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  1. It was running bad and pissing out with oil I didn’t realise how bad it was until I had put new oil in and couple weeks later I checked it and there was barley any oil left I think it was leaking mostly when I was driving it bc there was only small drips on the drive way where it was parked.i was only changing the head gasket and the oil seal thing that slips on too the crank shaft but I bought a set witch had every gasket in it so I dicided I may aswell change the rest aswell, the previous owner Had put silicone gasket maker and the gasket aswell and there was heaps of silicone in the sump and some in the oil pick up filter iv got a guy that is going to fix the carb for me hopefully and then it should be running again.
  2. Iv got the timing set now still wouldn’t start I had a guy come have a look and he said my carb was stuffed the two jets are throwing way too much fuel in there so it flooding is there a way too fix that issue
  3. I have a 1982ke70 wagon running a 5k engine that won’t start I replaced most off the gaskets a couple weeks ago and iv now put the engine back together but I can’t seem too get it too start. I have spark and fuel going in. I'm assuming it could be the timing. Iv had a couple off back fires when iv fiddled with the timing but most off the time it’ll just have spitting through the carb.i don’t know much about how too time a car so any advice would be helpful.
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