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  1. i have a 84 ke70 slant front and was wondering what chin spoiler would look best on it as well as wondering what kind of boot lips fit/look good and where can i pick one up from?
  2. hahaha yeah fair enough man i just put it on for shits n gigs :)
  3. Name: blake Car: 84 ke70 Motor & Driveline: extremely fresh stock 1.3, 4 speed manual bought only done 45,000km Suspension & Brakes: stock springs stock hight (chopping until i have money for coils) and stock breaks Wheels & Tyres: 15x8 XXR rims Interior: blue clean as hell, 2 pioneer 6x9 on back shelf, 2 4' pioneer speak up the front, pioneer hear unit, alpine amp, 2 12' kenwood subs (would not of bought subs that big but friend sold them to me :rocknroll: Body: no sign of fade, paint looks amazing, everything is ridiculously clean, except for a warp in the front bumper from some #$^%#$ reversing in to me today :bash:
  4. friend getting me a panhand rod and some different rear springs so i can cut and lower it this weekend :) just until i save up some money to buy ae86 strut and breaks and coils :) remember I'm new at this so if i have something wrong please let me know :yes:
  5. thanks man! il keep that in mind! i should be doing something about the height this weekend il upload photos when its done :thumbsup:
  6. thanks man! :) yeah I'm trying to keep it as clean as i can :) and i just herd that i need better shocks? and what springs do you recommend?thanks mate!
  7. thank mate, what about shocks? i read somewhere that shocks and chops springs go alright?
  8. any idea for shocks?
  9. thanks mate! that a big help i had no idea
  10. Recently i have bought some 15x8 off my friend when he sold his s13 and i put them on the ke70 :) just need to fix the heigh problem any ideas for springs please let me know :) i also got my guards rolled for the reason that every time i went over a bump with a couple people in the car (even with the height) it would scrub and was chewing the side of my wheels away. now just looking for some springs :)
  11. Recently i have bought a 1984 cs ke70, i bought it off a nice 94 year lady :) so she had not been much of a daily driver, the car only had 45,500 km's when i bought it. garaged its whole life so the cars paint, interior, roof lining, chrome and anything you can think off was all in overrated condition. And i have a lot of plans for it :) let me know what you think :)
  12. hey i want lower my car with coils but in the mean time to i have enough money i want to through so springs in to lower it about 40-50mm, any idea of what springs would be best? or if you have a nice set up with springs and shocks and you think it will be nice please let me know. thanks oh yeah for a ke70 as well, my wheels are 15x8, 0 off-set and I have had my guards rolled if that helps :) thanks!
  13. nt2074

    my ke70

    my ke70!
  14. thanks mate, what would they be called? just ke70 slant bumper? and do you get them for the back as well?
  15. Can you put chrome bumpers on a slant front ke70? i have only even seen them on flat fronts and i want to convert mine eventually but in the mean time i was wondering if they would fit or if they would even look any good? thanks
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