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  1. kickn5k

    Celica Gt4 Into Mini

    Not to be a hater, but zip ties for holding battery wire instead of rubber insert p-clips and welding two plates under the battery when nutserts would be such a better option. Must be running out of cash.
  2. kickn5k

    Matts Ke30......sr20det

    Was thinking that would be the bracket that you were going for. Had no idea about the extra leniency on air bag cars though, good info to know. A mustang work sponsors, dipped a bit under that and he was surprised at how much more is needed for it. God I'd love to see this with a split mono leaf setup, a VE head and 50psi from a gtx35!!! I'll stop trying to spend your money right now..
  3. kickn5k

    The "Beige hornet" boat project.

    This thing has been fun, for the $1600 investment. I'd just finished the water pump and cooling system fix, fixed the seats and general finish off a couple dayd before we headed out, on our annual fishing/camping week long trip to lake Eildon(over mid year schol hols). With no time to float/test everything, we decided that we'd take a punt and take it anyway, another mate has a 19ft half cab and could tow me if needed. It dead set didn't miss a beat all week, started first kick every morning I went out trolling, which is saying something for a 39yr old outboard considering morning temps were below 3deg every day. It trolls great for a 115hp ski boat, I do have to use a render bucket I transformed into a "sea anchor" to slow it down a little at idle. But it got me to camp and more importantly was christened with three trout. I got two browns at 42 and 47cm and a mate nabbed a chunky 45cm rainbow.
  4. kickn5k

    Matts Ke30......sr20det

    Looking sweet Matt, out of curiosity what et are you teching it for?
  5. kickn5k

    Awesome Engine Upgrade

    Oh and been here too. Melbourne definitely is the place to be. Haha Tyabb airshow tends to have a couple of war birds every year too.
  6. kickn5k

    Awesome Engine Upgrade

    Very interested and thank you. Yes very lucky, the general public is not usually allowed in the workshop. They had about 5(including the P51 motor) Merlins and 3 Allison's. Oh and that Mustang is actually airworthy too and still has the super rare self sealing fuel tank bladders. Those bladders are the only thing that they don't reproduce, yes with enough cash you can have a brand new P51 Mustang. I'll dig up more photos if you're interested? Lol Graham Copeland owns the railton hey. Hey would just have a enough screws loose to pilot it too. Have you seen him drive the 260z in targa? They dominated the classic class for many years.
  7. kickn5k

    Awesome Engine Upgrade

    IF it were a Merlin it would be more like $100k. The Meteor is the inbred, highly athsmatic, half cousin to the Merlin. It may look somewhat like it but only make a third of the power. They were for tanks and made a measly 400-450hp with 1600ft/lb. Still cheap at $16k for a piece of WW2 history. The president of the Nissan datsun car club is the head of maintenance at the point cook RAAF museum and I was lucky enough to see this being serviced. Interesting fact is you can buy almost everything brand new for a merlin from rousch performance in the states. Oh yeah a set of plugs will set you back $5k And yes I'm a huge WW2 nerd!!
  8. Sorry mate I thought I'd replied. General consensus here, is if they broke through, you have 2 choices. First is send it to the srap metal guy and second is bore out until there is no bore and use "wet sleeves", same as what Keith was saying. A company like darton would be who you'd speak to, I've made a set at work years ago and I'd never, never do it again(the exorbitant price is well worth it). "Grout" or "Hard Block" is what you are thinking of, I wouldn't like to trust it not to move once operating. But it may work, I haven't been game enough to try.haha My problem is that I have 2 std bore 5k blocks to choose from so ill be fine for at least another 15 years or so.
  9. kickn5k

    If I Only Knew Then...

    Tell me about it, for starters I've given away maybe 4 k50 gearboxes but that's just the start, I remember in the mid to late 90's helping a mate chop up 3 rough LC torana gtr's to build a mock up, I've also cut up a 1 of 100 310 pack, black over silver, VC sle commodore.
  10. kickn5k

    If I Only Knew Then...

    Yes definitely lucky. Sorry wasn't hating, I'd actually pressed post before I finished. What I was meaning was they'll be advised it would be a good idea to sell for "insert reason here" and they'll list it for stupid money that they know it won't sell for. wife sees car for sale it makes her happy, you know happy wife, happy life sort of thing. What I do find amusing is these cashed up bogans, buying rough, "survivor" A9X and L34 toranas for $350k!?!? I only know as a mate I've known for 30yrs old man bought that one from Lloyds recently. I don't get it.
  11. kickn5k

    If I Only Knew Then...

    Prince skylines stagnated price wise about 8yr ago. 240k's and 1600's on the other hand have skyrocketed. I've got my 1600 for sale atm for $32k and it's had 4 offers in the first week. One was a zx12r bike motored s600 convertible that is stunning, a nice s14 and an 8sec vg30 turbo scorpion. I've had one cash offer of $23k which is a bit more than what it owes me but with so much interest I turned it down. 500hp 1600's sell for $28-35k. Hence it's for sale. I think the other reason for the high prices is wifes/gfs telling the parter it's me or the car(happened to me twice thats why I'm single)
  12. All my suppliers sell .5,1.00 and 1.5mm(or .020, .040 and .060") oversize pistons. I also know of at least 5 83mm 5k engines getting around. So definitely can be bored.
  13. K motors don't have liners. The block is a 1 piece unit.
  14. kickn5k

    Ke20 fuel line.

    It only needs to adhere to the epa regs for year of manufacturer Banjo. The California regs didn't come in until '74. Only two things that are needed are PCV recirc and noise. I had a look at the car today, it will be fine as it was. I run an early rocker cover with no pcv, it's vented to atmosphere and never gave me issues during rego and engineer cert.
  15. kickn5k

    Ke20 coilovers or ae86 setup ready to buy now in vic Highly recommended