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  1. Yep, big travel live axel. Ill never use that much, but its a replica and thats how TTE built them.
  2. New big clearance tail shaft tunnel going in.
  3. Thanks, Its really taken some time to get back to work. Got to remove some unwanted brackets today, just a bit of soft porn for Chris Scott when he has a look.
  4. Its been a while again, with moving and other stuff. Got the Group B fire wall done today.
  5. Hey Rob. Ive never had any trouble with the floor after removing the x member. Its really only there to bolt the standard seats to. No real need to compensate I think, although this car will have a flat floor with a chassis rail as per the group b car. Removing all the captivated nuts to reduce weight. The holes will be covered with foil tape before paint.
  6. Its been a while. Now the GT4 Celica 165 is all but ready for this years QRC and a bunch of other projects are coming to an end, I find myself revisiting this project. Chris Scott has been here for a day already cutting stuff out.
  7. This car is now for sale. Check out the add in the Toyotas for sale section.
  8. For sale is my KE30 2 door gravel rally car. The build thread is on this forum. Specs. Engine toyota 2.4lt 2RZ custom with 180bhp and more to go. Gearbox 6 speed Tremec Magnum IRS rear suspension from MX73 Cressida Fully adjustable MCA struts front and rear Full tower to tower roll cage built to latest cams specs Velo fibreglass seats Tilton pedal box Fibreglass bonnet, boot, front guards and bumpers. Big brakes. Compomotive wheels. Weight 1010kgs Haltech ECU Price includes some spares and the molds for the fibreglass panels. Very fast car. Running 3rd outright at the last QRC round. Suitable for QLD Allcomers series or Amsag events Happy to answer sensible questions and the car can be viewed any time. Photos to follow soon, There are photos on the Steerfast KE30 2 Door build forum Price, pretty firm at $25,000 Phone Craig 0427135993 Price $25000
  9. Doesnt look like many Queenslanders finished the event.
  10. Sure can, give me a call when your in town. 0427135993.
  11. Not much yet. Every time I go to pick up the welder,the phone seems to ring.
  12. Thanks, I can't wait to get started chopping this thing, work is just crazy busy at the moment.
  13. We rallied a 22re for a few years and did a lot of performance work on the engine with land cruiser pistons to up the bore and comp. A big cam and microtech ecu as well as the usual head and manifold work. Its a very strong motor and we had no problems, but the long stroke limited it to 6500rpm usable power. It only made 120bhp @ the wheels but had massive torque. Ive seen the 4lt quad cam v8 fit these Celicas very nicely. The Torsen LSD from a GT4 rear diff will fit your 65 centre.
  14. Finally back on the group b project. Body is all but striped and ready for some repairs and mods.
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