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  1. COULD be if it's been shortened and been changed from cart springs to coil springs with a panhard bar.
  2. Nothing to do with race car stuff ever goes to plan.
  3. Everyone talking rc conversions while I'm here doing the sums on how much ethanol could be distilled with a backyard still. In all seriousness the motor tech is pretty much there(brushless rc motors are no better now than 15yr ago) it's the battery size, weight and volatility. I've had one LiPo fire in 20yrs of club level offroad RC racing and I'm pedantic on battery maintenance and charging. Once I can get an EV Ute that will get me from the Mornington peninsula to Eildon and back on a charge with my 14ish foot ski boat on the back I'll be all about it. How effortless would towing be with a metric F'ton of torque at the hit of the foot operated speed controller. 🤣
  4. I'm on the Mornington peninsula so not far away. I can sort you out with anything K motor related. I'll pm you my number when I'm back from my trip. Stu
  5. Yep cars and bikes. Bet they don't get told WHEN they can leave though.
  6. All that stuff that you say is not there, I chuck in the bin anyway.
  7. Me, either. In saying that it's fairly good performance wise for the money.
  8. If you're thinking second hand I'd really highly recommend an oil consumption test done. If new rotate it for a new one before warranty runs out. With a 1mm,1mm,1.75mm ring package on the vw/audi 1.8t and 2.0t aren't built for longevity. We have a fix at work(it actually kept us open over the real strict lockdowns) so even a second hand one with high oil consumption on the cheap is not a bad idea. I've just built a forged engine for a friends R. The factory gasket kit is poison though at almost 2k trade. They can also have cam tension issues going by the amount of valve "kissed" pistons I've seen. BUT don't let any of what I've said as a negative about the car itself. The GTI is my preference of the hot hatch department, it drives a lot lighter and more "flickable" than the R.
  9. Try "Ralf Guastella motors" in Brunswick. Really good with anything really but Matthew has had a few KE's.
  10. Probably go a shortened r31 borgy with billet axles. Got another block on the way but it's only a 3 rib, it is std bore though and with the crank cradle and a resin/grout fill it should get me by for a while.
  11. Pretty happy with how these turned out.
  12. These arrived yesterday, should make the refurbished wheels look even better.
  13. I've fitted two of the McLeod ones to a 308 Holden and a 350 sbc both with t10 4spds and twin plate clutches. Geez they are light in operation and a seriously well made part. But they are expensive around $1000
  14. Yeah we're going to require photos when it arrives mate. The noise could be a manifold gasket leak(can sometimes present like a metallic tick), but like altezza mentioned hydro lifters can stick when left to sit for years.
  15. Big thanks to Tazrx for these. Will get a bit of a birthday over the next month or so, not in a massive hurry as I've got to sort out my diff situation to run the 114.3 wheels.
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