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  1. Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

    Cage now 90% finished, just have to do the bar that runs under and across the dash to attach the steering column too, then intstall the Tilton adjustable pedal box. That gets rid of the standard pedal box and most of the interior plastics, hood lining, door trims, geez there will be a heap of parts to sell off after this, also things like the MR2 seats, PWR radiator which I am changing, will post up when I get a chance.
  2. Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    Pretty sure you will need a te37 bonnet, the profile is different to any other ke series they have higher bulge in the middle.
  3. Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

    Well it's been 3 years since an update. 2 shoulder operations, one house move, a career change and one new family 4WD later, and there has been some action happening back on the beast. It has been sitting untouched for all this time up until a few weeks ago, some plans have changed some have not. It's still making the progression to a more serious track car, but I am going to try and keep it as simple as possible. I have another coupe shell which I will start on once this one is back on the road, that will be a lot different and a much longer build process. For now a full 8 point weld in cams spec cage, through to the front towers and tagged to most body points. more to come!!
  4. Alluminium Radiator, Ke70 Lip, Ke55 Coupe Seats

    Sorry guys all sold bar the seats. Will edit post I never used the radiator but it looked ok.
  5. Ajps Vs T3 Coilovers

    I don't want to fuel any fires here, but I can attest to the ability of the ae86 strut in an enthusiast motorsport application. I have been running them for a while now including the rx7 brake setup. I also run pretty high spring rate, 400lb of memory, a very thick 24mm front bar, all solid/rose jointed front end and usually around -4 camber. My car is consistently exposed to high cornering loads, and directional changes you would expect from tarmac rally and circuit racing. I am putting out 300hp at the wheels so it's relatively high powered and it is exposed to decent lateral forces. Rubber is 205/50/15 semi race slicks, but no stupid offsets on the rims. I have not had a failure of a bearing yet. I feel the key is regular maintenance (quality lubrication and correct bearing adjustment) I think just because the original spec of the car may not exceed a certain speed or you mod it more than stock, doesn't mean that the components won't handle more loads than stock and be reliable. In saying all this, any upgrade that is providing more safety or durability and is not cost prohibitive is a worth while upgrade. Just my opinion and only that.
  6. Alluminium Radiator, Ke70 Lip, Ke55 Coupe Seats

    Hey guys I am in Perth WA, if you want pm me your postcode and I will do my best to get a quote on postage ASAP.
  7. Mikuni/solex sidedraught carby with redline manifold complete with linkages, will suit 3k, 4k etc,etc $250
  8. A few bits and pieces to get rid of..... Prefer local sale, don't have a great deal of time to organise postage. Pair of ke55 coupe front seats in fair condition, dirty and drivers side bolster is worn otherwise good $50
  9. Ssr Mk3 Wheel 15X8J 1 Set Of 4 Wheels.

    I will take as many as you have at that price!!! Surely you mean dollars? Please clarify.
  10. Fastest Corolla In The World

    I hope you did this in a controlled environment. Stating this and posting a picture of your car with its number plate showing isn't the best thing to do. I am all for enjoying our cars and testing their limits, but there is a time and place. I sure wouldn't feel safe getting overtaken by a stock 30+ year old car on the freeway at 130 kmh!! For sake of this thread and not just posting up my concerns, I will join in.... Me personally I have been just shy of 180 kmh in my ke55. ( on the track )
  11. Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

    Cables were done by a brake place on Augusta st in Willeton, can't remember their name. About half way up the street on the right. Bad luck with the job mate, I know what it's like been there before. If you need any help shoot me a message.
  12. Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

    Kinda frustrating at the moment though. Had to get my shoulder done, three weeks post surgery now and another 6-8 months to full recovery. Should be able to swing a spanner in a couple of months. Until then it's sitting in the garage, can't even drive :( I am glad it's inspiring others. How did you go with your hand brake issues Caibs?
  13. 67Rolla Finally Back On The Road!

    You reckon it will be ready by the next sprint, be good chance for us to have a get togethor and cruise and all meet up at Motorplex. Might be some thing to organise for the WA gang.
  14. Problems After Paj Master Cyl Install

    Caibs, the r31 handbrake mechanism is notoriously crap, it's a shit design. Useless for any comp work. Most skyline guys upgrade to a commodore caliper instead and run a hydro set up for the handbrake. Just a heads up though, the hydro will slowly bleed away over prolonged parking and the car will roll away. I am running Rx7 fronts with 2 sets of caliper on the rears, skyline for foot brake and stock hand brake and commodore for hydro handbrake, with a commodore MC. With a decent set of pads you will love it. On a side note stay on to Dave,s back about your gear otherwise it may take another 2 months. The guy gave me the run around as well.
  15. Ke30 Sway Bar Upgrade

    I run a custom 24mm front bar on my car, my car does see a lot of track time and hardly any road use. If your set on a 24mm bar I suggest you run a rear sway bar to help balance out the handling of the car, with out it you may experience understeer. If your just after a firmer ride, just go for some uprated coils and shocks on the front and add another leaf and better shocks on the back. If you want a more aggressive/race set up, do the above and then do the sway bars, in my experience they are usually the last thing to sort out once you decide on the handling characteristics you would like to achieve.