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  1. These arrived yesterday, should make the refurbished wheels look even better.
  2. I've fitted two of the McLeod ones to a 308 Holden and a 350 sbc both with t10 4spds and twin plate clutches. Geez they are light in operation and a seriously well made part. But they are expensive around $1000
  3. Yeah we're going to require photos when it arrives mate. The noise could be a manifold gasket leak(can sometimes present like a metallic tick), but like altezza mentioned hydro lifters can stick when left to sit for years.
  4. Big thanks to Tazrx for these. Will get a bit of a birthday over the next month or so, not in a massive hurry as I've got to sort out my diff situation to run the 114.3 wheels.
  5. Ordered an extreme clutch just need to confirm a guestimate torque figure of a 350rwkw, 1600cc, 36psi engine. Gotta get in touch with Jordan "ke conversions" and see of he's still doing mounts and pedal box mods. Oh yeah the spare block is 1mm over bore so I guess I'll be making a set of pistons for it now then too. I may get a bit engineering materials geeky and make some 5mm wall M238 pins for it too.
  6. Yeah it is actually. It will enable me to purchase sticky, sticky rubber at a reasonable price to not have to lift off for any corners(except the hairpins) on the black spur to get to my boat and such at Eildon. Haha.
  7. Just teasing. Thanks Taz!!
  8. I should have a spare one in the next week or so. Pm sent.
  9. You can get the hose Dave is talking about here. https://aidex.com.au/ It won't come with the bends though, being they are less than 1km from work if you need I can run over there(on a day I'm working) pick some up and post it to you.
  10. Same way it was let back into Victoria. Inept muppets controlling hotel quarantine. But at least Jacinda took a 20% pay cut, our Muppet Dan gave himself a 12%(near $50k) pay rise!! Seriously who takes a pay rise in a pandemic? I never said it wasn't serious, just sick of getting blamed for something that the person who is blaming, caused 95+% of.
  11. This is the BS we are dealing with in commietoria.
  12. My experience is never trust a grom, last time I did it wasn't a new "small jump line" it was a lead in for a near 40ft jump over a road(road gap), saw it early and used all of my 8" diameter hydraulic disk brakes to stop the first time. I followed him in a year later and managed to not die.
  13. Yeah mate, I've hang long travel bikes since about 2007. As long as I can shuttle or session short sections on the way down I'm good these days. That's a nice Norco they've built the best bang for buck rigids since I can remember. I'll give him a sub mate, f'me they grow up quick!! I remember you posting a photo or two when he was a toddler.
  14. Got big sharks down here too, an hour boat ride away from my place, I can catch close to 160kg southern blue fin tuna. Fresh water fishing is a big passion of mine and if it was about fishing I'd be choosing between where I am, Tassie and NZ. Tas, Qld and NZ are all still high on the list as they have 1. Motorsport/engine shop jobs. 2. Good fishing. 3. Mountain bike parks(yeah I'm 42 but I love a good down hill run or two) It all can wait though I clicked over 25yrs of service at work last week so I can sit and see what happens for at least 8 months.
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