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  1. Do i need to change my fenders, apron, radiator support, hood etc. Anything else i need to convert it to quadlights. Thanks! Car model: 1983 corolla GL variant (philippines)
  2. Hey man its been a year. I'm in process converting my flat front(rectangular headlights) to quadlights. Do i need to change my bonnet, apron and fenders, radiator support?
  3. xt130 struts, brakes and hub (do you mean complete strut?) and the t3 steering (super evolved knuckles??). does my factory castor rod(ke70), sway bar link fits in that kind of xt130 stuff(lcA and strut) can someone answer this question before i throw in some cash on that stuff. thanks!
  4. For sale Brand : Western wheels PCD : 114.3 13X7 4H FRONT 175/50 REAR 175/60 $235 LOCATION - PHILIPPINES shipping at buyers expense
  5. 15x8 0 offset. 195/50/15 does it fit w/ ke70 stock suspension and height? or 15x8.25 0 offset 195/50/15?
  6. Wiring connections are all good, i checked it using a test light..
  7. how to port and polish toyota 4k cylinder head? where should i start? intake manifold? any idea where to start?
  8. can someone provide a wiring a diagram for toyota 4A-FE engine corolla 91-95
  9. Any possible way to replace the buld inside? My high beam isn't working. Low beam is good.
  10. Thanks for that info nick!
  11. Try compression test on 3 and 4, (wet test procedure) pour a small amount (enough to cover the cylinder wall) of oil into the cylinder through the spark plug hole. - if adding the oil increases the compression, the piston rings and/or your cylinder bore may be worn or damaged. - if the pressure stays low, a valve may be sticking or seating improperly, or there may be a leakage past the gasket, valve oil seal.
  12. Ke70 stock mudguard rear complete set - 35$ Ke70 stock rubber bumpers - 20$ location : philippines items can be ship worldwide.
  13. what are those wheels (the blue one)?
  14. whats are those wheels?
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