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Found 12 results

  1. Hey everyone this thread is gonna be about this ke26 getting finished off! I'm pretty excited about this car i got 2 months ago, few people have prob seen this car on rollaclub before, now its mine :D, should be a good cruiser once its all together. I have a few plans... not much tho lol, i was thinking a 5k with a 5 speed. I would love any ideas or input form everyone, to help me out
  2. So it’s finally time and tomorrow morning I’m travelling to the goldy to pick up my Ke70 project. It’s currently in pieces and has already had rust cut out and fixed up so the first thing that I plan to do to it, is strip it fully and begin paintworks. As a tribute to my first ever car, I have decided to paint it green :O My dearly beloved Toyota Lexcen, bought for $50 off the back of a mates swamp and done up as a replica HSV SV5000 commo (but with SV89 body kit, go figure), was sadly written off after a very intimate encounter with a roo. So to revive some of my dearest memories I decided to paint my new Toyota in the same colour. Now, I haven’t painted in 6 years but nonetheless it’s something I can’t wait to do again. Pics of Ke70 to come tomorrow. Ps. Me painting green when I was 14. Ha. That rhymed. Painter and a Poet.
  3. Hey guys I’m Finally starting on my project, I’ve had this Rolla for about 4 years, I drove it for about 2 years it started to show signs of rust, I was about to start cutting the rust out but had to move house and parked it at my parents place and bought a motorbike. So it sat there for 2 years and now I have a place with a small shed so I have brought it home to start fixing her.
  4. Hello rolla fans, my name is Nick, i'm 30 years old and i'm from Greece. For few weeks now I'm proud owner of a Corolla KE70. Because i'm working full season I brought the car but I haven't see it or touch it yet (because i'm working in a island) so my best friend did all the papers etc and have it on his garage. The plan on this beauty going for Drift Project but for now i'm trying to fix it. Off topic : Because the rear wheels has more offset than the front I heard that you can add fenders from Golf MK1 is that true and if yes from the front or from the rear? Thanks Nick.
  5. Hi Guys, just joined the club and wanted to say hi, not new to Corolla's but it's been a long time - bought a Ke20 brand new back in 1973 (yeah I am that old in body not mind) and raced it for the next few years until I totalled it. Had a pretty hand setup making lots of H.P. great handling and all the rest. That was then. So now I have decided to do it all again - bought a fairly ordinary Ke20 with "good bones" and am starting the resto procress. I already need a front bumper, bonnet, stone tray, urgently so if anyone can help please give me a shout. Yeah the car turned out to be "a bit different" to what I was promised in the add and on the phone and was supposed to come with a whole pile of spares that didn't happen. Will put up some photos as it all progresses.
  6. Godey guys, Toby here! I've purchased my second corolla ever after a 5 year gap between KE70's. I found her on these very forums, granny spec one owner, family car it soon became very clear this wasn't the average clapped out plate swapped and thrashed KE I'm used to seeing here in Adelaide so I snapped her up. With that said I paid $2000 for her. My grandfather who still thinks he needs to chauffeur me to every single car I look at wasn't please another old car that will be a money pit to fix all the problems he kept on telling me while I tried to assure him he was wrong. But in all truth he was half right, yes it would be a money pit but that wouldn't be because she has problems that are major, no it’s because I'm now older and a qualified mechanic with disposable income I had a dream of a mental 4AGE build. So I've got my list for my action plan first things first fix the only two spots of rust in the car "I'm currently waiting for the shop to do it already put the money aside was quoted $800 by lord of dings literally 3 doors down from my work so easy of access was a big part of going with them" while I was at ServiceSA transferring the title into my name and getting a year’s rego I went stupid and got myself some custom plates "slim front, square rear" with "KE SVNT" after this I found out my boss had a set of Defi gauges laying around so I got the set of 4 (oil temp/pressure, water temp and boost gauge "for some reason I hooked it up for the hell of it not like I need it on a currently stock 4k") for $100 with the controller I've also been known to troll "in for the fishing sense and mythical creature" the common cesspool that is known as Drift Sales SA on the old Facebook and so far I have acquired a pair of genuine DX taillights for $70 and a genuine Nardi Classic 330MM black leather on a black center that I'm happy with also the boss of my neighboring workplace has a friend whose son was into corolla's and he’s since moved overseas so his father has given me a big port 4AGE with a built bottom end and ported top end for $50 bucks "the value for it if it was scrap in his eyes I did offer to pay more but I think I’ll let it slide for now. Shortly after this event I was also given two old DCOE 45's made in Italy so I’ve been gifted a decent chunk of mechanical parts required for my plans as