights work and a pair are to tell the ECU you are in neutral so it can start the car. This thing- https://www.tcorolla.net/adjustment-1174.html Hmmm.. for a Camry its on the gearbox, not the lever. https://carpedia.club/en/Ustanovka-perekliuchatelia-polozheniia-stoianka-neitral-avtomobilia-Toyota-Camry-2001-2006 and it is on the AE111 too! https://toyota.epc-data.com/corolla_levin/ae111/17734/electric/8401/ Looks like you'll have to sort out which wires do what in that switch. Ah, here you go- As a start I reckon power comes in on the top yellow, then goes to the ECU via green park, red reverse, blue/white neutral, blue/black drive, 2nd gear yellow and low gear red/yellow. So do you want to tell the ECU its in neutral or park?
  3. Do it! it would have to be the simplest engine swap possible and a great way to get experience. Buy a halfcut or a whole parts car so you get everything from the windscreen forward and as parrot said, be prepared for it to take a month. Keep everything from your car in case the 4AGE blows up within a couple of months, any second-hand engine is a risk. The ECUs are very particular too, they may not swap at all. Lots of people must have done it already, is there a fan site for just this swap? I assume they're 4AGE smallport motors we are talking about here. You do realise its worth all of not much in terms of torque increase... what, 4NM extra..... 4AFE is worth 77KW & 142NM or so, 4AGE 85-90KW with 148NM . You might not even feel it if the 4AGE is a bit worn! What can you do to your 4AFE to get that much extra grunt?
  4. I had one when I first came over here in 1976, a Beetle I bought in Sydney with a blown clutch, the rounded but not split rear window. Stayed with my sister and changed it in her driveway, then drove to Canberra where I was staying. It was resprayed down there while I worked at a panelbeaters, then GF & I went to Darwin in it... well, not quite, it melted a piston in the summer heat around Grafton & I hitched in to Glen Innes to get a new set from a wrecker. It never felt right after that so we left it in Townsville to be sold and hitch-hiked on to Darwin, where she flew to Indonesia and I hitched back to pick up the money. The dealer paid me, said the timing was out and the car was so good he sold it to his daughter! The adventures of youth! Many of them involved VWs back then!
  5. Plus one! Always great to see a project finished and working, and that's a smart-looking sleeper.
  6. "The Corolla looked a bit too try hard. " Definitely! The last decent-looking car Toyota made would be the Altezza, it followed on from some lovely Supras and Soarers, then devolved into weird angles and mis-fitting panels. The Yaris is like the Ford Ka, a ewe pissing, just not as bad. After Josh's bro bent his Golf R we fitted all the mechanicals and wiring from that (including the boot floor) to his Mum's 1.4L Golf. Now she has a shopping rocket that his Dad swipes most days, and it looks completely stock. The boot floor was the only part that needed altering (shallower floor) to fit the 4WD. Keeps your eyes open for an R at the auctions/wreckers, you never know...
  7. True- There's no sidewall in a /35, and rally tyres are fat and heavy for a good reason! We had one throw the tread off recently, just left big areas of the wires on the surface, gravel is much harder on tyres than asphalt.
  8. Have you had it running with a stock coil on the ECU only? I thought mixing bigport and smallport ECUs wasn't a good thing. I don't know if that is because they have different ways of handing cam timing & ignition, the distributors have different toothed wheels in them between the VAST and the ESA systems. I suppose you need to confirm ignition timing and injection timing to start with, if you can get it running on the stock setup at least you know the rest of the system like the wiring is good, The try the Razorback and make it work before trying the COPs. I'll know more when I finally get around to fitting a Haltech to replace my bigport ECU, or I'll be asking you for answers....
