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  1. Hi everyone just wondering if anyone here has used the vacuum block off plank on there 4age and did you notice any difference
  2. Yes if you want full quad head light setup you will need those things but I don’t think you’ll need too change anything with the radiator support. I’m going too be doing the same thing as I like the quad headlight but not enough too spend $1000 for everything needed so I will be doing the bezel and grill with a bit off costum work not too hard should fit fine and way cheaper then buying a full front end for quads. pics are from: tongo_bongo. On Instagram
  3. not selling it at this stage too far in too give up now it’s good for learning on and it’s fun too drive when it actually goes. feels like your driving a go-Kart. Iv softer it now cranks and everything is getting power like it should there were a couple bad connections in the kick panel in drivers side and in the engine bay . Thanks for always helping out bro would never have a clue where too start if it wasn’t for your knowledge.
  4. I was messing about under kick panel and the accessory’s are working now radio brake lights indicators etc but the starter is still not turning . so nothing seems too wanna work with everything else going like the if I do indicators individually it’s fine and turn radio at same time it will stop working and if I use radio and turn on indicators the radon will stop working so it’s not getting enough volts too power more then one a thing at a time
  5. The car dosent have any off the heating installed as last owner pulled the heater motor out as it was stuffed the wire wire seems to be getting 12 volts and do the relay. I checked break lights do not work
  6. Hello again I’m having an issue with the electrics my lights all work but when I turn it too the first click none off the dash lights come up and won’t turn over it’s completely dead do you think this is the main or somthing too do with voltage battery is brand new and new leads as the others where half snapped on the ends since then iv got this issue I replaced all the ends that connect too positive on battery aswell and iv got a new relay
  7. So it’s running now there might be voltage issue or could over heating cause this bc it will run Alg after I turn it off it won’t run again unless I leave it for about 10 minutes otherwise it dosent want too crank properly and also the carb is sputtering at acceleration and won’t go over 40kmh I’m pretty sure that’s too do with timing but I’ve tried turning the dizzy side too side while giving it a bit off gas and it still does it just trial and error at the moment.
  8. My coil reads below 4v what could be causing this issue. When I go too start the car it try’s too start in the first couple turn then won’t after wards could I be having an issue with volt regulator
  9. Also my negative wire is burning hot could that mean that there’s a grounding problem somewhere
  10. When I crank the car it cranks for a bit then stop then cranks then stops do you know what might be happening? I just got a new alternator bc it was starting first go after I turn it off and go too start it it wouldn’t go so I thought it could be alternator since the battery was drained after the first go but it’s still doing it. Could it be the voltage regulator ? Or somthing else that I don’t know about there’s a bit of smoke coming from engine too when I crank it. could that be that when the timing was bad there was unburnt fuel going into the sump
  11. iv Got it running now the carb was the problem maker but it fixed now.but I’m confused on my firing order as I was using 1324 when I bought the car and that’s how I was driving it now iv changed it too 1342 as a couple of people have said that’s what it is. Seemed too run better when I had it on 1324. Might sound a bit stupid but I'm only 17 so I don’t have much knowledge about cars just do it as I go and learn from people and asking about it.
  12. It was running bad and pissing out with oil I didn’t realise how bad it was until I had put new oil in and couple weeks later I checked it and there was barley any oil left I think it was leaking mostly when I was driving it bc there was only small drips on the drive way where it was parked.i was only changing the head gasket and the oil seal thing that slips on too the crank shaft but I bought a set witch had every gasket in it so I dicided I may aswell change the rest aswell, the previous owner Had put silicone gasket maker and the gasket aswell and there was heaps of silicone in the sump and some in the oil pick up filter iv got a guy that is going to fix the carb for me hopefully and then it should be running again.
  13. Iv got the timing set now still wouldn’t start I had a guy come have a look and he said my carb was stuffed the two jets are throwing way too much fuel in there so it flooding is there a way too fix that issue
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