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  1. Boot looks very tidy. What was your method for removing the seam sealer? especially down in the hard to reach wheel wells!
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I think I will go with it, i was never going to be able to fit people in the back anyway as to fit in comfortably i have to the seat all the way back which pretty much rules out the back seat. I think as long as it's built properly and padded right it will be safer than not having one.
  3. I'm still in the planning phase of what i'm going to be doing to my ke55, it's going to mainly be a street car with occasionally track time for fun. I'm thinking about putting in a half cage/harness/bucket seat. I was wondering whether people think this is actually safe in a car that will be driven on the street? as i have seen a lot of debate about it. The cage would be properly padded and harness set up correctly. Reasons for wanting the cage: -To me if wearing the harness properly and decent/proper padding on cage it seems safer in a crash (or is this not the case if not wearing a helmet) -A lot of track days i have seen need at least a half cage to take a passenger -I like the whole look of a cage and harness setup Thoughts? On a similar note, people thoughts on stitch welding the car whilst it's stripped down (safe/not safe for street car)? Cheers, Eli
  4. Nah I haven't spoken with an engineer yet, as i've been trying to figure out the bulk of what i want to do before i start talking to one. I was under the impression that it was to the adr of the engine?
  5. with the emissions test, is it the full on couple of thousand dollar one, or the cheapo quick one? But yeah Queensland seems a bit more laid back in terms of car modification compared to vic.
  6. Hey guys, Just wanting to get some advice regarding using velocity stacks on a 4age, whether or not this is legal/engineerable? (just running the stacks, not inside plenum) on an 4age 20v blacktop going in a ke55. (located vic) Just trying to do all my research before buying parts and before talking to an engineer. i know you have to keep all emissions gear with the engine conversion and i know i read somewhere you can have pod filter or cai but not both. Just trying to figure out what area velocity stacks fall into? Cheers
  7. or a steel pipe over your breaker bar for maximum torque (make sure you use decent 6 point sockets)
  8. Southeast suburbs 3196 are or 3175
  9. Sorry Manifold and carbs are sold pending payment But will let you know if sale falls through Cheers
  10. Yeah that's fine, postage will be around $20-30. Pm me your post code and i'll get you a postage quote. Cheers
  11. Decided to go a different direction with my ke55. (If you think my prices are way off just let me know) 1. Twin dellortos (dhla 40) - $300. SOLD 2. Twin weber/dellorto redline manifold - $160 SOLD 3. Brand new dual row timing chain (for 4k) - $70 SOLD 4. Ke55 front seats (no seat rails) - $50 Located 3196 or 3175 Happy to post
  12. (not mine, just saw when lurking egay) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ignition-barrel-door-locks-Boot-Lock-For-Toyota-Corolla-68-to-81-KE10-20-30-55-/291117999628?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43c7fc260c&_uhb=1
  13. Just realised i don't have an M10x1.25 in my kit, does anyone know a store i can buy individual taps (Melbourne)? Thanks
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