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  1. He is stoked and hanging out to get it in the bush and here I am contemplating on which state or country I'll move to once borders and jobs are going.
  2. Yeah I did, I actually spoke to him maybe a half hour after your "it's ok, it's running post", about 2min in he got a text from the sparky. On the good/bad news situation in Vic, I live on the Mornington Peninsula(about 8min from altezza's son) we aren't too badly hit with about 15 cases, but still classed as Melbourne metro so still in stage 3. Still able to work and with very little racing going on, everyone wanting a freshen up means I'm still quite busy. It should be a pretty fun thing, its 10:1, torquey hydro regrind and standard port sized skimed head should create plenty of low end punch. From photos it appears to be a well built thing.
  3. Dang you Banjo!!!! I might of spilled the beans/spoiled the surprise from the auto electrician or yourself!! Hey, thanks a heap for your help, he's such a nice bloke and after the first 18months wait for nothing to be done electronics wise, he deserves to have back running.
  4. I've used the "Redline" holden 6/small block v8 ones in the past. They are a fair bit bigger than needed but seal no problems. I've got one I've made years ago on my 4k in my 11, you're welcome to it. If I end up putting the K back in for re-registering I'll just cut up another.
  5. Thanks mate, I forget that samq has more than just parts on his website.
  6. As title states I'm trying to find out which 4age this is from so I can order a clutch to go with the w57. It has about 230mm of diameter if that helps.
  7. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/153956518587 Something like these are what you need.
  8. Sure did, sorry about the late reply. the second ones are the ones to go for, in saying that they are a chrome faced top ring so will require a little more run in time. Look up precision international and you should find them.
  9. Ok, I'll dig up some part numbers for you later this afternoon for you.
  10. Be aware that there are only a few few brake options for the 1x family that won't turn it into a complete poor handling death trap. They are ke20,30,55 and 70 brakes. I've been looking into strut changes for the last 12yrs and have found nothing even close other than ke20 struts and even they made my car sketchy at best.
  11. My ke11 had ke20 disks fitted by the previous owner so I can't comment on good/bad with the drums BUT I'm fairly sure that I have a ke20 disk setup at home sitting in my shed.
  12. Hmmm where do i get one of those? Still up in the air with the fuel system for my 11. IF I cut the tank for an "in-tank" it's nothing to add another hole for that. I, fortunately have never had a tank that's needed any attention, soIcan't add anything to that sorry.
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