  9. This!! "You strip it gradually, & tag everything, so that when you put it back together; in months to come; & that everything is in plastic bags or bottles, clearly marked; particularly nuts & bolts. " Then run up a budget and see what costs the most and what gives the best bang for buck. Think about what you're going to use the car for and what rpm you'll be using.. Most of what you are talking about I did in here- https://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/42407-the-girls-ke70/ Its not hard to cc a combustion chamber, the answer I got was 31cc, the area was 30Sqcm and in the end I took 20thou off the head, in theory giving it 9.7:1 compression ratio. Nothing great or radical. It ran on E10 most its life. The thing most people don't have is a pipette to measure the volumes of turps put in a head, its worth buying a 25ml one. The area is just tracing around a bit of graph paper and counting the squares. Then a stock motor has a cylinder volume of 322cc, that's just multiplying bore & stroke, so add 7.3cc for the head gasket and add the chamber volume of 31cc and you get a total volume of 360cc, which crushes down to 31+7=38cc. That's a compression ratio of 9.4:1, which is just what Rollaclub Wiki says... I sent my cam off & bought a Crow 606 grind, not wild but an improvement, and you don't need to change valve springs. I had the flywheel lightened, bought some extractors and then the hard work started. I wouldn't use a DD Weber, go for SUs or better would be a single DCOE Weber, and I reckon best would be quad bike carbs off a 1000cc Suzuki GXR or similar, the Keihins are pretty common on older bikes. Tommys KE11 has them on here- Make sure the manifolds all line up perfectly & give the ports a bit of a cleanout to match all the joints. Have the electronic dizzy looked over for its timing advance curve, you don't want it as slow as a forkhoist! Another really handy tool is a mixture display, especially if you're tuning things yourself. Let us know how you go-
  10. "the indexing of the pin that locates the front of the camshaft to the rear of the camshaft sprocket, is incremented in 12 degree camshaft degrees, whereas, leaving the pin in the original pin hole, & moving the chain one tooth on the camshaft sprocket only moves the timing 10 degrees. " So if you go forward one tooth and back one pin, you change it 2deg?
  11. Advancing the camshaft (turning the cam sprocket clockwise) makes the inlet open earlier and close earlier, as you say, but it also makes the exhaust open earlier on the power stroke and close earlier on the top of the exhaust stroke. It turns the diagram here backwards, anti-clockwise. So inlet opens 15deg BTDC, exhaust closes 15deg ATDC, and at the other end the exhaust opens 50deg before the bottom and inlet closes earlier at 50deg ABDC. The piston is hardly moving at the top if you measure mm per deg, so these changes are not a big deal. At the other end its more important. The exhaust opens earlier, using less of the expansion of the burning fuel pressure, and the inlet closes earlier so the cylinder may not fill with fuel & air quite as much. The inlet closing is usually the most important one. If your adjustable wheel is anything like the Datsun ones, the teeth and the holes will not line up. The tooth will move 16deg, but one hole moves 4deg, a 2nd makes it 8deg and the 3rd 12deg, then the next tooth is 16deg back on hole 1. This should be fun!
  12. "the large one is jammed " How did you try to make it open? Govt emissions regulations of the 1980s meant that manufacturers moved away from manual twin-choke carbs to vacuum operated secondaries or delay diaphrams or other systems that mean they won't open if you just open the throttle wide open. Even revving the engine with no load will not always open them. If you had all the linkages disconnected and it was jammed you could expect corrosion and dirt in the axle bush and around the plate edge, usually from sitting on a bench for a decade. The other thing that jams them is being bent or twisted. Start a new topic for it and give us some photos.
  13. Ah, I didn't know you knew Parrot- "I don't suppose this source is Philip Colina aka pfncolina / dhee / dhee77 / Budi / etc. based in Manila?" Page 2 of this thread.
  14. I'll swap you a Commodore V8 & a fish tank.. Just imagine how worn-out a motor is when its 50years old, and then you find there are no pistons available, or bearings or seals.. You'd be better selling us Filfrederick's one, at least its current.
  15. Hmmm... what did you learn from that knock sensor Banjo?? It has crossed my mind occasionally, but knocking in a non-turbo car is not so serious so I hope I can hear it before its too bad. I think we just get the fast-flame-front knocking from the spark being too early rather than the explosion before the spark plug fires that a turbo can get.
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