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  1. So it seems disconnecting the vacuum advance helped a lot. Today I went to the gas station I mentioned and the car started with no issues there. Didn't notice any loss in performance by running it with no vac advance. I also charged the battery for about 4h before going which might have helped
  2. Altezza it's not 25deg total advance, it's 25deg at idle with vacuum connected. I don't know what total advance is because my timing light is very simple and I can't read timing after it passes the scale on the timing cover
  3. Exactly, one of the runners has a port so I can run vacuum advance from there, which puts total advance at idle around 25º. I already thought of it... never tried to unplug it tho
  4. 100% stock ignition setup, running 12º of static timing at idle
  5. I didn't have the chance to monitorize the mixture, I'm relying on behaviour and plug color 😄 I plan to dyno it and check everything but it runs really sweet! The only related issue I have on cold is the battery drains quickly but that must be battery related (5 year old battery, 40Ah/300A or 45Ah/300). I'm gonna sort some kind of heat shield and see how it goes. I might also plug a new strong ground wire... The signal I think goes directly from the key. The cranking is like a really advanced ignition that brakes the engine rotation
  6. I don't think the extractors glow, and even if they do that's not the issue here. I have a gas station like 2kms from home with no possibility to drive hard on the way there and I had that issue going there more than one time. On the last time I had to push the car and start it in 2nd gear. As for the extractors, the bends they have were made to ensure equal length on the tight space on the engine bay (left hand drive, issues with steering column and all that). And yes, it's running on bike carbs! @Banjo check your PM's because you have something there since January or so 😅
  7. I also thought of that as I'm running these extractors with no protection: I might try some sort of heat shield 🤔
  8. I've been having a problem with my starter for too long and have no idea of what can be the issue. A lot of times it's impossible to start the car when hot. For example, if I go to a gas station I turn off the car, after refueling and paying I try to start it and a lot of times it just cranks reaaaaaally slowly or doesn't crank at all. If I let it rest for 10/15 minutes it cranks and starts like everything is fine. Cleaned all the terminals on the earth wires to the engine block (there's 2 or 3 of them), the starter was recently disassembled, cleaned on the inside and brushes were replaced. Can it be battery related? I've got no space to place a bigger one to test it...
  9. Unplug the spark plug cables and crank the engine. If it cranks easily your timing is way out and it's stopping the engine. At least that's how mine behaves...
  10. It's the original engine of my GTi AE92 that shows around 180k kms on the cluster. That's what I'm suspecting, valve clearances are out which indicates shims or cam wear
  11. The noise has been increasing slowly on the last few months but this engine has not been touched for the last 3 or 4 years and I'm not sure that the cams were taken out.
  12. My 4AGE makes a noise that I think it's valvetrain related but I'm not sure. I recorded a video of it, after I give a little throttle, we can hear a "rrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound. What do you think?
  13. So I was only able to test the new cap yesterday, it was raining and I went for a slidding run, so I pushed the car a bit. So far so good, the stock expansion bottle didn't fill as it was doing before. Seems the issue really was a faulty cap.
  14. Yep, block skimmed, head skimmed, good gasket, bolts ok. It does this since day 1 after the rebuild that was also the start of this radiator use. I hardly believe it's engine related. I'm still yet to test the new cap.
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