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  1. All my suppliers sell .5,1.00 and 1.5mm(or .020, .040 and .060") oversize pistons. I also know of at least 5 83mm 5k engines getting around. So definitely can be bored.
  2. K motors don't have liners. The block is a 1 piece unit.
  3. kickn5k

    Ke20 fuel line.

    It only needs to adhere to the epa regs for year of manufacturer Banjo. The California regs didn't come in until '74. Only two things that are needed are PCV recirc and noise. I had a look at the car today, it will be fine as it was. I run an early rocker cover with no pcv, it's vented to atmosphere and never gave me issues during rego and engineer cert.
  4. kickn5k

    Ke20 coilovers or ae86 setup ready to buy now in vic Highly recommended
  5. kickn5k

    The "Beige hornet" boat project.

    A tinny/dingy was what I was looking for at first. That's the reason I got this thing, transport to our camping/fishing spot at Lake Eilden. One 17ft half cab was just not enough with 4 blokes, camping gear and alcohol.
  6. kickn5k

    Ke55 5 Stud Conversion?

    Wow, now thats a grave dig!!
  7. kickn5k

    The "Beige hornet" boat project.

    So getting back to fixing the issues. Steering cable: when i bought the boat the steering was locked solid. So I removed the cable from the wheel at the front and then from the motor, steering wheel turned nice and the outboard was swinging so the cable must be seized. The boat hadn't been used for about 3 years and the grease at the outboard end had solidified locking the shaft end of the cable. So I cut a coke bottle off, taped it to the sheath of the cable, filled it with the strongest de-greaser i had and left it overnight. In the morning a few taps with a rubber mallet one way and slide hammer the other had it moving. Left it to dry then used the same method to oil it, I also appled some fresh marine grease on the shaft end. Now works perfectly and saved me $150 for a new custom length cable.
  8. kickn5k

    AE112r oil, 10w30 or 10w40

    I only use because big terry uses it...
  9. Because I'm a man toy addict I bought this little beige peach. Problems: Seized steering cable(fixed, I'll get to that). Bilge pump and Cd/radio didn't work(fixed I'll get to that too). Motor doesn't pump water(half way through fixing that). Need minor repairs to the seats. Not really a fishing boat(what i wanted) I'll set it up a bit more and I should have something I can freshwater fish with and have something me and the guys can have a wakeboard behind. Pros: It was a [email protected]$&ing steal and the hull and trailer are perfect.
  10. Would be an awesome little rocket with a little tidy up. Good luck with the sale, shouldn't be around too long at that price.
  11. kickn5k

    KE55 Build Thread

    It could be asking for more fuel, now it's run in. My FJ20 was asking for 10-15% more fuel after about 500km. Condensers and points are cheap, it could be worth replacing them for a start. What dizzy is it? 5ks usually came with leccy dizzys was the dizzy from a 4k too?
  12. kickn5k

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Me too.. I will enjoy the car build too though.
  13. kickn5k

    1978 Toyota Corolla Coupe Sedan

    This will need to be priced, as per forum rules.
  14. kickn5k

    KE20 bits

    Yes you did. I will really need a spare though.
  15. kickn5k

    KE20 bits

    Thanks for the 5k David. Nice to meet you.