my 4age was always going to be carbureted stuff EFI I think, with that I’m also in full researching mode looking to run a cdi ignition as well with a chop wheel on the harmonic balancer to piss off the ugly dizzy being driven off the exhaust cam so the plan is: #1 fix the rust “well I’ve booked her in and have the money aside” #2 do the minor accessory stuff like the gauges and wheel #3 Find me some 15x7 or wider SSR Longchamp’s xr4 these are by far my favorite old school JDM wheels basically looking to go as fat as possible before rolling/over guards or flares are needed #4 do the flat front conversion and locate some genuine quad headlights and chrome bumpers #5 sort all the suspension and lower her properly I refuse to cut springs #6 worry about a LSD and disc break rear end #7 possibly a respray in the original color I actual like the gold and get the original pin stripping in yellow redone And finally my last once she’s already then drop the 4age once the brakes and suspension can handle it all Here's some assorted photos of the car as she currently is and the day I got her and the gauges, Nardi and dx tail lights and the big port head I’ve stripped and cleaned
  7. Hello everyone, new to this site, old to Corolla's Where should I begin....... I guess it all started about six years ago; I was thinking about which way I wanted to go with my TE72 project. I kept dreaming of a 4A-GE swap (just like everyone else). Suddenly, like lighting striking my brain, it came to me! I’ll swap in a 5M-GE from an early 80’s Supra. I started doing some research to make sure it was possible to stick the inline 6 under the hood. I managed to find two blurry photos of 7M-GTE’s in TE72’s. That was more than enough proof for me. First I needed to find a running supra to swap the parts from. I searched and searched, but was always disappointed, because each car would be missing a critical element to my swap. Once, I even got a flat bed trailer and drove 45 miles away to pick up a supra. Only to find out that it was an automatic. Thumbs down! But finally, after months of searching, a customer at my store offered to sell me his old wrecked supra. He had a 1985 P type, powered by a 5M-GE and delivered through a 5speed gear box. The next day, I drove out to inspect the car. He had told me that everything had just been replaced, fresh low miles motor from Japan, four brand new tires, and all new fluids and services. But only one week after everything was finished, it got T-boned by some blonde on the phone. He said it was totaled and could not be driven. I braced myself for the worst…. When I saw the car for the first time, I said to myself; the damage must be on the other side of the car, because this side looks great. But then after seeing the other side I said; maybe the damage was on the first side. The car looked way better than he described! I knew right then that this was the perfect car for my project. I’m going to take my time on this swap. There are lots of details to cover, and many steps that need to be remembered. I want this log to be a useful step by step tool for anyone else who is thinking about a swap similar to this. Please be patient with this work log, I have I feeling it will take me along time to finish this project. Here is my TE72: Here is the Supra parts car: ******* I started this project by removing the hood from my TE72. I figured it would be in the way, and this helps lots of light reach those hard to see areas. Next, I removed the battery, the washer bottle, and radiator overflow tank. coil and all the vacuum control stuff are the next to go. Then I drained the radiator. And removed the hoses: Then I removed the radiator attachment bolts. There is one bolt on either side of the radiator. After the bolts are out. The radiator pulls out with little/ no effort.
  8. Well, this is my ke70. It had already been converted to 2 door before I purchased it. I bought it as a rolling shell and was going to put a 4age in it and as a short term project to get her on the track quickly, but things have changed and it has turned into a much bigger project.
  9. hi, I'm from Indonesia ... I am currently making convert to the corolla 4 door to 2 door, pillar in the middle is my cut and slide, this time I will do more long front door, and I hope my friends can help me find inspiration in this project.. sorry my english langguage too bad... :) its the image, and i will update after i working...
  10. just bought a ke70 5sp for a bargain $200, he says it needs a new carby and booster, the breaks still work just very bad, (have to push all the way in with alot of pressure to work at all), would it be the booster or something else? also would a boss kit for an ae86 fit? and would the strut bars from ae86 bolt straight in?
  11. Recently i have bought a 1984 cs ke70, i bought it off a nice 94 year lady :) so she had not been much of a daily driver, the car only had 45,500 km's when i bought it. garaged its whole life so the cars paint, interior, roof lining, chrome and anything you can think off was all in overrated condition. And i have a lot of plans for it :) let me know what you think :)
  12. I was just thinking about the amount of corolla projects that start off with all these big plans and never get finished. I would think it would be at least 50% haha Discuss.....
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