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  1. You can't see it's...ugh... not so healthy side, so we'll stick to the propaganda view for a while. Steve, you are a legend for the photo & making it look like that! :)
  2. HEY it's about time I sanded it back to metal and started this process all over again 😂
  3. Cannot believe after 10 years, this thread is still powering on. My god. 10/10
  4. Sheeet. Ahh well, she'll be all fixed up in no time
  5. hahah thanks for the comments :) Still the daily driver, clicked up 15,000 kms now days. ^_^
  6. Like a blast from the past ^_^ Little blue beast lives on as my daily, end of this week she will have clicked over 10,000 kms ! Sir Med-Man saved my ass a few months ago discovering a hellish intermittent fault - wet weather, car would not start. Elec Fuel pump would not kick in. Any guesses ? lol. Wet weather I would have the front demister on with the blower fan on low. Turns out the variable fan speed resistor Red/White wire was mistaken for a solid earth. Sooo... everytime the fan was on 1, the car would not start. Car broke down in my driveway 5 odd times over the years.. once running, was ok, just not enough to start the wincam as my brother calls it. Apart from that *TOUCH WOOD* it's been a turn key reliable daily that sings to 8-thousand quite happily. I won't be selling her any time soon. Been collecting too many new bits. Maybe part of her will be up for sale though.. he he he :devil: #itneverends
  7. Man, this is looking.. Amazing :o ! Must pop around one day and see it in the flesh :)
  8. Usual 6 monthly update! Car is fantastic, lives undercover most of its life battling discharged voltage syndrome. I might take it out this weekend, its very over due for it. Might even clean her too. Next September.. this thread, 10 years old. the hell :o
  9. Hey Matty! Ill grab the 4age alt / aircon setup =D Free next saturday early arvo for pickup? =D Ted
  10. Epic =D It's me trying to call you atm.. hahah
  11. Hey Guys ! I'm chasing a RHR Ke70 Tail Light in the brizzy area, i need one asap ! Just leave me a message here / pm me your number and ill contact you straight away :) Cheers! Ted
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