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  1. You can't see it's...ugh... not so healthy side, so we'll stick to the propaganda view for a while. Steve, you are a legend for the photo & making it look like that! :)
  2. HEY it's about time I sanded it back to metal and started this process all over again 😂
  3. Cannot believe after 10 years, this thread is still powering on. My god. 10/10
  4. Sheeet. Ahh well, she'll be all fixed up in no time
  5. hahah thanks for the comments :) Still the daily driver, clicked up 15,000 kms now days. ^_^
  6. Like a blast from the past ^_^ Little blue beast lives on as my daily, end of this week she will have clicked over 10,000 kms ! Sir Med-Man saved my ass a few months ago discovering a hellish intermittent fault - wet weather, car would not start. Elec Fuel pump would not kick in. Any guesses ? lol. Wet weather I would have the front demister on with the blower fan on low. Turns out the variable fan speed resistor Red/White wire was mistaken for a solid earth. Sooo... everytime the fan was on 1, the car would not start. Car broke down in my driveway 5 odd times over the years.. once running, was ok, just not enough to start the wincam as my brother calls it. Apart from that *TOUCH WOOD* it's been a turn key reliable daily that sings to 8-thousand quite happily. I won't be selling her any time soon. Been collecting too many new bits. Maybe part of her will be up for sale though.. he he he :devil: #itneverends
  7. Man, this is looking.. Amazing :o ! Must pop around one day and see it in the flesh :)
  8. Usual 6 monthly update! Car is fantastic, lives undercover most of its life battling discharged voltage syndrome. I might take it out this weekend, its very over due for it. Might even clean her too. Next September.. this thread, 10 years old. the hell :o
  9. Hey guys, Just looking to put an EOI out for a gathering, for our 10 years of RC Madness See the poll, fill it out and add your 2 cents worth to this thread. Cheers, Ted
  10. Teddy

    10 Years Of Rollaclub

    Absolutely. Here is a little story how rollaclub and I crossed paths. it was Aug-ish 2003. Id been noticing these square cars over the last few months of life, going to and from school. After googling square cars and various non-related terms, i managed to discover this box car was infact an early 80's corolla. I managed to find rollaclub via boost cruising, thanks to medicine Man. After chatting with him & this other guy called Nick (Who, at the time lived around the corner from me and was like a big brother for me, ended up showing me the entire car scene!) I said to Justin - Hey, do you know this Nick dude? He's got an old rolla as well! - And, well, they turned out to be brothers ^_^ First of too many cars; I managed to pickup a blue ke70 for $350 off the trading post... I thought it would be interesting to pull it apart. It had so much rust in it holy crap. It ended up going to Nicks house, and would one day in future years find some of its part into my current blue car. Early 2004, I purchased the white ke70 (seen in my avitar) and have been driving it as a daily.. well, up until about a year ago (2012) My 21st - a weekend at Brads house, I purchased a Volvo station wagon from some dude off E-Bay who had butchered the wiring. Fixed it up, drove it out to Boonah & spent 2 days drifting it around a paddock. Far out I could write a book on that car. Small world, Justin & I ended up going to tafe at the same time, ended up car pooling with him for a term. So many volvo memories. My god that car was such a slow, heavy piece of shit, but always good for a smile. For a car that should have been decommissioned when the previous owner cut every relay out of the car thinking it would fix it, it went on and lived another painful 4 years until uncle shady took it, and mercifully abused it every day, for another 2 ? years. All of my genuine, long time friends these days are from Rollaclub. When school ended (Yeah, I absolutely hated school), I kept a couple of good people in my circle, and drifted away from the rest. Justin's Family is now my adopted family... heck, how much time did we spend in his parents shed doing that blue car, for 6? years strait? At one point, i was going up-to cairns to visit Mr Shades every 2nd weekend. I do miss that! Thanks Frequent flyer points hahaaaaa..aa..a .. ughh Rollaclub was the kick start to my addiction to travelling, meeting people and turning into a social butterfly. A far cry from years prior. Heck, if it wasn’t for this place, I don't think I would have ended up working in the industry. Or servicing rally cars. Or visiting Victoria every year... to visit RC family! The yearly great ocean road trips in Victoria - Long term friends down there now And what am I doing with myself these days? Back in the books, Back at uni, I'll never learn. The blue car lives on, don't worry 😉
  11. Hey Matty! Ill grab the 4age alt / aircon setup =D Free next saturday early arvo for pickup? =D Ted
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